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  1. Happy Birthday guys
  2. PfModNT

    Do you have a Creative SoundBlaster card, if so you might want to try reinstalling your Software/Drivers or updating them to see if it might fix the problem as that system file is associated to SB
  3. Hi to everyone at MSFN

    Thanks guys I will be here more often now, simply cant keep me away btw. I havent heard of me niether ok Desert Combat sounds good, look out for me I will be the one in the BlackHawk just about to land on your head
  4. God I havent been here for ages, this forum always looks good anyway Im going to have to start hanging around here more often (if you guys allow me ) Its good to see all the old faces around here and plenty of new ones.....Ive missed this place (still waiting to frag FthrJACK's in anything of his choice )
  5. Happy b'day Sedative

    I know Im posting this late, but happy Birthday Sed hope you had a great one buddy
  6. Sorry to hear about your arm Pia but I knew that nothing could ever keep you quiet wish you all the best for your up coming op
  7. Birthday Goodies..

    just noticed your MSFN sig Tink, I like this one a lot...very cool design
  8. The Pianist

    I thought this thread was about Jackass the movie seen it, not bad will be better on dvd so you can slow-frame the stunts and see the painful looks on their faces w00t Pianist never heard of it, sounds like something my mom would take my sister to see btw. sed just noticed your system specs are similar to mine, except I have a Radeon 29700 pro card
  9. Make Windows 95 Start Menu Look Like Xp

    You might want to give this program a try, its called Windows XP theme 2 (Peter Wilcox) its supposed to work on Win9x,ME,NT4,Win2k O/S and give them the look and feel of XP. Dont think it will give you the Start Menu of XP, but it will change most of your GUI over to look similar to XP Peter Wilcox Homepage:
  10. Desert Combat Mod 0.3 ALPHA

    Looks sick w00t , I love modding this game
  11. Whos The Best CPU Manufacturer?

    I use both, cant really pick any major advantages with either never had any problems or failures with either cpu, although my P4 runs slightly cooler then the AMB but that makes no difference
  12. Club Fire..

    350 people, gee's that is shocking news the recent Club fire was harsh enough a reality checker for me, couldnt imagine being out having a good time only to be confronted with what happened there
  13. Sad news, made tv a great place for kids
  14. Happy B'day Tinker!

    Enjoy that new Mobo and parts you got for your b'day buddy :flowers: have a good one Tink
  15. 9-11 Mastermind Arrested

    I'm glad that they have finally caught this coward, he will finally get what he deserves. btw. I would fly him in a plane over some remote waters and parachute out once the fuel level got critical, leave him to fly the remaining couple of hundred yards to Ala