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  1. Well, here is mine for this mounth. It's simple and clean, just the way I like it.
  2. Well... here is mine for this month... Click Here
  3. Could I also please get one? my mail is jbbeck@gmail.com
  4. I prefer Daemon Tools & i'm looking forward to the new version
  5. Here's mine for this month My Desk
  6. I'm using codename: Opus by B0se //Beck
  7. well here is mine for this month Desktop //Beck
  8. to make the file run silently in Quick Batch File Compiler, just go to the Project menu and selcect Options and select Ghost Application. //Beck
  9. you can extract the msi from setupdl.exe with ex. winrar //Beck
  10. Well I looked there to and it also say that if you remove the terminal service, then norton won't install. But I did'nt remove the terminal sevice
  11. Hey... I Have a problem with symantec antvirus corporate 9 i can't install it, but if I try with symantec antivirus 8, there is no problem. does anybody know what the problem could be??? //J-Beckl

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