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  1. Dave, I think this is the answer your looking for? You first need to upgrade to 98se then you can use USP 2.1a & 98se2ME.
  2. Great Googlieotomies Jimmsta, what do you expect this pack to top out at sizewise Gonna be a great pack
  3. Windows Me Scandisk and Defrag can work with PARTITIONS bigger than 128GiB, Windows 98 / SE Scandisk and Defrag can work with PARTITIONS smaller than 128GiB only. So for your setup it is not necessary to use Me versions - and if you don't have Windows Me license you should not use them. Where you got ESDI_506.pdr 4.10.2230? Both in the first post of this thread and on MDGx site are versions 4.10.2225 and 4.10.2226 only. Petr Why's that Petr? I don't know about him but I've been using them in 98se for at least 5 yrs now, they're freely available all over the web & superior to the 98se ones
  4. Petr, found: Win95[2] 1297 p/n x03-50348, 0795 p/n 000-04404, will these help?
  5. Petr, I have a 95 disc part#000-59944 if this will help, also have another if I can locate it will let you know, it's still shrink wrapped & I think a retail. Oops, Eidenk already has that 1, will look for other.
  6. I'll hazard an answer, as long as competent programers here & other places wish to keep it going by hacking out drivers and updates to it. If MS were to release the source code it would be easier, but meglomaniacs that they are that ain't happening
  7. "And the Beat goes on, on, on" I thought that improving 98-ME was to give people a choice over having to upgrade, not petty bickering! I use LLXX's patch & am quite happy with it, that we have an alternative patch is great, if they both do the job, what do you have? .....CHOICE.
  8. Thnx for tip, always used jpg, had to go to other puter, as main is really a mess, Firefox keeps getting a stack fault when loading & reinstalling it does no good, other discrepancies in known file sizes[smaller] also Hadn't any problems for a while so didn't click in my brain[4.25gb] Senior moment there I guess. Your patch does work tho cause I had transfered 2-3 gb files previously. Really admire all people on this forum who know Programing, it's a big help for people like me who know enough to get in trouble LOL! Could KUP possibly have anything to do with it? Maybe Revolutions 5 lite? They're using XP files I think.
  9. Here's a screenshot, but now I have to say that I think my OS is going wonkers on me, have been checking and have found little discrepancies here & there. I'm partitioned so I think I'll scrub C: and do a fresh install. Went to dl site, file size should be 3.81gb, shoulda checked that first but didn't think to, sorry! One to many tweaks I guess Will try that transfer again after reinstall. Again, sorry
  10. Hmm, the file is a Red Hat Fedora DVD iso I dld & Win reports as: 4.25 gb, 4,572,612,608 bytes, 4,572,618,752 bytes used. Win doesn't lie does it I use "HashCalc" for my checksum checks. Maybe with all the changes to Win 98se[uSP2, 98se2ME, WUPG, + other little tweaks] , it just wierded out on me PS: Maybe 2 + 2 doesn't always = 4 .....? LOL!
  11. I would'nt call that a tease Eidenk, just a simple statement that he[Mr Loew] couldn't do it & if he could he would have charged for it, he seems kinda snakey to me anyway. JMHO LLXX: I used your patch & sucessfully transfered a 4.25gb file from 1 hdd to another & then again to my USB hdd, crc's matched
  12. Thanks for replies LLXX: LOL! I still have 2 AT's up & running[Abit/AMD K6-lll 350, Aopen/AMD K6-lll 550, socket 7s, 256mb SDram], like 98se, they just keep going & going MDGx: This topic has been very informative to me, I hadn't really considered it before, just knew things wear out eventually
  13. So, basically, any mem stick can fail at any time[as can other components] depending on innumerable variables, how about underclocking - running pc 3200[400mhz] on a mobo set for pc 2700[333mhz], will this possibly extend life cycle?
  14. Sorry Channel ck, I seemed to be locked out of forum posting. Hmm, just locked out of starting new thread/post ???
  15. Some people like "Eye candy" ??? I don't know.
  16. Emarkay, since your the one that the present system seems to bug, why don't you start a new thread along the lines you want & keep it updated yourself. Oh and while your at it, start a website in your format and keep it updated too!
  17. Thanx LLXX, soon as I get my other 1gb stick in I'll give er a go & report my experiences here
  18. Interesting, were you using any memory intensive prgms[ie:graphics editing]? I don't "Game" , but do alot of graphics & multitasking.
  19. I have no problems running 1gb ram, plan on boosting to 2gb as can LLXX, did you run into any probs when you first introduced 2gb to 98se?
  20. Yes, you find that surprising? LOL!, I find that quite refreshing, people are often surprised that programing is gender neutral, amongst other things.
  21. Another thought, have you considered a little case modding, I have a MATX[micro] and my HDD's were packed in too. I added another HDD rack & spaced them out, at same time moved case fan to side[bigger=120mm] intake & put filter on it[cleaner inside now]
  22. I like that erpdude8, makes it more complete , I keep all my prgms on seperate partition, but yours will clean better for C:/ and still not loose any data Now why didn't I think of that LOL!
  23. Question: Did you go to school Stupid? Answer: Yup! And I came out the same way!
  24. I've always used "c:\windows\command\deltree /y c:\windows" from DOS, then did a reinstall. Only wiped drive to get rid of a Nasty.
  25. Multiboot = more than 2 OSes on 1 machine, ie: 2 windows & 3 linux distros

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