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  1. public class Game { /** Suggested constants for use throughout the game. To use one of these in another class, specify * the Game class first, e.g. Game.ACE_LOW_VALUE. */ public static final int ACE_LOW_VALUE = 1; // bottom value for ace public static final int ACE_HIGH_VALUE = 11; // top value for ace public static final int BLACKJACK = 21; // instant win - to go over is to lose public static final int DEALER_STOP = 17; // dealer cannot stand until at least this value /* Some suggested fields */ private Deck deck; // a deck of cards private InputReader reader; // keyboard reader private ArrayList<Card> hand; // the cards the player is holding /** * Constructor for objects of class Game */ public Game() { // initialize fields deck = new Deck(); reader = new InputReader(); hand = new ArrayList<Card>(); } /** * This method holds the game logic. The user is repeatedly * prompted to play another round. When the user has chosen to stop * playing, the final tally of wins and losses is reported. * */ public void play() { dealCard(); dealCard(); dealCard(); showHand(); } /* * Deal one card from the deck and put it into the player's hand. */ private void dealCard() { // deal card to player hand.add (deck.takeCard()); } /* * Play out the player's turn. * The player may choose to hit or stand, unless the player's * cards total more than BLACKJACK, in which case the player * is "busted". */ public void playerTurn() { // player's turn // an example of how to use the reader object: System.out.print("Your choice: hit or stand? "); String response = reader.readInputLine().trim().toLowerCase(); if (response.equals("hit")) {// process response } } /* * Calculates and returns the value of the hand. An ace is worth ACE_HIGH_VALUE * unless it would cause a "bust", in which case it is worth ACE_LOW_VALUE. */ public int getHandValue() { // calculate hand value int sum = 0; Iterator<Card> it = hand.iterator(); while (it.hasNext()) { for (Card card: hand) { int handValue = card.getValue(); sum += handValue; handValue++; return sum; } } return 0; } /* * Shows the cards in the player's hand. */ private void showHand() { System.out.println("your cards:"); // show the cards for(Card card : hand) { System.out.println(""+card.toString()); } System.out.println(); // blank line } } Card is a class. hand is an arraylist of Card. the problem is that return 10. why? when i invoked play(), it should return 30. but it return as 10. i think hardest.
  2. 1. yes 2. No 3. No, there is not any. 4.remote/network
  3. A-COMPUTER (with hp officejet v40 printer, Windows XP SP2) B-NOTEBOOK (Windows Vista Home Premium) I want to share the printer of A to B, the B installed the sharing printer and setup one. However, it can print out within A, but it can't print out when B wants to print. What is wrong with that?
  4. Wait, do you mean you do not know how to download that? http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...E4-6B57EF57EF64
  5. KB912945 -› Internet Explorer ActiveX update Download -› 4.77MB (February 10, 2006) Switches: KB912945.exe /q /n /z (RyanVM warns that people don't integrate to your Windows XP installation. However, I have not tested it by using the [GuiRunOnce] of Winnt.sif.) There is no downloading link of KB892130.
  6. You can install that update by using the [GuiRunOnce] section of winnt.sif. the update will be installed on the first logon after installing windows.
  7. Ryan, have you tested to apply this update when it is first logon after installation of Windows? I mean, use the [GuiRunOnce] of winnt.sif and don't use the integration.
  8. Microsoft public the info to let the adminstrator or manager on Thurs before patch day. Microsoft public the info of the patches on 11:00 of pacific time on patch day.
  9. There is a new non-critical hotfix... KB896344(v2) You cannot transfer files and settings from a computer that is running a 32-bit edition of Windows XP to a computer that is running Windows XP Professional x64 Edition 1.26MB http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/info.as...isplayLang%3den I don't know..because it is in Optional software updates of Windows Update v6
  10. The guide says I can delete the LANG folder, but I can't. I need them to read a Traditional Chinese. why? because I am a Taiwanese.
  11. @argon007KB885884 is just a contextual update , only for the Office XP funs . so not everybody need it . <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, i know. it is for Office XP only. However, I recommended this hotfix to be added to RyanVM's Pack.
  12. To Ryan, When I install your pack to my windows xp, Windows Update still have one update to want me to install. KB885884
  13. Wow, you reply so fast.. thanks a lot...
  14. Echo Installing Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP Start /wait Plus!\Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP.msi /qb The problem is that: 1. The space can not be recognized in Command Prompt. 2. If I rename it to remove the space, there will be an error. so, how to install it sliently? Thanks.
  15. Some CDRW have the HD Burn feature. Your Korean Friend may use those feature.
  16. I have the same problem of yours... but I just integrate the SATA drivers to Windows XP Installation CD.. and then no problem....
  17. Please change: TimeZone = 10 to: TimeZone = 010
  18. um... you burn fastest and the file maybe broken... try to set the speed to be slow..please.
  19. Did you check with the following code? [Unattended] OemPreinstall = Yes
  20. Combine 2 cd to 1 cd.. just copy the folders on CD2 to CD1 Yes, you can delete some directories (lang, support, etc.) Yes, the winnt.sif is the same as Pro.
  21. If you want to remove the size column, then there is no settings. If you want to change the view to details, you can use the regshot to see what registry key changed.
  22. It should be in application switch section. did you change the /Q:A R:N to the /Q:A /R:N?
  23. What do you mean? Do you mean SP? or..?
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