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  1. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/ Newmoon 28 64bit w7 Can anyone get rockstar social club to load? I get a blank page and no error log https://support.rockstargames.com works and I can login but I guess its pollyfill. bogus technology
  2. you thought wrong. I'm very thankful for Roy and his work on the browser and trust it 100%
  3. outdated because it doesn't tow the google line? I disagree. They are purposely breaking 3rd party browsers with layers they dont support. shame
  4. Any update on fixing Bitchute? Now odesee is doing the same thing. Is this a plan to block alternative media? You can add imgur to the list also https://imgur.com/upload https://imgur.com/ https://odysee.com/ https://odysee.com/@SaltyCracker:a https://www.bitchute.com/video/GmFumUklxgGQ/
  5. Guess I've been here a couple years... I think Windows 7 is the End of The Line for me. Anything newer disgusts me and I haven't done a M$ update since 2016. The ones I did do were very closely scrutinized and they liked to slip garbage in.
  6. Got everything to work except likes and comments by blocking inline scripts with UBO It will have to do for now.
  7. msn video working here. not sure why bitchute stopped..its gotta be a coding error on their end.
  8. Yes thank you I was able to go back to general.useragent.compatMode.version 68 and change google.com agent to get back in. The bitchute problem seems to be a tough one. I tried user agents for bitchute and cloudflare with no results. I'm afraid this it out of my range of experience. Hope someone can figure it out. thanks I did find some things: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/gun/gun.js if(k && v){ at.node = state_ify(at.node, k, s, d) } // handle soul later. else { as.seen.push(cat = {it: d, link: {}, todo: g? [] : Object.keys(d).sort().reverse(), path: (to.path||[]).slice(), up: at}); // Any perf reasons to CPU schedule this .keys( ? at.node = state_ify(at.node, k, s, cat.link); !g && cat.todo.length && to.push(cat); // --------------- var id = as.seen.length; (as.wait || (as.wait = {}))[id] = ''; tmp = (cat.ref = (g? d : k? at.ref.get(k) : at.ref))._; (tmp = (d && (d._||'')['#']) || tmp.soul || tmp.link)? resolve({soul: tmp}) : cat.ref.get(resolve, {run: as.run, /*hatch: 0,*/ v2020:1, out:{get:{'.':' '}}}); // TODO: BUG! This should be resolve ONLY soul to prevent full data from being loaded. // Fixed now? //setTimeout(function(){ if(F){ return } console.log("I HAVE NOT BEEN CALLED!", path, id, cat.ref._.id, k) }, 9000); var F; // MAKE SURE TO ADD F = 1 below! function resolve(msg, eve){ var end = cat.link['#']; if(eve){ eve.off(); eve.rid(msg) } // TODO: Too early! Check all peers ack not found. // TODO: BUG maybe? Make sure this does not pick up a link change wipe, that it uses the changign link instead. var soul = end || msg.soul || (tmp = (msg.$$||msg.$)._||'').soul || tmp.link || ((tmp = tmp.put||'')._||'')['#'] || tmp['#'] || (((tmp = msg.put||'') && msg.$$)? tmp['#'] : Also if I delete node div#loader-container the page is hidden underneath but the player looks unskinned and the comments are not loaded. div#loader-container style="display: block;" Deleting this node^^ only works once, when you reload the page, it wont reveal the page and the "block" part is gone when it reloads. <div id="loader-container"><div id="loader"><ul><li></li><li></li><li></li><li></li><li></li><li></li></ul></div></div> This code it loads looks like its missing stuff maybe this is a clue? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62179667/show-loader-element-until-page-loads-then-hide-it
  9. Today I couldn't log in to google or youtube: I seem to have fixed it by changing general.useragent.compatMode.version from 68 to 77. I also had to change general.useragent.override.youtube.com twice today as the palemoon agent did work but now does not. I also tried to play a bitchute video and no video will play, just a white page with the icon moving. https://www.bitchute.com/video/nlBMxTrkCIjx/ Bitchute embeds play but only half the video shows and the controls are hidden. Both these issues seemed to show up together. I tried a new profile and old working profile but no dice. Chrome works on bitchute but I only use chrome in absolute emergencies to check a site and eliminate possibilities. NM 28 (latest) and win 7 here
  10. Is it there but disabled? Is there an easy way to delete the files for it? thank you
  11. - [WebRTC] updated to upstream branch 49 and related. (a3239eaa4) - [WebRTC] fix merge error (71e99f28a) Sorry for my ignorance but why do I see webrtc in the changelog if its not supported? I use NM28. Is it serpent that uses it or do these changes mean you are sealing off parts of webrtc? thanks
  12. imgur is just getting worse. now its unusable. no changes on my end
  13. This is NM28 and click the newpost button to get the blank page
  14. I'm sorry to hear about all this. she no go. I'm going to try a new profile. brb https://files.catbox.moe/b997dh.wmv just loads for a split second and goes blank. NM28 x64 Win7 new profile I seem to remember this before with some "beta" was going on this link works https://imgur.com/beta/disable until you press upload then its blank again dragging and dropping seems to work from the disable beta page
  15. You have to login to google forum to post. If you are already logged in, it will lead you to making a new post where the continue button is. thanks
  16. I gave a link and screenshots of the button that doesnt work. Am I missing something?
  17. Cant post on youtube support forum, continue button broken. Tried safe mode and new profile. https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/new?hl=en Also the back button or pencil beside my user name doesnt work and gives this error: Error: TypeError: window.sc_visitManagerProcessClick is not a function Source File: https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/new?hl=en Line: 2651
  18. media.getusermedia.screensharing.allowed_domains does this string do anything? Is screen sharing in the browser? thanks
  19. thank you for the replies on this. Do I inspect element and modify or add rules somewhere? thank you 👍
  20. I'm on the latest NM28 and I'm having trouble with google drive. When I select "share" or "get links" I get a white box with a "working" icon then I get a tinted overlay thats empty, no share box with links. It worked fine last time I used it a few months back and I tried a clean profile and various user agents with no luck. Anyone else? thanks
  21. sure thanks. I do use the links provided in the about box of the browser. not a big deal I just wanted to warn of an issue. think I will just link the index God Bless everyone!

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