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[Tools] Unattended Programs

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Getcd.exe is a utility to get the letter of the first CD-ROM drive in the system. This is useful during the applications phase of a unattended CD-ROM installation, because you don't always know which drive letter the CD-ROM will get. The program simply writes the drive letter (including colon) to the output stream. To insert the drive letter into an environment variable, you can use the following from a batch file:

for /f "Tokens=*" %%a in ('getcd.exe') do set cdrom=%%a

After running this command, you can refer to the CD-ROM drive using the %cdrom% environment variable. If you're not running the command from a batch file, use replace %% with % in the above command.

It's on the first post :}
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This little player will allow you to play any music that wmp will play, in the settings.ini there is a option to select if you want it put to a taskbar icon so the user wont see it in a unattended install

to call it from a batch file start


There are a few bugs but ive found a solution to most of them

error-cant use any varibles

solution = if you have your songs in a folder e.g music then type in the file name field "music\xxx.mp3"

error-playlist wont play with out title name

solution = well you shouldnt remove them anyway but if you wanted to best not to remove them

PS. the included settings.ini is from my setup so it should work if you just make a folder called music in the same folder as the exe and place you music in the music folder and just rename the file in the settings.ini

Click here to download

Orignal Thread : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=32654&st=0

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Hey nOBeLium, :thumbup LOVE This TOPIC! VERY HELPFUL!

In reference to Rename Start button prog/thread. I have a program from a friend that I use in my unattended install that is really easy and allows for renaming the start button and change the picture. It is really small and I have added it right in during my runonce and it starts up and is already setup and ready to go after first boot with a small reg tweak.

Its called tclock and I have included it in this post. Problem is I can only upload 150k :realmad: and its 330k with the source code and lang files included. I had to cut them out. It should work for you (english is included).

Check it out it should be on your list of programs! :hello:


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a few months ago I found a tool here that allows the creation of useraccounts/pc name/workgroup... if it starts up all these things can be filled in and thats it.. so if you install on different pc's you can fill all this data just in one screen ..

but now I can't find it anymore!

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