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  1. Xpload On Xp T-9 Dont Start..

    You can use cmdow: cmdow website
  2. File for Kerio Outlook Connector 6.0.5 Script: v1
  3. try this: ComputerName="VAROS"
  4. It already has that =p If you go to the options page and set the timer active to on, you're all set.
  5. Thank Scriptomatic 2.0 =] Very useful program, select the class you need and it'll show a script that echoes all of the information of that class. Easy =]
  6. This is a simple vbs script which echoes the height and width On Error Resume Next Const wbemFlagReturnImmediately = &h10 Const wbemFlagForwardOnly = &h20 strComputer = "localhost" Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\CIMV2") Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_DesktopMonitor", "WQL", _ wbemFlagReturnImmediately + wbemFlagForwardOnly) For Each objItem In colItems WScript.Echo "ScreenHeight: " & objItem.ScreenHeight WScript.Echo "ScreenWidth: " & objItem.ScreenWidth Next
  7. Dos Batch File To Get User Input

    Thanks! I'll give it a try, looks like might work better then what I have now. One question though: I already have a ramdisk created when the PC boots from the floppy disk, but when I start the setup it can't file any partition to install to. c:\ is ramdisk, d:\ is CDROM and the normal NTFS partition(s) is not reachable from the command prompt. So the setup doesn't know where to install to, I aborted the setup there so it me be that you can still choose a partition but I'm quite sure it wasn't possible.
  8. Dos Batch File To Get User Input

    The one (20bytes) in the "2" directory/folder works <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Heh, I used the one in the "1" directory and it works fine as wel =]
  9. Dos Batch File To Get User Input

    Well some extra time shouldn't be any problem since it's all unattended anyway. But does it support NTFS or will I have to convert later on? (just 1 command I know =]) Other than that let's hear it =p
  10. Dos Batch File To Get User Input

    That's to start the install from the CD instead of using the command prompt install, which is pretty crap from what I've heard(never tried it myself)
  11. Dos Batch File To Get User Input

    Heh ok =] Already formatted with NTFS. This unattended install will be for both new pc's that just came in, or pc's that just need a new install. There still is space left. currently just a bootdisk with input.com, reboot.com and my batch file added If I don't take it out this is what happens: I turn on the PC PC boots from floppy and runs the batch file I input the needed info and the batch file autoreboots PC boots from floppy once again See the problem? =p SO to get the system to boot from the CD I have to take out the floppy until the install starts, after which I can put it back in so the setup can read the answer file on the floppy
  12. Dos Batch File To Get User Input

    Ok I tried the first reboot.com and it works perfectly! It's a shame that I will have to take out the floppy and put it back in but it seems to be the only way to get early user input. I do have one last question though, how do I make the batch file ask for me to press enter to continue before starting the reboot. Otherwise it would just start rebooting when it's done writing to the floppy. This would be easy to miss making it an infinte reboot loop Once again thanks for all the help, looking forward to using it for the first time on a new pc
  13. Dos Batch File To Get User Input

    THanks for all the replies, looks like I have some new stuff to try =] Hmm, doesn't this do the same my batch file did only a bit prettier or am I missing something? Still gonna try it of course =] Looking good, I'll see if I can test it on my own pc this weekend. I'll need to put my floppy drive back into my pc then though o_O Yeah I would like to keep it completely unattended apart from entering username, computername and productkey at the start as well as choosing the partition to install on. I'll give this a try on monday, I'm gonna try all the new possibilities I've seen in this thread and see what works best =]
  14. Dos Batch File To Get User Input

    Thanks but this doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for. =[ When I'm booting from a floppy there is only 1 active partition (the one the bootdisk creates) And I tried, but I can't reboot to the active partition.
  15. Hi all, thanks to these boards I've created a nice unattended CD with WPI to install applications afterwards. But I still have one little problem. This CD will be used by the company I'm currently working for, meaning this CD will be used on a lot of different pc's all on the same network. Because of this I would have to edit the username/computername afterwards but even then the productkey would still be the same(we still have a lot of OEM key's) so this is not an option. So to prevent this I made a small batch file to be run from a bootable floppy disk which asks for user input and then creates an answer file, afterwards the setup should run. Here is the current batch file: @ECHO OFF rem --------------------------------------------- rem USER INPUT rem --------------------------------------------- INPUT "enter productkey:" productkey INPUT "enter username:" username INPUT "enter computername:" computername rem --------------------------------------------- rem REMOVE OLD ANSWER FILE rem --------------------------------------------- DEL a:\WINNT.SIF rem --------------------------------------------- rem WRITE NEW ANSWER FILE rem --------------------------------------------- ECHO;SetupMgrTag >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [Data] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO AutoPartition=1 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO MsDosInitiated="0" >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO UnattendedInstall="Yes" >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO. >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [Unattended] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO UnattendMode=FullUnattended >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO OemSkipEula=Yes >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO OemPreinstall=YES >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO TargetPath=\WINDOWS >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO UnattendSwitch="yes" >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO. >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [GuiUnattended] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO AdminPassword="xxxxxx" >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO EncryptedAdminPassword=NO >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO AutoLogon=Yes >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO AutoLogonCount=1 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO OEMSkipRegional=1 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO TimeZone=110 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO OemSkipWelcome=1 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO. >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [UserData] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO ProductKey=%productkey% >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO FullName=%username% >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO OrgName="Koster" >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO ComputerName=%computername% >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO. >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [Display] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO BitsPerPel=16 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO Xresolution=1024 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO YResolution=768 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO Vrefresh=70 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO. >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [TapiLocation] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO CountryCode=31 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO. >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [RegionalSettings] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO LanguageGroup=1 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO. >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [Branding] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO BrandIEUsingUnattended=Yes >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO. >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [Proxy] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO Proxy_Enable=1 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO Use_Same_Proxy=1 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO HTTP_Proxy_Server=winroute:3128 >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO. >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [Identification] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO JoinDomain=Koster >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO. >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [Networking] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO InstallDefaultComponents=Yes >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO. >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO [GuiRunOnce] >>a:\WINNT.SIF ECHO %systemdrive%\install\wpi\wpi.hta >>a:\WINNT.SIF rem --------------------------------------------- rem START INSTALLATION rem --------------------------------------------- rem D:\i386\WINNT.EXE As you can see I put a REM before the setup command, this is because when the setup should start running it gives me an error that it doesn't know where to put the windows XP install file(probably because of the ramdisk the bootdisk created on c:\) So I thought I'd be smart and get the input put it in the answer file then reboot and start the install from CD(requires me to eject the floppy for a while but that's not THAT big a deal) However, I have not been able to find any reboot command for dos. So in short my question is, does anyone know how to run the setup after inputting the commands to the answer file on the floppy drive. Maybe there is some other way to do this that I don't know but this is the only option I could think about. Any help would be appreciated