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  1. Here is an example: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-062 If an update is replacing an older update the bulletin will say this: Security Update Replacement: This bulletin replaces a prior security update. See the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of this bulletin for the complete list. Then scroll down to the FAQ section and expand it. Check the list and see if the product you want updates for has a field with "Replaced". If so, follow the link to the bulletin ID. Under the "Affected software" section you will find the KB number of the replaced update.
  2. http://wud.jcarle.com/ Some of those updates you listed earlier in this thread are replaced by newer updates: KB918419 is replaced by KB923088 (Excel 2003) KB916518 is replaced by KB923091 (Powerpoint 2003) KB917334 is replaced by KB923094 (Word 2003) KB921566 is replaced by KB923272 (Office 2003)
  3. Here is the Norwegian Windows XP x86 UL file windows_xp_x86_nor.rar Edit: Updated 2006-09-27 with KB925486; Vulnerability in Vector Markup Language Could Allow Remote Code Execution
  4. The items that doesn't have the active configuration assigned should be hidden. If you have an item 'Firefox' only assigned to configurations Mark and Anna, the item 'Firefox' should not be visible in the list when you choose the configuration Home. Then you can equal profiles with configurations.
  5. ftp://www.uli.com.tw/driver/Integrated220.rar
  6. If you want to copy a directory use dircopy. cmd1[pn]=['dircopy source destination']
  7. Change this line: cmd2[pn]=['COPY %CDROM%\\Install\\winrar\\rarreg.key C:\Progra~1\winrar\'] to this: cmd2[pn]=['FILECOPY %CDROM%\\Install\\winrar\\rarreg.key %ProgramFiles%\\winrar\\'] (remember the double slashes if you're editing your config.js manually)
  8. To copy a file from one location to another: cmd1[pn]=['filecopy %cdrom%\\AXP\\$OEM$\\hosts.txt %windir%\\System32\\drivers\\etc\\HOSTS'] Commands that can be used is: filecopy from-location to-location dircopy from-location to-location rename old-filename new-filename To ensure that a program will only install on Windows XP use the line below. cond[pn]=['getOSver()=="XP"'] getOSver returns the following strings: XP, 2K, NT, ME, 98, 95 or "Not found"
  9. Great idea to add into the config section like a drop box that you can select windows versions with?? With an all option also right?? Hasi001 would half to do this one unless someone else out there that is more familiar with java script can help me to do this. If some one can help please post here or pm me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This feature has been availible awhile. See this post by hasi001... cond[pn]=['getOSver()=="XP"') will only show the program if OS = Windows XP.
  10. Ati Catalyst 5.3 Release Notes It doesn't say anything about what WDM_NSP and WDM_SP stands for. The Ati installer installed WDM NSP for my VIVO card.
  11. Here is a host file that blocks spyware, ads, and some porn sites.
  12. Config wizard: If you hit the ENTER key in the description field to make a linebreak this will break the line in config.js and result in an error when wpi starts. Parse the description field in config wizard for linebreaks. Replace any linebreaks with <br>.
  13. Your regb entry will fail. Your rega entry should be like this: rega[pn]=['%CDROM%\\Software\\Winamp\mp3AVIdefault.reg']
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