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Custom Window Etched.


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dude that looks cool as $%*!

shows your logo off brilliantly!

how about putting a small blacklight, or another blue light (the short 8" ones) on the door panel or in the bottom?

most people use 2 lights for same reasons

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yeh that is what I am thinking too but do you guys know if these light suck up that much power and spread much heat into the case?

My ambient temp was always 27C before. Now, normal is 40C.

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Not sure really, although I've seen cathode manufacturers who claim their cathodes give of negligible, if any, heat. You might find that the heat could be a mixture of :

a) The cathode itself

b) The extra heat from the drain on the PSU

Just a thought. Are you using a low-fan RPM PSU? If so, try cranking it up a little. Open up your case and feel for the hotspots, you might need to add a fan.

That said, that window would look even more beautiful with a fan in the top or bottom left corner :)

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Thanks dude. Just chilling man...now that its done there isn't much to do ...

I want to build another computer again but I want to wait until the pentium 5 to come out or something.

The heat is well insolated now... My temp is 33 C max. Even when I am running studio max with 600 000 polygons scene rendering.

Personally, I turn off the cold catholde and only turn on when friends come over or when I bring my sys to Lan party. Other wise, its off.


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It looks Sweet!

Dogg, you feel like working on my case?

As a matter of fact, I just bought this gay computer

and need to buy a case and everything.

How about, I give you $200, and you gimme

a black Antec case, premodded, with a window, and

a light, and everything?



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Lemme guess...with this AWESOME system, you

probably have a T1 line as well...lol...

Rich b0y!!!

Hehe...um...I noticed you have 2 of the WD 8mb Buffer,

120gbs....there nice...I have 1 myself..

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who said you have to be rich to have what you want?

I am deffinitely not rich, last time i check, plus, if I am rich these ain't the stuff I am going to buy. Surely I can show you a really expensive high end system (20,000 dollars system). and its not a server just a personal computer.

Secondly, I am like everybody else, who work my butt for the stuff I got. No one give it to me for free or hand to me on a silver plate.

If you want it, you can work and get it. Oh and I don't have T1 line... I do own my own modem cable with a phat pipe though.

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