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[Desktops] 2005

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The First Top Off My New Mach....Cheen :)

Merry Christmas From The Knight's Home To Yours....Wishing All A Joy Filled Holiday..... :) Knight, Kim and The Girls :whistle:

Wall: Dunno..Modded Shot Of Christmas

Skin: Retro

Icons: Bethlehem/Noia

Widgets: Aero Mail..Google Search...

Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/SCL.jpg


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standard windows gui with tclock2 to change startbutton and clock.

How did you get your system tray and taskbar to that 'flat' look... I want !

And what Icons are you using?

EDIT: Tclock2 makes your taskbar flat :D - Still don't know the icons!

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here's some old school animated cursors that can be used as icons if you dont delete them

PS If you want to change your start button and menu logo, ect, de-compile explorer.exe change the way you want and move it in while in dos


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Here's mine, more simplified since my hd crashed last month. Kinda like it, actually; my poor notebook was way overdue for a data colonic, anyway :P

Vis: my modified RoueB by dariomanno

Rainlendar: my modified Longhorn Aero skin by Josephs

Some Yahoo! widgets on the left.

...and I *think* the wallpaper's from somewhere in deviantart.





Wishing you all a very special "bah, humbug" :P

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heres mine.. thnx to those who voted for my entry last month... :yes:

another Vista mock up here.. :lol:

WannaBe Vista Build 5270



VS: Aero5270 (modded)

WP: Vista build 5270 Default

Styler: VistaRoyale2

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