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  1. You're not gonna have much time if you're constantly playing WoW!
  2. Welcome to the forums!! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. How do you know B is coming out the end of this week? If you're sure about it, then I vote for B, otherwise both A & B
  4. Ditto. Thank you both Ctwizzy and Bashrat!
  5. This thread explains exactly how to do that: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=39048
  6. I would love to do a guide if I can get the darn thing working! Btw, the postings about Illustrator are ok since both programs use the same method for activation, store their .dat files in the same location, and make very similar registry changes. So from what I can tell, a guide for one is a guide for both, if anyone ever creates one.
  7. How's the new version coming along?
  8. Would *love* to see the updated installer for Winamp 5.0.9 soon
  9. Sounds good. IMO the link to the Inbox is the most useful non-messaging-related function of MSN. I'll use version 1. Thanks
  10. @ totoymola: Is it possible for you to make us an Illustrator CS2 MST file as well?
  11. I really wanna jump on the WinINSTALL LE bandwagon, but it seems like the latest version of WinINSTALL LE required a serial? I thought it was supposed to be a free program. Does anyone know where I can download the previous version that is free?
  12. I installed it and for whatever reason I no longer have a link to my inbox at the top of the MSN window. Is this by design or is there some way to turn it on? I looked in the Options to no avail. Anyone?

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