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Custom Window Etched.


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case modding is really nice im gonna mod my case in 2 ways, a tri-triangel design up top, to peer down into it and a big windows for the side, and i believe ill etch a dragon into it , then tint around the dragon with some 20 percent dark limo timt,, then the last thing ill do is put a small cathlode light hidden from the side so when its lite up it makes the dragon stand out so it looks thinker then what it really is and give just the dragon a glowing effect,,, what ya think of the ideal :) btw ive already done one window mod , by etching a hand with flames on it,, with my tint /light effect.. :rolleyes:

ill try to snap a pic of it to post it soon

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naa its not that hard but it is time consuming,, the thing that takes the longest is doing a proper etch,,, as for the tinting thats no biggie, just tint from the opposite side that you etched on then, use a good exacto knife to cut around your etch,,, but if you dont want to take the time or chance of tinting around the etch you can always use a dark limo spray tint,, but if your doing it that way, make sure you make no mistakes because its not as forgiving as tint because on paint once its down its down,, but the draw back in using the paint ideal is that it wont give out a nice dark transparent look, like the tint well,,, but all in all this project is not that hard and you can complete it in a few hours if you rush, but id take my time if you try this project....

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The case I got right now is all unfed up. Got it off newegg, someone bought it for me, but I find I don't have enough room for all my stuff inside. I will be getting another soon, I hope. Anyone have a good 'how to' site for etching? I'd like to put my nickname at an angledown the side window with lights on it, Specificly small (but brught) LEDs coned so they only light up in 1 direction, not ambiant. I think it will look nice. Also the limo tint is a good idea. Got any websites that show what your talking about? I kinda get the idea, however it would help if I saw it in action.

Re: 'Cathode = heat' I have cold cathode in my system, and I see very little overall rise in temp. Although I do have a high power fan controler, with 4 case fans, including my thermal take turbine fan... That thing sucks out are like crazy. Burns at over 6000 RPM.

P.S. Repost new links to the pics, I'd like to see.

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Nice stuff everyone, thought I'd better show my last attempt at modding:

Afraid was a bit of a rushed job to get it done before i16 (UK LAN event) and in my mind unfinshed but I'm doing a new case now so it'll stay like this!

No prizes for guessing the theme or what I was going to play at the LAN!




I had the 'Counter Strike" text made in the CS font, but I think my favourite applique was the logo for Barnsley FC (uk soccer club) for a friend who supported them, had it made from a website which annoyingly I've lost the address for!

Modding can be done quite cheaply and lots of stuff for free! Depends how much time you have.

You don't have to buy mod stuff for computers other things will do too, best place to start is local DIY/hardware store lots of things can be found there. Electronics stores like Maplins or Rapid are also handy, they've now started doing lots of pc mods but you can still do the old favourite fan quitener or LEDs for a few pence compared to predone mods that are about 10x as expensive!

What it used to be:


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