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  1. Hey, I'm currently using a batch file where I copy winrar to dest folder and then run "cd C:\folder" and then "winrar <string>". I wanted to know if I can do those steps directly from vb.net (a process will only allow 1 command, right?)...the batch solution is not good at all, albeit it works. rar string: winrar U -cl -s -md4096 -dh -df -mmf -v2923 -r -ep1 -m5 -xWinRar.exe filename
  2. I just did a 'major' update, with some new very good tools, like XPize, for example. I'll try to keep it more updated
  3. Sorry for the lack of updates, doing my final exams to enter university. I've been trying to search for the topic, but I can't find it anywhere. I'll try to pm Astalavista!
  4. Hey, thanks everyone for their posts. I've been busy with exams lately so, I will be updating it again when I finish them. Thanks again for those who help me via PM and throught the posts
  5. Sure Wraith. Added that...thanks for your opinion!
  6. Thanks! Great to know Yes, I removed the link for less confusion
  7. Added ankap! Thanks for your work ! Just thought I should highlight that both the above should be referenced at ver 2.3 in your front page not 2.2 Euhm, I'm having a little hard time figuring what was the actual tool you were talking about There's Unattended Codec Pack, the Enhanced MSI version from ankap, and also Inf file and cmd by you...are they nearly the same or not really ? Thanks for the clarification,
  8. Yeah, also noticed that. Exceed bandwith Haven't found any good mirror for the pack.... @NPredator: What do you mean by 'old Format' ?
  9. Shotgun and ankap, check first post - updated! Thanks for the input. According to MHz, direct links shouldn't be on the first post, but I don't totally agree with your opinion. You're right about the issue that users may not visit the support thread, but I provide a link for it on the same reference so, it's up to them (I think). Also, it's easier for new people to just get the tool from here and then check the support thread, since they are generally a bit croaded and confusing, specially when coders post their new software version on a regular post and not on the first post. However, I could start a poll to see what users prefer Or just keep reading the comments for more opinions. Thanks,
  10. It's possible using Win PE, since it loads the drivers for it
  11. Yes, that's correct. Check unattended.msfn.org for more Winnt.sif examples or simply check the .chm (help file) that comes with SP2 Deployment Tools. Everything possible under winnt.sif is mentioned there
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