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Show your latest WPI.....

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Here's my first cut at a working WPI based on one of hasi001's later releases:


I rar'ed my files for the curious, to include a separate folder containing the Photoshop .psd files for anyone who might want to play with them, which can be downloaded HERE. The "Begin" button is an animated .gif, spinning cubes with a pause so as not to be too irritating, I like it. I'm still testing a few of the installs so don't regard the config.js as gospel by any measure, but I intend to get it all working. Any item shown as "selected" should install just fine.

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@bmn and everybody else:

Do not attach images and files to posts. Upload to http://www.eazyshare.com/ and link it here (using IMG/URL tags). This is being done in your own (everybody's) interest, so that page loads quick and forum doesn't slow down.

Any large images/files seen by me will be removed without further warning.

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OK, I'll call this rev1. I reworked some of the graphics (it occurred to me that clicking ANYWHERE on the screen stops the countdown, so I included an image), found a solution to the install/cleanup issues, and have all the apps installing as they should using a combination of standard silent switches, RyanVM's silent installers, InstallRite, and AutoIt. And it's already formatted to handle three columns worth of apps, 'cause you know that's where I'm heading. Pretty pleased, but I'm sure much tweaking lay ahead. Happy New Year, y'all! :hello:


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@Astalavista: Really like the nice, clean interface, awesome Globe graphic!

@Bonedaddy: Same deal, really clean looking, especially like the way you worked to organize for neatness. Can you tell us how you were able to color-code the categories? I've been playing with it now for awhile with no luck. :wacko:

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sure just like this.................

prog[pn]=['<u><font color=#66ff00">Net Framework 1.1]

desc[pn]=['Microsoft .NET Framework RyanVM Package.<i>Required</i>']

cat[pn]=['<u><font color=#66ff00">Required</font></u&gt]






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I'm not a JavaScript person so I can't explain this, but my RunOnceEx menu does not appear if I add tags to the "prog[pn]=" field. No joke. I get a nice looking interface, but when I say 'go' the running install menu does not appear. The programs are installing nicely, and ultra silently. Mind you, I'm kickstarting this whole thing from the Startup directory and not GuiRunOnce. So when the programs begin to install, I'm looking at the desktop oblivious to the whole thing.

Sorta spooky.

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