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  1. Comodo Firewall

    I have made an AutoIt that installs it silently. comodo.exe
  2. I think I tried that - couldnt get it to work.
  3. In order to install Marvell I created two bat files: Lan1.bat: ECHO. ECHO Installing ISS script service ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\drivers\Lan\ISScript8.msi /qb Lan2.bat: ECHO. ECHO Installing Lan driver ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\drivers\Lan\setup.msi /qb This works for me - you'll have to unpack the driver in order to get the .msi files. Hope it helps.
  4. I have found a solution for this - but im currantly at work. Will post it later.
  5. Little problems :-(

    My Computer, My documents and Inet Explorer icons are all in shell32.dll. I use ResHack to change the icons - which also means that you'll have to remove Windows File Protection ( try using nlite to do that ). As for Microsoft icons iam not sure - never done that, but heres what i think you could do: I believe that office icons are stored in the .EXE files - so you should actually be able to replace the icons in those .EXE files like you did with the shell32.dll file. Now in my book all you need to do is the copy your "hacked" .EXE over AFTER you install Word, Excel and Publisher. To copy files over - try to search the forum - this can be done with WinRAR sfx files. Let me know if you need more help or links to find the infrmation you need. Pezzie
  6. A question for Hasi

    Cant you set it up so that if anything is checked then prepare and cleanup will automaticly be checked ? I know that any users could uncheck them. And perhaps Hasi could add a 3 option to the forced category - forced if anything is checked ?
  7. Show your latest WPI.....

    Read this for some answers. Link
  8. Sure - find it here Its made as an exe file - just run it.
  9. Solution to my original problem: Getting some music to play before WPI starts. I fooled a bit around with flash and created a projector file. This file is then runned before WPI playing the music and showing what application you can choose from in WPI.
  10. Ok thx for the help. Status now is that I load a self-mixed song and then a webpage with a countdown before WPI starts. Haven't cross tested it yet - but wanna know if this problem is related to Virtual PC. Nice that someone does that instead of just say: do the search !
  11. Can i run this from [Guirunonce] before i call WPI ? I dont know if its a virtual pc problem- last time the install finished and i look in the windir/system32, but i couldn't find wmplayer or mplayer2, only mplay32.
  12. Sry Gun As i was saying - the problem seems to be that i cant load either of those - dont ask me why by it dont work in Virtual PC. I did something similar to start with just added the title behind like this: start /wait mplayer2.exe WPI.mp3 This will work fine in my normal windows, but not in Virtual PC. After a made an auto it exe to turn the music of after a certain time and when that closed WPI started.
  13. Thats was the one thread i was talking about - and it still dont work. Taken from the web of the program: But thx for showing me the search function - could never have found that on my own.
  14. plz tell me what to search on then, cuz i have been trying for a week now and all my searches never seem to give any result. I have read one thread about playing music during setup, but that one dont really work so...