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Show your latest WPI.....

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The look of the check boxes are ( as far as i know ) determend by your desktop theme.

The buttons are made in simple html ( at least my version ) so i just moved them around.

I'll take a look at the latest version and see if i can get the buttons down there again.

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This is made in the latest version ( 12-23-2004 on web site ).

Note that the option buttom is missing - it kind of screwed everything up.

- NOTE ! you can still edit things in "wpiscripts\useroptions" NOTE !

I'll look into getting it back later on.


Hopy you like it !


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hey ya i was asking MCT howe he did the same thing with his boxes etc....


was lookign at the screenshot of your WPI and i just noticed that you have curved boxes with x's in them???? how did u do this? can u change jsut the boxes to curved ones? or can you change just the checkmarks to x's? or how do you do both????

so is this based upon your desktop theme or what?

anyone else have any ideas?

Hasi or BB?

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Well can't really get the option bottom back - i'll have to edit my settings in the useroptions.js instead.

As i said earlier i still use the 2.7 WPI - stabil and i made quite a lot of changes to it - e.g. transparenty and so on.

But if im gonna change sometime soon this will be what it will look like:


This by the way is version 3.0.3 - code looks really nice hasi - nice job.


Upload images here for free !!!


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