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nLite - Windows reduction tool


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i got an error:

vga850.fon what i do wrong

Please help . My Windows with SP1 language Polish . I tested on Vmware.

I also get the same error. Please can anybody help me :)

By the way: my windows is dutch...

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What is the difference between my VMWare-Installation and the not Virtual Installation here on my machines?....hmmm...in VMWare i have always a very clean system; clean in the meaning of original; that means a fresh install with all Security-Patch from MS-Update, only small tweaks..really nothing big.

The real systems are much more 'modded', the most things away that makes XP so fat...driver.cab, smaller pagefiles.sys laying on other partition, all mdm***.inf's killed, Soundfiles away...and so on. The Framework-Installation everywhere gone with no problem. What the reason is that making the *.iso's under real system does not work is out of my imagination; but like said before...does not care me *smile*

To remove IE has work now after building different ISO's; perhabs it was a fault of mine. So i want to say that it wasn't said from me as critism on you or your program...i'am happy with that what the program creates. :)

Oh...just forget: I overall have WinXP Corporate SP1 german installed.

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guys guys , that is NOT what i meant!!

nuhi , i meant that i am reducing the size of my xp source, but ur tool doesnt work on win2k os, i have to use it on another computer,

try and make the tool work so that u can use it on w2k , to reduce the size of xp source! on win2k it stops at the part for building file list, and it doesnt continue

i tried on another os and it works fine

somebody else also said that it doesnt work on w2k

any way to fix it nuhi?

thx! :)

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@nuhi, i was wondering, was RyanVM's suggestion of:

EDIT: Also, are you using makecab to recompress the cab files?  If so, you can increase the compression ratio by using LZX compress.  Just put /D CompressionType=LZX into the command line to enable it.  It tends to take 15-20% off standard LZ compression and it decompresses faster according to MS. 

been implemented in the beta 2 release? thanks. :)

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@ZuluDC, don't worry, but i see that different Windows languages causes problems, that's because I never had a chance of testing those, I'll see what I can do

@shadowfla, o that, well thank you for pointing it, give me few days

Btw thank you all for compliments, I just see bugs listing and it carries me away from those nice words :)

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Found a bug.. Don't know if this has allredy been reported - but i cant bebothered to read everypost.

When i tryed to set "English (UK)" as the language options during setup it worked in "Regional Options" and "Languages" but when i came to the "Advanced" tab to change it from English US to UK (For non-unicode programs) i got an error about missing files. The files it asked for were:







Theres a screenie attached to this post of Virtual PC. This isn't a real problem coz i sopose you could just put the files manually into the iso and rebuild the iso..





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@CuBie, grrr, ok but you could at least read through header thread, at the bottom under the bugs section.

I'm currently working on a new version, this tips writing is time consuming so in couple of hours this font bug will be history

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First I must say incredible software!Thank you nuhi to do something like this!I have no time before,but today I try your software with win xp 2600 and sp2 2126.I slipstream it,then remove some stuff including IE and chosee slovenian languge.Everithing work like a sharm.I look for software like this long time,becouse I'am not expert with scipt or some other stuff.......This is great idea to made a gui like nlite.This is what I need!Remove the stuff which I don't won't.

and the size of CD is reduced to 216MB :)

You do a really good work!

for me everything work o.k!

Thank you!

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