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  1. I'm not being funny, but what the hell is that?
  2. Im talking about the round one, it looks like a souvenier paperwieght you might get given after 10 years of working for microsoft. But everyone likes different stuff so... Then again I dont really like any start buttons that stick out that much, I know where i need to click, bottom left. A nice little winflag would be nice like on tdhl's desktop. Infact @tdhl, what is that visual style you're using? Looks alright..
  3. Is it just me or does the start button on the latest Vista beta look cheap and nasty as if it should be from 1995...
  4. I think I found out why the ASUS was so much bigger, I think it included DirectX
  5. Should I use the Nvidia Forceware driver off the NVidia site? (81.98_forceware_winxp2k_english_whql.exe) 21mb Or the EN6600 driver off the Asus site? (nv8189_w2kxp.zip) 43mb I am not sure what I should be using, thanks for anyone that can help me Also, are there any good driver mirror sites? Because both the EPox and Asus ftp's are so slow its unbelievable Thanks
  6. What visual style is that? Looks cool..
  7. Ok so I posted a week or so ago: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=62393 I don't want to resurrect an old post so I decided to create a new one, more appropriatley labelled to see if anyone would be able to help me with the silencing bit. So my PC is up and running really fast and I am pleased with evrything except the noise AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ Epox 9NPA+ Ultra Lian Li PC-7 Plus (2 integrated fans) Seasonic S12 500W PSU Asus 6600GT Silencer NEC 3550A DVD Floppy drive Maxtor HD (dont know what model its a hand me down) In order to find the source of the problem I unplugged the CPU fan, the system fan and the case fan one at a time and then all together. It seems toi be none of these! (although they are obviously contributing to it) I doubt it is the power supply as I bought it specifically for its quietness and it doesnt seem to be making excessive noise. There is a small fan over the Nforce ultra chipset on the motherboard (Or so it would seem from me looking at the diagram in the manual, im not really a techie when it comes to hardware and such :> ) Could it be this which is making so much noise? Can this be replaced with a quieter solution? Or is it more likely to be something else making the noise? One other thing: Is there a way I can adjust fan speeds to quieten down my PC? Its really bugging me because I was going to buy a TV card to use this as a media centre but I cant watch films or listen to music with it this loud. Thanks
  8. Hmm not really into any of them. I like Windows default
  9. Cool thanks, I'll try setting it up tonight after college Thanks again
  10. I built a PC for the first time tonight and it went pretty smoothly. I built it pretty much entirely from the instructions that came with the motherboard. It looks technical to begin with, but once you get into it evrything just pops nicely into place, like putting a lego man together (maybe a little more complex but not much ) If the person is a friend maybe theyd help you out if with any questions if you need it (which you probably wont)
  11. So I'll list the parts first AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ Epox 9NPA+ Ultra Lian Li PC-7 Plus (2 integrated fans) Seasonic S12 500W PSU Asus 6600GT Silencer NEC 3550A DVD Floppy drive Maxtor HD (dont know what model its a hand me down) So I put it all together and it turns on and is fine but its no way as quiet as I was hoping it to be. On the Lian Li there are grates on the top and front which let a hell of a lot of noise out. The specification said these vents let the system cool so the fans didnt need to be so loud! What do people suggest to quieten my system? I dont want to the hassle of water cooling. What about passive cooling? Anyone got any experience with using CPU heatsinks and stuff? My CPU has reached a temperature of 41C just me having a browse through the BIOS options. Is this OK? What temperatures should I expect my CPU and System to reach? I havent built a PC properly before. I am on my old one at the moment. Also, I tested my floppy drive by putting in Maxblast disk in but it said it couldn't load DOS or something along those lines. What do I need to do now to get my system up and running? The HD's been formatted so its not urgent for me to get into Maxblast, but what should be my next step? Shal I try booting my windows CD? I havent hooked my DVD drive up yet. Thanks for the help
  12. I think hes talking about using the installer to make your own packs similar to BricoPacks and XPize and FlyakiteOSX etc
  13. In my opinion, those OSX cursors would be a mistake. The colourful spinning things are ugly, and this is XPize not OSXize.
  14. Well I just installed 4.1 today fresh, and it came up like this. Wierd
  15. It probably is difficult to replace or something, or else it would have been done already. Or maybe it is just my computer where this happens: The Monitor graphic is different on the different tabs and I just thought I'd point it out incase you wanted to update it. Personally I like neither of these monitor images but perhaps they could be standardised so that they are both the same. Thanks for XPize by the way, its cool Thomas
  16. The cursors I use is a set called Micron, I got it from deviantart. I think they look really good with the rest of XPize although they may be a bit small for some people. They are just nice simple black cursors with white edges but I prefer them to the default ones. I attatched the preview that came with the cursors, its not a very good preview but you get the genral idea.
  17. Wont be using either. Switch fully to OS X when intel macs are second gen.
  18. I love white. VS is Infinite Simplicity Icons are Sketchy (off deviantart) ObjectDock and AveDesk
  19. Use ResHacker to extract icons from the system files installed by XPize, try looking in explorer.exe and shell32.dll
  20. I don't know how you are doing it, but after cancelling it 10 times on both FireFox and Internet Explorer, I am still being offered the .exe
  21. I like Peter Kay. Im not into much old comedy, I think different comedians appeal to different generations because comedy is always changing and whats funny now will seem outdated in 10 years.
  22. OK thanks for clearing that up for me. Most of the parts I have bought in the past have been OEM (mostly from computer fairs hah) but I wasn't sure if it was just the box or the warranty or what. Thanks
  23. When eyeing up components for building my new PC, I've been looking at various websites, komplett.co.uk and dabs.com/uk On both websites they have OEM products, could I ask what does this mean for me the buyer? As opposed to the retail, is there any difference other than the box it comes in? Do I not get a warranty or something? http://dabs.com/uk/channels/components/cda...s.htm?catid=204 Check out that link The OEM version of the ND-3540 is £14 cheaper than the retail! Why is this could someone tell me? Thanks Ta

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