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  1. Even though WIHU seems not to be used that much, I still like it as it fullfils all my needs... well an ini editor would be nice Since I'm not able to do any programming, my contribution is limited to translating, so here is my Dutch translation of the languages.ini file. It is based on the old dutch version ( of WIHU, originally translated by Rob Geerts. I just made some updates related to the new version and corrected a few translation errors. Regards, Rob edit: forgot to add attachement languages.ini
  2. Hi Benjamin, Are you still working on the indexless INI files? I'm not pushing you as I know you have other things on your mind. I'm only interested in the status of the development. I would really like to see it implemented as my INI file have grown to a size where it is a lot of work to insert a new program. Not that the work bothers me, but mistakes are easily made while updating the indexes. Regards, Rob
  3. r2k02

    Sub-Group.x Problem

    This is what I use for Java. You can ignore the Dutch descriptions as they are not important. description.6 = Java helptext.6 = Noodzakelijk, als je JAVA programma's wilt uitvoeren. command.6 = * test.6.0 = %WIHU%\System\J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 5.msi test.6.1 = %WIHU%\System\MSJavx86.EXE test.eval.6 = 0 | 1 disabled.6 = if.false selected.6 = if.true group.6 = 1 description.6.0 = Sun J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0.5 helptext.6.0 = Het meest up-to-date JAVA programma van Sun Microsystems. command.6.0 = * test.6.0.0 = %WIHU%\System\J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 5.msi test.eval.6.0 = 0 disabled.6.0 = if.false selected.6.0 = if.true, inherit command.6.0.0 = msiexec.exe /norestart /qb-! /i "%WIHU%\System\J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 5.msi" IEXPLORER=1 MOZILLA=1 REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS JAVAUPDATE=0 command.6.0.1 = regedit.exe /s %WIHU%\System\J2SE.reg hidden.6.0.0 = 1 hidden.6.0.1 = 1 description.6.0.0 = Installeren van Sun J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0.5 description.6.0.1 = Aanpassen van Sun J2SE Runtime Environment registerinstellingen description.6.1 = Microsoft Java VM v5.00.3810 helptext.6.1 = Een wat verouderde JAVA versie van Microsoft. command.6.1 = * test.6.1.0 = %WIHU%\System\MSJavx86.EXE test.eval.6.1 = 0 disabled.6.1 = if.false command.6.1.0 = %WIHU%\System\MSJavx86.EXE /Q:A hidden.6.1.0 = 1 description.6.1.0 = Installeren van Microsoft Java VM v5.00.3810 Regards, Rob
  4. Hi, Warning! Newbee response follows.... I downloaded your wpi.zip and extracted the files in a empty directory. After doubleclicking on wpi.hta everything worked fine with no error messages at all. I'm running XP-Pro SP2 and have Sun Java 1.4.2 installed. (I didn't try installing applications though) Since you also tried it on WinXP SP2, my guess would be the absence of a Java runtime environment that gives you errors. P.S. Nice company theme, Especially the category headers look nice with the fading light blue.
  5. I would prefer the second option. No page flipping is needed when you have a scrollbar. I'm only not sure about: I hope the number of columns will still be adjusted to the screensize, i.e. if actual screenwidth<1024 then number of colums=2.
  6. Thank you for reconsidering and trying to keep the theme support I fully agree with your statements. Of course your own wishes and ideas have a higher priority then ours. You're the programmer.
  7. Hey... what happened here? One night not paying attention and the themes are gone I liked the theme support and for me 3.3.4 was working almost correctly. The only issue I have is that sometimes the column and pagebreaks do not correctly take the height of the columnheaders into account. I have the feeling that this is related to the custom font issue, as some fonts use a different default font height. (I know that I can change the maxlines='' in wpi.css for each theme, but the problem above still remains) I think I'm in agreement with a06lp that themes are great, but maybe custom fonts are not. So please hasi, can you reconsider and keep the theme support in WPI?
  8. Guess what would happen if you push the configuration button.
  9. See this post and read the referenced material. Come back and post your questions after reading, especially the old WPI thread.
  10. Hi Nazgul, You're a better programmer than me. Your modifications seem to solve the problems on my computer as well Bedank voor je hulp!
  11. For tooltips colors look at the options screen. The description of 'Tooltip style' should give you a hint.
  12. I reported the same problem and a place where the fix should be implemented here (2nd post from the bottom). We only have to wait for hasi001 as it seems he's having a real live now I someone else is capable of looking at javascript, please do. This seems to be my last problem before I can burn and do some real installations instead of testing in VMware.
  13. @hasi001 I'm still having problems with the cond[pn] feature. Last time you solved the display generation problem which was located in boxes.js. But right now I'm facing the same problem when I want to actually install the conditional programs. With my almost zero knowledge of java, I located the problem in generate.js where the condition is evaluated twice: first for selection and secondly for installation. I was able to solve the first eval expression by copying the same lines of code from boxes.js. Unfortunately I do not have enough knowledge to solve the second eval expression. Can you look into it?
  14. @hasi001 This is probably the wrong threat, but in here you mentioned the update to 3.3.1. I think I found a bug as your plain (no modifications) 3.3.1 already gives JS errors. I no nothing about Java, but I think the following code in generate.js misses a + between fontFileName and "': " } catch (b) { debug("Problem on installing theme-supplied font '" + fontFileName "': " + b.message,1); } With the + it runs OK. Oh, and before I forget, thank you for the quick response on my cond question. It is working OK right now.
  15. @hasi001: That certainly is a usefull feature! I'm only not able to get it working in my config.js I have: prog[pn]=['OpenOffice.org 1.1.4 NL'] desc[pn]=['OpenOffice.org is een opensource vervanger voor MS Office.'] cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\\Software\\OpenOffice\\setup.exe -alluser -r:%cdrom%\\Software\\OpenOffice\\response.txt'] cmd2[pn]=['%cdrom%\\Software\\OpenOffice\\OpenOffice.cmd'] dflt[pn]=['no'] uid[pn]=['OOO1'] excl[pn]=['O2K3F','O2K3WEP','OOO2'] cond[pn]=['FileExists(replpath("%cdrom%\\Software\\OpenOffice\\setup.exe"))'] pn++ My debug screen (level 2) shows: Rendering of boxes started Found CDROM as drive F: Condition failed: FileExists(replpath("%cdrom%\Software\OpenOffice\setup.exe")) -- not rendering OpenOffice 1.1.4 NL Rendering of boxes finished But I am 100% sure that 'F:\Software\OpenOffice\setup.exe' exists. Am I doing something wrong here?
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