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Show your latest WPI.....

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right about that. did you know that VAIO means Video Audio Integrated Operation. Well I think sony's behind state of the art when speaking of notebooks. I wonder why my GRX has a brilliant display of 1600x1200, but lacks of an IR port and USB 2.0 !? Also where's video, when there's no Video-in ? So much for Vaio. But they're optically superb, I think..

Someone asked me to publish the psd-soucres for the vaio.theme. download them here. Takes its time (approx. 2 MB). And it's only these 2 files I use - the other gifs are already included in the WPI download.

Hi, very nice work.

I'm coming a bit late, but really I'd like to have your template for testing.

Can you send it to me ? Or up it back somewhere ?

I have 1 GB ftp if you want I can have it there for you ;)

Thx. :thumbup

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The planets in the section the arrows point to are animated gifs and rotate..

I am more than willing to share my theme folder with anyone who wants it.

hehhehe i experimented last nite with SwF hehhe so cool. I have a burning Dragon Ball Fight Scene!!!

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**** FuNKer thats a nice theme, would you mind sharing it?


I was wondering what happens when you modify the theme as opposed to modifying hte htm file. I know why you would modify them


Did you install the flash plugin before you ran the WPI to get that swf working?

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Thanks a lot :) I'm not a friend of animated GIFs or something. I like clean-looking and friendly stuff, so there is NO way that I put a black background to such programme though...

And as you can see, I like to play with colors, HTML, CSS and stuff.

Here you go:


Be aware! Take a look at the lang.js, because there ist no more text besides the buttons. The text is in the graphics. So if anyone want to have the buttons translated => ask me. Netherlands for example.


Updated the pack with German (****ner_g) and an English (funker_e) themes and languages (cust_g and cust_e)



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