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  1. Jeez...! http://www.nvidia.com Download the latest Detonator drivers.
  2. This board WILL run an Athlon 1700+ with a BIOS upgrade, the 266MHz FSB version will run on a board which supports 133MHz FSB, just not as well. I know this since I've done it myself.
  3. Not sure really, although I've seen cathode manufacturers who claim their cathodes give of negligible, if any, heat. You might find that the heat could be a mixture of : a) The cathode itself b) The extra heat from the drain on the PSU Just a thought. Are you using a low-fan RPM PSU? If so, try cranking it up a little. Open up your case and feel for the hotspots, you might need to add a fan. That said, that window would look even more beautiful with a fan in the top or bottom left corner
  4. A couple of tips : 1) Instead of using those cable ties, use insulation tape-- but put the tape at equal intervals down the cable, the interval is best if it's the width of the tape itself. This creates the effect of stripy cables, and is a good alternative to spiral wrap if you can't get hold of it or don't want to use it. If you use blue, red or green tape it looks a lot more professional and people will look in your window and see a pretty sight 2) A good way to guarantee you won't wreck your SCSI cable, is to use a thin knife, like the Stanley scalpel kind and do this: Get a magazine or neswpaper, and put the cable on it. Dig the knife into the gap between the cables you want to cut, and into the magazine or newspaper below so it's dug in quite deep-- Then all you need to do is make the cut by pulling the cable along the knife instead of moving the knife itself. This was how I did mine and it resulted in perfect cuts without getting even close to baring wire, and you can guide the cut so much easier, it's pretty much flawless. Also, make sure you make only a small cut (about 1") and then rip the cable from there-- Don't open the cable up sideways, but instead grab one side and pull it towards you and push the other side away, ripping the cable from top to bottom instead of left to right-- There's no way you'll wreck the cable if you follow these tips Hope this helps someone TDS
  5. Ideally I'd like things splitup into categories more. So you could have a section for 'Cooling', and split that into 'Chassis', 'CPU', 'GFX CARD', 'HD', and so on and so forth. Sections for things like 'Silent Cooling' and whatnot would be nice. ...but for motherboards, I'd expect ASUS, QDI, GIGABYTE, SOYO and MSI. Wouldn't buy another ABIT anything if you paid me.
  6. Yeah, I hear the actual CPU 'case' for want of a better word is no longer made from a ceramic material, and is now made of some material to offer better radiation of heat.
  7. My CPU cooler (Zalman Flower Cooler) fan, currently sucks air ONTO the heatsink, much like any other hs/fan combination-- If I want to stick an 80mm fan into the case fan areas by the cpu, does this need to suck air into the case or out of the case? I'm under the impression that having two fans doing opposite things effectively cancel each other out. What's the general concensus on this?
  8. Always the case-- It'll get patched, no doubt about it. Some leak at Microsoft will let someone know soon as possible. However, it will hopefully make things a bit more difficult and time consuming for those who use 'Warez' XP, and they might even consider buying it. Unlikely, but you never know.
  9. Well, cooling is always good-- They do say the life of a processor is increased with good cooling as opposed to 'adequate' cooling. ...but I mean, really, do any of us have a processor long enough to worry about that?
  10. Hehe, well I've done it twice on the same fan was what I meant I never learn, I'm just way too lazy. Stopping the fan with your finger doesn't count, we all do that from time to time
  11. Who's broken the fins on a CPU/CASE fan whilst poking around or attaching something whilst the PC is on and the fans are running. I have, more than once-- Just wondered who else has
  12. Hi guys, must say, nice forum, I'm new here My Athlon 1.4 (Blue Core) runs at a poxy 64ºc, however the temperature sensor on my board adds about 10ºc for some strange reason. My fan is missing 2 of the 'prongs' at the moment so that might explain it I'll repost again tomorrow when I have my Zalman Flower Cooler I wouldn't worry too much-- The reason being that the ASUS board you have adds about 10ºc to the core temperature, I think as kind of 'warning'. ASUS themselves state this is the FAQ on their website. AMD suggest 95ºc as a max out for the temperature so I don't think it's that bad. Mine hits 70ºc occasionally, and I notice no drop in performance in comparison to when my fan was working properly and I was getting 45ºc on my old (non ASUS) board. Just take 10ºc off the temperatures you get and then you're in a more accurate vicinity. The best way I've found to check this is to use a lighter, or some kind of flame. Take the fan off whatever it's attached to and try to light the flame on either side of the fan-- If you can't light it, it's blowing that way, and if it sucks the flame inwards, that's the side it's sucking from. Hope this helps.

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