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Show your latest WPI.....

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ok, hasi, wow.

how much of that is your theme vs. how much of that is useable on ANY system?

how'd you make it so pretty? lol

post it so we can all modify it! :)

you could include psd files if you used em. ;)

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This theme will only work on 1280x1024 systems. It isn't fully finished yet. I'll use it for installs on my sonys.

BTW: Editors: The Gimp and UltraEdit (since i experienced, that dreamweaver and especially frontpage spoil my html code)

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Despite me saying that here won't be theme support for WPI, I'm just now working on it. Problem is, that I do not have a webspace to put the files on. Webspace for WPI homapge i just 1Meg - this is why you can't download older versions.

I'll find a free webspace provider somewhere. Then - hopefully - I can upload the image sources.

Hey - and what's so bad about the vaio. Don't like sonys ?

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