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[Desktops] 2005

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A nice little winflag would be nice like on tdhl's desktop. Infact @tdhl, what is that visual style you're using? Looks alright..

If you have Stylebuilder, it's pretty easy to get the "logo only" effect with any vis style:

1. Decompile the .msstyle file in Stylebuilder then open it for editing.

2. Modify the "startbutton.png" file so that it's roughly square-shaped.

(I suppose a "startbutton.bmp" will work, too, but I usually convert those to .png format so I can play with the transparency.)

(There is a winflag image embedded in explorer.exe, but I usually hide it and the "Start" text, using the following steps, in favor of a custom image in the png file.)

3. In the Fonts sections (Normal, LargeFonts, ExtraLarge), change the substitution value for $StartButtonFont$ to 1pt, thus making the text practically invisible.

Example 1

4. In the Values/Start/Button section, set the SizingType to "TrueSize" and the ContentMargins to the following:

Left : -90

Top : 0

Right : 90

Bottom : 0

Example 2

5. Recompile and apply the style.

If the Start Button is a bit too far to the left or right (or too low or high), simply tweak the above numbers and compile/apply again. It sometimes takes a few tries, but with enough patience you should be able to get it to the exact size/position you want. This will also get it to only take up as much space on the Taskbar as it actually needs, leaving more room for QuickLaunch, etc.

If I've forgotton something, please pm me and I'll modify these steps accordingly. Hope this helps! :)

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Theme: Area04 - 4impressions.net

Wall: Appledisc

Winamp: ClearONEbeta

Samurize: UKTV + winamp plugin + mbm + atitool in clearONE style. (by me).

Recycle bin + my computer icons clickable!

Roll up/transparent toolbar by nuonsoft shellenhancer. (Different transparency on roll over)

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