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  1. Is it there but disabled? Is there an easy way to delete the files for it? thank you
  2. - [WebRTC] updated to upstream branch 49 and related. (a3239eaa4) - [WebRTC] fix merge error (71e99f28a) Sorry for my ignorance but why do I see webrtc in the changelog if its not supported? I use NM28. Is it serpent that uses it or do these changes mean you are sealing off parts of webrtc? thanks
  3. imgur is just getting worse. now its unusable. no changes on my end
  4. This is NM28 and click the newpost button to get the blank page
  5. I'm sorry to hear about all this.
  6. You have to login to google forum to post. If you are already logged in, it will lead you to making a new post where the continue button is. thanks
  7. I gave a link and screenshots of the button that doesnt work. Am I missing something?
  8. Cant post on youtube support forum, continue button broken. Tried safe mode and new profile. https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/new?hl=en Also the back button or pencil beside my user name doesnt work and gives this error: Error: TypeError: window.sc_visitManagerProcessClick is not a function Source File: https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/new?hl=en Line: 2651
  9. media.getusermedia.screensharing.allowed_domains does this string do anything? Is screen sharing in the browser? thanks
  10. thank you for the replies on this. Do I inspect element and modify or add rules somewhere? thank you 👍
  11. I'm on the latest NM28 and I'm having trouble with google drive. When I select "share" or "get links" I get a white box with a "working" icon then I get a tinted overlay thats empty, no share box with links. It worked fine last time I used it a few months back and I tried a clean profile and various user agents with no luck. Anyone else? thanks
  12. sure thanks. I do use the links provided in the about box of the browser. not a big deal I just wanted to warn of an issue. think I will just link the index God Bless everyone!
  13. ok thanks. not sure why Roy's page links Jan. 30th files
  14. 404 Not Found https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.3a1.win64-git-20210130-bf093ea79-uxp-bd9fdeccc-xpmod.7z for some reason I cant download the latest release
  15. I'm trying to use textnow.com and it wont login. It has cloudflare and google captcha on the login page. Ive spent 2 days working with it and talked to support they said they dont support open source browser but thats a copout. I played with the UA and got it to work a few times but it takes like 50 tries then it blocks the IP and nothing works. I'm not sure if anything is related but of course chrome works but I hate chrome, I refuse to use it. Can anyone please help me? thanks
  16. (%OS_SLICE% rv:*) Can anyone explain this useragent? I'm seeing them everywhere and google captcha is flipping out
  17. I see this when the password autocomplete fails: Error: TypeError: this.openedPopup.hidePopup is not a function Source File: resource:///modules/AutoCompletePopup.jsm Line: 194 this.openedPopup.hidePopup(); } AutoCompleteTreeView.clearResults(); }, removeLogin(login) { Services.logins.removeLogin(login); }, receiveMessage: function(message) { if (!message.target.autoCompletePopup) { // Returning false to pacify ESLint, but this return value is // ignored by the messaging infrastructure. return false; } switch (message.name) { case "FormAutoComplete:SelectBy": { this.openedPopup.selectBy(message.data.reverse, message.data.page); break; } case "FormAutoComplete:GetSelectedIndex": { if (this.openedPopup) { return this.openedPopup.selectedIndex; } // If the popup was closed, then the selection // has not changed. return -1; } case "FormAutoComplete:SetSelectedIndex": { let { index } = message.data; if (this.openedPopup) { this.openedPopup.selectedIndex = index; } break; } case "FormAutoComplete:MaybeOpenPopup": { let { results, rect, dir } = message.data; this.showPopupWithResults({ browser: message.target, rect, dir, results }); break; } case "FormAutoComplete:Invalidate": { let { results } = message.data; this.invalidate(results); break; } case "FormAutoComplete:ClosePopup": { this.closePopup(); break; } case "FormAutoComplete:Disconnect": { // The controller stopped controlling the current input, so clear // any cached data. This is necessary cause otherwise we'd clear data // only when starting a new search, but the next input could not support // autocomplete and it would end up inheriting the existing data. AutoCompleteTreeView.clearResults(); break; } } // Returning false to pacify ESLint, but this return value is // ignored by the messaging infrastructure. return false; }, /** * Despite its name, this handleEnter is only called when the user clicks on * one of the items in the popup since the popup is rendered in the parent process. * The real controller's handleEnter is called directly in the content process * for other methods of completing a selection (e.g. using the tab or enter * keys) since the field with focus is in that process. */ handleEnter(aIsPopupSelection) { if (this.openedPopup) { this.sendMessageToBrowser("FormAutoComplete:HandleEnter", { selectedIndex: this.openedPopup.selectedIndex, isPopupSelection: aIsPopupSelection, }); } }, /** * If a browser exists that AutoCompletePopup knows about, * sends it a message. Otherwise, this is a no-op. * * @param {string} msgName * The name of the message to send. * @param {object} data * The optional data to send with the message. */ sendMessageToBrowser(msgName, data) { let browser = this.weakBrowser ? this.weakBrowser.get() : null; if (browser) { browser.messageManager.sendAsyncMessage(msgName, data); } }, stopSearch: function() {} }
  18. no I'm good. I seen mention in the changelog and was wondering. I dont want it here either
  19. Hardware H264 Decoding No; D3D9 blacklisted with DLL atiumd64.dll ( watching yt videos on 1.5 speed gives 100% on 8 cores maxed
  20. Roy, is there any way to disable startupCache.4.little? I delete files in the "local" folder with crapcleaner and the last build wont populate login fields when this file is freshly made. I must close NM and start over and the forms will input my login info. Right now I denied permissions to the folder and it seems to work but for some reason the previous builds didnt seem to mind as much. Not sure why the startupCache.4.little has such an effect on the login clipboard or whatever does the username input on logins. Also my UBO takes a bit to load so the startupCache.4.little does nothing but make logins difficult. thank you

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