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[Desktops] 2005

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Oh Great Rudolph..Looks like China is late again... :rolleyes:

Wall: The Ride Digi Blasphemy Premium

Skin: Obscurity (Blinds 5)

System Icons: Gant Macro

Dock Icons: Christmas Time (Recolored...Icon Developer)

Widgets: Aero Google Search: Desperately Seeking Santa

: Aero Weather

Cursor: Pro Tools

Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/SIHL.jpg


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Decided to go white this time


Patched UxTheme: Glitch Compact

Winamp: Clear One Beta

Weather: Yahoo Widget Engine

Rainlender Calender Stuff: Proox

Samurized System Box: Self Made w/ Proox To-Do Background

Object Dock: Default White

Wallpaper: Endeffect.com (Dunno it's name)

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City sidewalks, busy sidewalks

Dressed in holiday style

In the air theres a feeling of Christmas

Children laughing, people passing

Meeting smile after smile

And on every street corner you'll hear ....Silver Bells..

Wall: Silver Bells (Digital Blasphemy)

System/Dock Icons: Bethlehem

Widgets: Clear Weather..Silica Calendar

Skin: Badlandswb...(Recolored..Blinds 5) B)

Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/SBL.jpg


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GlassGlass :D


Nice... is this WindowBlinds 5 ?? :unsure:

Yes, It's;

WindowBlinds 5 enhanced

VistaXP 3.1 theme by Kol (now banned by microsoft) with some modifications by myself. (glass taskbar)

PodXP is the clock and CPU/Memory meter

The calender is Rainlender

Vista Inspirat BricoPack


And some variuos icons from deviantart

Wallpaper from neowin.net (drops on leaf)

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