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It has been 7 years since Win98 was released


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this is just sad and depressing :(

this is supposed to be a Windows 95/98/98SE/ME support forum (i think), yet all the time people pop up with threads that degenerate to "Upgrade to XP...loser" etc, people come here because they can't or don't want to, it's that simple. it's not like the majority don't know it (XP) exists.

there are plenty of reasons for still using the 9X core on some machines, i've seen people tell others to install XP on machines which are way below the minimum specs for the OS (even a 486 once) which i can only call at best foolish and on the other hand its also foolish to expect a 9X system to support the very latest hardware and programs written for NT5 (XP).

we still have DX9c, we still have .net, we still have 32bit PE files and we have an OS that's compatible with programs (and to a certain extent hardware) going back to the dawn of creation (as far as PC's are concerned) you (XP users) have a bit more (and in some ways because of the move to a full 32 bit OS in terms of reverse compatibility a bit less), well honestly that's all to be expected and there's not much point in picking at it.

this kinda discussion here is getting really old fast (for me anyway), the mods here should start a "which OS is best" forum for the eejits that like to indulge in it, then at least we could throw Linux and MacOS into the pot and have a better quality and more interesting discussion. i personally think the reply "just install XP" and suchlike should be banned from this particular forum because its really not what the forum is here for (imo).

The majority of the World does not live in the opulent "throw it away and buy the latest" society the North Americans (as an example) enjoy, as time goes no more and more people will come onto the net from the poorer places of the world, they will not be running XP and i'm dam sure they won't be running Longhorn, some will have free Linux, others older win OS's these people are the majority of the World they haven't even got a PC yet, when they do for the first time it'll probably be one that is "second hand". places like this will be god sends to them as they take there first steps. sound like sh*t ? well you might think so, but look around the forums, there are people from emerging economys like Brazil (also i notice India) and former Easten Block countrys, 15-20 years ago the idea that these people would have PC's would have been a dream and nothing more. most people will not download warez copys of OS's and will try to work with what they have or can afford, a 12 year old kid in Tanzania who's Dad has hauled a*s to get him a 486 & an external modem running win 3.11 might very well like to know he can install IE5, he might like even more if he had win 98 and stumbled upon this place or Gape's site or MDGx's, he will not be concerned about running office2003, imo he'll be more concered with what he can learn and who he can "talk" to. (talk of 486's may seem anachic but its just an example and imo you should not even be thinking about XP till your up to chip generations in line with the likes of a PIII + plenty of memory)

the net has a purpose and it's not that people can have stupid arguments on it (believe it or not), we're here, we have windows 95/98/98SE/ME, according to the forum heading we're in the right place (and it's quite cosy here), please just let us be.

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On the other side of the coin, I have software and hardware that works fine on 98, but XP SP2 is incompatible with it right now..
so... as I have said a million times, stay with it. You are really missing the point of the thread. It was never about "XP is better" it was "why do you still use 98?" You started out with lies, I simply corrected your misconceptions...
Yes but in FF you mustn't wait 'till the next Patchday for an update. But don't tell me about FF vulnerabilites, IE has and had A LOT more.

Um... Yeah. It has been out for years and years and years... FF is the new baby.

Ok thank you, that's what I wanted to hear... lets see what happens in two years, perhaps I'll buy a PowerMac and get rid of these troubles with M$ Versioning Problems.

Read the whole thread. I have said it many many times... If you think going to a PowerMac will fix your problems then go for it... All of you Windows 98 lovers say "XP has too much eyecandy..." well, You will LOVE OS X Tiger then... :)


<------ Thread Starter and Super Moderator

You pop in, read the first post and then the last page and you act like you have this thread pegged... Go back and read the whole post or don't participate.

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:thumbup i total agree with miko .people reading this are in 98se/forum why?to get tips tweaks info on how they can better their 9x os and theres alot of great programs comming out of these forums .i myself have downloaded many and the fact that there are people spending alot of their time to make the 9x users improve their os is outstanding .i even put miko logos on every 9x installion i do even my moms pc a small thing but to people who see it instead of standard 98se bootup logo want it on their pc .and its a bigger deal when u install sp2.0 etc like their pc got upgraded large,most folks the home user not power user dont know that these little proggies exist so this forum is like a 9x goldmine to them.as far as xp goes yes its grand im sure if it was free and could run on any pc 99% of peeps would use it but to buy a pc from store come home turn it on be dazzled by xps interface of course its cool 1000 dollars later.the great thing about 9x is it so customable i sure its taught more people things about the inners of oses just ask mdgx gapes but in closing i say if i was comming into this forum for the first time to find out how to fix or improve my 9x os the last thing i need is folk telling me 98se sucks get with the times theres no support etc etc like its a help forum and its helped you im sure ...thxz have a super day ...
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<------ Thread Starter and Super Moderator

You pop in, read the first post and then the last page and you act like you have this thread pegged...  Go back and read the whole post or don't participate.

ok, almost right, i got that, the "Super Moderator" bit, and i did read more than first and last, it's fair that my post wasn't a response to your first but instead was a response to some of those since, this forum here has been greeted with joy by many a win 98/SE user who has found it, but as an example, one user who was told three posts in a row to "just install XP" then said "somehow I dont feel so welcome in this forum any more." it's posioning a very good thing/idea (a windows 95/98/98SE/ME support forum) i will now go and read the whole thread from top to bottom, sir.

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Read the whole thread. I have said it many many times... If you think going to a PowerMac will fix your problems then go for it... All of you Windows 98 lovers say "XP has too much eyecandy..." well, You will LOVE OS X Tiger then... smile.gif

BTW. the eyecandy of XP is not bad, but fortunately you can change it - alltrough only after patching - to your taste, on my XP-Box I have OS X theme.

To all Mods: PLEASE close this thread, it is so senseless... and only a flood.

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OK...  It has been 7 years since Windows 98 was released (98SE in 99, so that's 6 years).  I can't believe there are still so many people who run it.  Why?  What is your reason for running it?  I switched to XP almost instantly.  I work in corporate environments so it's important for me to work with the newest and best.  IMO Windows XP is more stable, faster and just all around a better OS.  So, to help me understand please answer the following questions...
  • Why I still use Windows 98/98SE over Windows XP
  • My system specs
  • Have you ever tried Windows XP or do you just hate it so much you won't?

Just curious to know why, that's all.

  • compatiblity with DOS, some other programs and older compile environments mostly (i'm heavily involved in emulation) that and it costs too much (home edition with SP2 296 USD i even converted it for you from GBP) i have other better things to spend money on than constantly upgrading stuff i don't need to (example - my sony TV is 27 years old) but your tech support, your bred to think a different way. i don't need files larger than 2 gig (i don't pirate dvds) i've never seen a corrupted file, ever (i don't overclock either) i play the odd game, i surf the net, i read my net based e-mail (btw for any others reading, 98SE can be installed without outlook express, easily, just use 98lite to extract the cab files and it 'corrects' the installer) i do these things one at a time, so generally don't need the enhanced muti-tasking ablity of XP. i have a firewall and dial-up and that does me personally, so security isn't a big issue either, i don't fileshare or haunt IRC so viruses are also someone elses problem, i've only ever seen one. the programs i do use, i don't need to replace nor do i want to (again the money thing) sometimes i fiddle with it when i have nothing better to do, a bad habit i picked up from my old Amiga/ST days. my icons are all self converted or altered from the XP ones and the colour scheme is also updated, i also wrote a new webview, so it looks up to date. as i know my stuff inside out i've only had 2 crashes in the last 12 months (i had to check my faultlog.txt for this), i know a bit about it cause i used to provided support for my brothers and moms PCs. there are 7 of us and i'm the oldest so i kinda fell to me (they all had their own PCs while living in the family home) so i guess maybe there's a sentimental attachment, all the other stuff mentioned in the thread as an advantage is largely irrelevant to me. i think i would maybe upgrade to win 2000, if i could find a cheap copy now it's older, but unfortunately it's dearer than XP.
  • my system specs -
    an old faithful 200 Mhz laptop.
    old system 900 Mhz Celeron, Intel 815, 512MB mem
    new system (in the post) Sempron 3000+, Asus nForce 2, 512MB mem (this new 'core' cost less than XP)
    PS. the above system was bought with 98SE and MAME in mind, and was only bought at all because my old system bust a very short while ago because a fan failed on the graphics card and that then damaged the AGP interface.
  • i have a 2 gig all Intel XP PC sitting in the corner, it's always on, is hardwired into MS UK through a dedicated connection, can't go anywhere else, it's remote administered from somewhere and sometimes i go to use it and it has all new stuff on from the last time, it has Office on it and is mainly used for video conferencing, needless to say it's my work PC so thats all i use it for, it doen't even belong to me, occasionally the printer bursts into life with stuff for me to do, i actually don't use it that much. i'm a people person :P
    my brother and mum, both use XP, moms is a stable Dell and is just used for e-mail and writing, my brother that still stays at home built his own, plays online games and it crashes all the time (go figure) one of the few things i don't like about XP is it doesn't really seem to tell you why. i have spent time on both machines and installed XP and SP2 on my brothers for him.

i've read through the thread, best post was by jaclaz, some of the 9X zealots get into it to much, but we need a few people like that around to keep a 9X support forum a healthy knowledge base, much the same as any other forum you need those that are heavily "into it". some good explantaions of the pros and cons of XP are attempted, but after reading through it occurred to me that most 9X users dual boot with XP, and after reading some if not all of your posts i reached this conclusion - it's not us that hate XP, it's you that hates 9X.

as you said yourself a few times, I don't care (which was odd for the thread starter). i don't need XP, i work with what i have, i have very specific personal reasons for doing that, as by the time Blackcomb hits and you all start looking backwards i'll have retired with several blocks of flats bought and paid for, supplying me with an income in excess of that which i make now, i'll be 40ish then and technically a millionare, at least that's the plan. right now i'm off to watch the rest of the Dambusters on TV...

there's more to life than this
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@miko: your post is exactly what I was looking for... it's the "because XP can't do this..." posts that caused this thread to flare up. I am content with truthful answers, not misconceptions and lies.

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Ok, so I don't install Windows XP on my 900 MHz Athlon because my TV-Card works not good with it, black borders, less crisp pictures etc.

That's the main point.

You can tell me, that this could be fixed, but XP also don't start as speedy as xp.

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OK, I'm gonna close this one out...

But, I like to get in the last word, so I am gonna do just that. :)

This thread was never 98 vs. XP If you were one of the few to actually read the whole thread you will see my only problem with the things that were being said is that they were lies and misconceptions.

If you are content with Windows 98 then by all means keep using it. If it does everything you need it to then that's great. I do, for your sake, hope that you spend some time getting to know XP or Linux because Windows 98 can't go on forever. It will join Windows 95 and Windows 3 as well. One day Windows XP will find it's self in the OS graveyard as well.

Do you think manufacturers are going to continue to make their software compatable with Windows 98? What will you do when your favorite program goes away? I like to be on the forefront of technology. I own the newest of everything I can get my hands on. I dread the day my daughters are able to show me something that I didn't know.

For those of you who say "I'm not going to make computers my career..." I have news for you. It's everyone's career. I won't hire someone who can't type and doesn't have basic knowledge of the systems they are required to use every day.

I wish all of you Windows 98 users the best of luck. Enjoy it while it lasts...

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