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  1. You're not gonna have much time if you're constantly playing WoW!
  2. Welcome to the forums!! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. How do you know B is coming out the end of this week? If you're sure about it, then I vote for B, otherwise both A & B
  4. Ditto. Thank you both Ctwizzy and Bashrat!
  5. This thread explains exactly how to do that: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=39048
  6. I would love to do a guide if I can get the darn thing working! Btw, the postings about Illustrator are ok since both programs use the same method for activation, store their .dat files in the same location, and make very similar registry changes. So from what I can tell, a guide for one is a guide for both, if anyone ever creates one.
  7. How's the new version coming along?
  8. Would *love* to see the updated installer for Winamp 5.0.9 soon
  9. Sounds good. IMO the link to the Inbox is the most useful non-messaging-related function of MSN. I'll use version 1. Thanks
  10. @ totoymola: Is it possible for you to make us an Illustrator CS2 MST file as well?
  11. I really wanna jump on the WinINSTALL LE bandwagon, but it seems like the latest version of WinINSTALL LE required a serial? I thought it was supposed to be a free program. Does anyone know where I can download the previous version that is free?
  12. I installed it and for whatever reason I no longer have a link to my inbox at the top of the MSN window. Is this by design or is there some way to turn it on? I looked in the Options to no avail. Anyone?
  13. here is the activation file located for every user of your pc. its a .dat file. Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe Systems\Product licenses <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sweet. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Gonna have to try copying over this file along with the registry changes and see what happens.
  14. @ totoymola: I tried using your MST file on a clean install using the original unmodified MSI file, and it works perfectly - no activation window! Of course the activation window DOES come up when I first start Photoshop after it's installed. The registration window also comes up the first time it's started. Any idea how to get rid of both of these? That would be the next step. My guess is its some form of registry edit.... Edit: OK, so I used Regshot to take a snapshot of the registry before and after doing the activation, and I saved the differences in a .reg file. Now to try it out from scratch on a clean install. Stay tuned! Edit 2: Well, for whatever reason the registry edit didn't work. The .reg file I made was refusing to integrate into the registry using a simple double-click, so I had to cut back one key at a time until I determined that the keys that could not be updated were all in the following branch: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\LEGACY_ADOBE_LM_SERVICE] So using a .reg file that was missing that branch did not disable activation.
  15. Thanks for the info. I'll post some results tomorrow evening. Gotta get to bed before I pass out on my keyboard.
  16. lol...I hate it when that happens! I'm in the process of creating a fresh install of XP. Will update again later tonight after I try some stuff out.
  17. He removed that for sure, because that is the custom action that triggers the activation window. Well, there are other possible ways to disable that. Maybe he didn't remove the action, but he changed the condition so it will not be called. Or maybe he didn't remove it from the table, but he removed it in the execute sequence. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have zero experience with editing MSI's, so got no clue what he did. I've been messing with Orca a total of about 2 hours. As an added note, I tried using /qr when installing, and I got further than before. At least the install started this time. Instead though, I end up with it asking me if I want to open the readme file, and then upon trying to launch Photoshop, it says the serial number provided isn't valid (or something to that effect), which is probably normal since I never provided one in the Abcpy.ini file. No sign of any activation wizard yet either.
  18. I edited the MSI by using Orca. All I did was remove that one line called CA_ActivationCheckLicense from the CustomAction section as you suggested we do, and resaved the file. Interestingly enough, I get the same result with mrmb's posted MSI. It could be a problem with my setup though. I'm testing in Virtual PC 2004 (w/o SP1). It's NOT a clean install. I've had Photoshop CS installed previously and recently uninstalled it to see if I can get Photoshop CS2 to install silently. Stay tuned for more meaningful results. Also, when I open up mrmb's MSI, I noticed that he did NOT remove CA_ActivationCheckLicense, which makes me more curious as to what changes he made, if in fact his MSI works on others' systems.
  19. See below for result. That's the most descriptive error message ever. Any ideas?
  20. I edited the MSI file directly to remove CA_ActivationCheckLicense from the CustomAction section of the MSI as per totoymola's suggestion above. I used Orca to do this. About to test now. Stay tuned for the feedback...
  21. A guide would be GREAT if you can make one!
  22. Here's my contribution: Elegant Blue Download Elegant Blue here.

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