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  1. I'm a bit confused. Could it mean there is a possibility to install it in Windows 98? Even .NET 3.5 in Windows 2000 would be a nice solution for me. .NET Compact Framework is a subset of the full .NET Framework. It is 1/3 of the full .NET Framework class library look at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/2weec7k5.aspx So it depends what kind of libraries this app uses.
  2. look at the Resources BINRES, they added PE64(AMD64) drivers and exe files. you can use e.g Resource Hacker for viewing Resources.
  3. I admit I used Dependency Walker last time somewhere around 1998. Maybe I oversaw that feature. I was happy when everything work time is money, so most time one must make compromises. A big problem is that many programs are simply bought without asking our department, so one can only react. A lot of tasks are solved with Makros inside Word etc. Because of this chaos I`m busy keeping everything working. You can`t imagine how strange some programs are. Some e.g a cash department programs loads .386 files (16 bit vxd I think). Some programs work only under Dos because they use memory right after freeing it, something that does not work under Windows. As long as everything works corporate finance department will refuse any increase of our budget. Fortunatly pcs used for normal office work were migrated to GNU/Linux & Staroffice due to license problems. When I have spare time I look at this >the problem is that this exe e.g blabla1.exe extracts during runtime another exe from itself called e.g blabla2.exe >starting only that extracted exe blabla2.exe does not work. with an up to date version of Dependency Walker.
  4. the problem is that this exe e.g blabla1.exe extracts during runtime another exe from itself called e.g blabla2.exe starting only that extracted exe blabla2.exe does not work. So Dependency Walker isn`t a solution as it shows only dllfiles that are directly imported by an exe. Dependency Walker even does not show dllfiles that are loaded on the fly by a program. The only solution would be disassembling that both exe trying to get the points which blabla1.exe calls inside blabla2.exe and combine both exes. I think this something for something with some time and more experience than me >I assure you I never doubted your skill. Anyone who knows how to use a hex editor to solve a problem is clearly past the “Windows for Dummies” stage. I only wanted to make sure everyone understands what I`m talking about. (English isn`t my mother tongue so my posts might be misunderstanding)
  5. @iWindoze I know the wayback machine. I visited Paul Chitescu`s hp last time 1999 ,remembered the link and posted without searching for it as I don`t administrate Win3.1x machines anymore. So I don`t care much about Win31.x /Win32s issues anymore. ( OS/2 came with a much superior Win16 support so I didn`t use Win3.1x myself ). I admit I`m to lazy to search for something like before I post. @PeteK27 >>as far as i know shell32.dll is one of the files who will only loaded from the %windir%\system because of a registry entry. >I think this would be the case with 16-bit DLL’s. It may also be the case with certain COM/OLE based DLL’s. However shell32.dll is, for the most part, just a standard Win32 DLL. With these types of DLL’s Windows just searches for and loads the required file as I described earlier. I changed for a long period of time inf-files of Win9x Setup to exclude somethings etc.simply make life easier for me. HKLM stands for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE inside inf-files in Msbase.inf inside Windows 98 precopy1.cab is a addreg section called [msbase.reg] ; List of 32 bit DLLs known to be loaded always from SYSTEM dir ( KEY_KNOWNDLLS stands for "SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\KnownDLLs" ) HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,DIGSIG,2,DIGSIG.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,KERNEL32,,KERNEL32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,USER32,,USER32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,GDI32,,GDI32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,WOW32,,WOW32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,WINMM,,WINMM.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,WINNT,,WINNT.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,RPCRT4,,RPCRT4.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,ADVAPI32,,ADVAPI32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,COMDLG32,,COMDLG32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,CRTDLL,,CRTDLL.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,SHELL32,,SHELL32.DLL ; shell32 is mentioned. HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,SHSCRAP,,SHSCRAP.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,LZ32,,LZ32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,OLECLI32,,OLECLI32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,OLESVR32,,OLESVR32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,VERSION,,VERSION.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,COMCTL32,,COMCTL32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MSNP32,,MSNP32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,NWNP32,,NWNP32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MPR,,MPR.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MPRSERV,,MPRSERV.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MSSHRUI,,MSSHRUI.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MSNET32,,MSNET32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,NWNET32,,NWNET32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MSPWL32,,MSPWL32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,OLE32,,OLE32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,OLEAUT32,,OLEAUT32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,OLEDLG,,OLEDLG.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,OLETHK32,,OLETHK32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,NETBIOS,,NETBIOS.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MSAB32,,MSAB32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,NWAB32,,NWAB32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,SVRAPI,,SVRAPI.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,CHOOSUSR,,CHOOSUSR.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MSSHRUI,,MSSHRUI.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,SYNCUI,,SYNCUI.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,LINKINFO,,LINKINFO.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MSVCRT20,,MSVCRT20.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,RICHED32,,RICHED32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,WINSPOOL,,WINSPOOL.DRV HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MFC30,,MFC30.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MFCUIA32,,MFCUIA32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,MFCANS32,,MFCANS32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,NTDLL,,NTDLL.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,RASAPI32,,RASAPI32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,TAPI32,,TAPI32.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWNDLLS%,UMDM32,,UMDM32.DLL ; List of 16 bit DLLs known to be loaded always from SYSTEM dir ( %KEY_KNOWN16% stands for SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\Known16DLLs ) HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,TOOLHELP.DLL,,TOOLHELP.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,COMPOBJ.DLL,,COMPOBJ.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,STORAGE.DLL,,STORAGE.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,OLE2.DLL,,OLE2.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,OLE2DISP.DLL,,OLE2DISP.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,TYPELIB.DLL,,TYPELIB.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,WIN87EM.DLL,,WIN87EM.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,OLE2NLS.DLL,,OLE2NLS.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,COMMDLG.DLL,,COMMDLG.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,COMMCTRL.DLL,,COMMCTRL.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,LZEXPAND.DLL,,LZEXPAND.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,VER.DLL,,VER.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,OLESVR.DLL,,OLESVR.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,OLECLI.DLL,,OLECLI.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,UNIDRV.DLL,,UNIDRV.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,HPPCL.DRV,,HPPCL.DRV HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,FINSTALL.DLL,,FINSTALL.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,WINOA386.MOD,,WINOA386.MOD HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,VGAFULL.3GR,,VGAFULL.3GR HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,MMSYSTEM.DLL,,MMSYSTEM.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,DIBENG.DLL,,DIBENG.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,SHELL.DLL,,SHELL.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,MSVIDEO.DLL,,MSVIDEO.DLL HKLM,%KEY_KNOWN16%,MCIAVI.DRV,,MCIAVI.DRV Unless you delete the registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\KnownDLLs (Known16DLLs) Shell32.dll should be only loaded from system directory. (these entries exist part to some extent still under Win2k) loading shell32.dll from different locations can be a bad idea. Everything crashs lot more often (I`ve tried that ). sometimes when an exe extracts during runtime another exe and runs that your solution is only one. I hate this kind applications but one of them is a important progam in our firm and our hardware was incompatible with M$-IE 4 /Win98 ,but my chief wanted that program without buying new computer. Sorry for that long post I want to give precise proof that I know what I`m talking about.
  6. as far as i know shell32.dll is one of the files who will only loaded from the %windir%\system because of a registry entry. The easiest solution is to keep an Win98SE Shell32.dll in System directory renamed to e.g Shell98.dll. Use a hexeditor to replace entry Shell32.dll with Shell98.dll. worked perfectly for 5 years (I now use mainly Gnu/Linux and some times Win2k) It`s possible to disassemble a file and copied low-level thunking code Paul Chitescu did this for Win32s to add some Win95 functions. unfortunaltely his hp is offline http://pchitescu.myip.org is offline.
  7. Vmware 5 includes experimental dx acceleration http://www.vmware.com/support/ws5/doc/ws_vidsound_d3d.html ri I haven`t tried it yet.
  8. Time is money and so developers don`t test their games under Windows 98. Also a lot of API under Windows 98 sucks more than under Windows 2000 & XP, so developers use the API available under Windows 2000 & XP and don`t invest time getting things working on Windows 98. If Developers e.g ID Software & Epic make Multi plattform Games it`s more likely that this Games run under Windows 98. Quake 2 now openspource runs even on Beos 5, which is a almost unknown Operating System. Unfortunely most Developers don`t care about Multi plattform. One could maybe wrap some API function like the wine project for Linux. I think there is windows port of wine but I haven`t tried it (I`m migrating to GNU/Linux) for MSI use MSIExtract and you have a cab file,which setup inside. For maximum compatibility with Win3.1x and Dos I recommend OS/2, IBM fullfiles promises unlike M$, one promise was that any application will work no matter how old it is ( Many firms still use Dos Applications as they work and work )
  9. I agree with DanceMan. It`s important to release a stable and tested files. Of course Gurgelmeyer wants to release only when he`s sure it`s done. MS could learn a lesson from Gurgelmeyer . For Themes support i recommed Windowblinds WindowsBlinds M$ licensed it and used in Windows XP so there shouldn`t be a difference. The only advantage of Windowss XP Theme Service that you can`t use other Skins unless you crack it. @Gurgelmeyer hopefully you aren`t going to include Filter Manager from URP (DRM ? ) ? Btw is there anything new information about the reissue of URP ?
  10. According to http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Ben...123120121120120 MS plans to reissue Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4 soon. Several hotfixes will be integrated into the new version of Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4. We will see if this is the last version.
  11. Ntfs is not secure. Use Ntfs4dos by Sysinternals to read Ntfs volumes or knoppix with captive using Winxp Files to read and write on Ntfs volumes. The encryption is on Windows 2000 useless.this was fixed with WinXp. Ntfs is said to be a journal file system,however it completely sucks. But Ntfs offers hardlinks and streams,which can be usefull but aren`t useful for normal users. The only advantage of Windows 2000 is hibernation,which I use on my laptops and desktops.Under Windows Xp it does not work. about Athlon 64 one can use the registers of 64-mode,but it interferes with Windows 98. Windows Xp 64-bit on a athlon 64 is complete loss,as it as slow as in 32-bit. Use Linux to advantage of it.
  12. The question if everyone needs to buy new hardware. For most things computers are fast enough except the next Microsoft OS "Longhorn". Only hardcore gamers need new hardware in my view
  13. might be that I`m wrong ,but Intel dropped support for onboard graphics on Windows 98SE on new chipsets. 915 was among them. Intel often drops support for older OS ,so stick with Via or Sis etc. I bought a notebook with Sis because it was cheap and with Windows 98SE drivers.
  14. I`ve read the complete theard. I can`t agree with un4given1 opinion that Windows Xp is great. First to me an OS is just a tool to get work done. Some tools are better suited for carrying out job "A", some do better on job "1" Second I`ve used most OS. All of them have pros and cons. OS/2 e.g is good assembly programming for DOS program development. Wndows 98SE good for gaming not only for Dos games,but for older Windows Games,the best example is Need for Speed SE 2 according Microsoft. About the Port 139 Paket that crashed Win95 , that was fixed with the second release of Winsock 2.0 (about mid 1997) The Fact that something is old doesn`t means that it is trash or obsolete. "Never Change a running system" is a mantra many firms have. Intels Pentium 4 still includes the A20 Gate required for being compatible with Ms-Dos 1.x Third Windows NT has indeed a good kernel ,but changes form Windows NT 4 till now target home use.About Quotas support MS simply bought a firm for that and included the program as a service. I know that network has been improved, but Windows is still not suitable for professional use. One can`t work as restricted user. You have to work as Admin,otherwise programs refuse to work e.g Photoshop 7 (I think). Norten Antivirus can`t update its signatures and many other problems. For professional work one should use ThinClient or Unix/Linux. It requires a lot of knowledge but is the best choice if skilled Administrators are available. I prefer Win2k over Win98SE because of stability,hibernation, unicode support over network, certain programs e.g Vmware, but I switched when SP2 was available as MS-OS needs some time to mature. I have no time for activating Windows,a lot of bells,animated rovers etc. I want to work with my Pc, to program edit videos etc. Windows Xp doesn`t offers anything new except new problems when programming.Btw the Windows Firewall is a complete joke ,any VB coder can circumvent it. I know a lot of firms that stick to Windows 3.1x or OS/2 3 e.g banks ,because it suits their needs. Why should they upgrade ?? An upgrade requires new hardware, new OS, training of users this all results in breakdown for several weeks.

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