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how about wizard of WPI that can make a WINNT.SIF instead of writign the script for command dose? so that they can put in a serial number and lot's of other stuff too

Cant be done, Windows Setup uses this file like ha hashed file,

so you want to edit the winnt.sif file you will have to compleately restart the guisetup proces to use your new winnt.sif file... litlebit drastic dont you think ???

i think the writhing of a batch file to do this was a briliant idea,

i just have a problem that it requires IE-core (but for now, ill stick to it because of the manny feature it has)...

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new idee:

- shows all programs in a list sorted by Install order


Name.....................Install Order






Is to indicate if double or empties entries are.

- an own InstallGUI or an interface to xplode :D

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whats about "include" option ?


if checked MUI for Windows, so automaticali selected all "inlude" such MUI-Office, MUI-MediaPlayer, other MUI... offcouse if it's selectable by "dependense"

[v] MUI for Widows

[v] Office

[v] MUI for Office

now I can select MUI for Windows, and after that select MUI for Office - 'cose it's depened on Office and MUI for Windows....

with "dependence" it's work from child to parent, but not from "parent" to "child"

sorry for my bad english :(

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Config wizard:

If you hit the ENTER key in the description field to make a linebreak this will break the line in config.js and result in an error when wpi starts.

Parse the description field in config wizard for linebreaks. Replace any linebreaks with <br>.

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How about implementing an MP3 player with pause and stop button, as well as autoplay/no autoplay. This would be nice...

look at my reply in the unattended audio player topic... (when I'll have some spare time, I'll continue to work on it to implement a volume slider and maybe other things...)

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This is in addtion to MTC's request for expand/collapse categories. In addition to that, if a item is selected and has sub-items, have the subitems displayed on a expandable menu. Kinda like the following:

- Category
 - Program 1
     Option 1
     Option 2
   - Option 3
       Sub-Option 1
       Sub-Option 2

I would do it myself, but I don't know the first thing about javascript.

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