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  1. Any help how I can solve this? Do onething....copy the boot.wim alone from Windows 7 DVD and replace it with customized windows. Is your windows is a OEM? Thanx for your answer and hard work on this program.I am replace the boot.wim from Windows 7 DVD and the setup now work!Iam customize the untouched windows,so this is not the problem.Also the Windows 7 DVD is the retail version.
  2. Thanx for all your work Ben but today I am tested this version 2 times and I have the error message which one I don't know how to fix it: This error window appear when I try to run install windows7 x86 Any help how I can solve this?
  3. Not really,so far I am use administrator account several years and no problems. I hate UAC popup windows and all other UAC stuff!
  4. Big hug for MrJinje because this guide really works! I am try with this commands in SetupComplete.cmd working like a sharm.The only one user account in control panel is administrator and guest.
  5. Hmm,maybe I do something wrong with AutoUnattend.xml because I still must type user info and the another user is still in user accounts. Can you give us some small info how we can do this setup correct?
  6. Can you maybe add some small info where I must put the AutoUnattend.xml ? So far I am not try AutoUnattend.xml o.k,I am find where
  7. I am try your instruction and I must say that works!I am look for instruction like this one for a long time! I must say that you must still write your name,computer name and then when windows boot it boot at administrator account.Then I am go to the control panel-user accounts and there is also my typing user account. So,we now we only need another script or something to delete my user account.
  8. Hey,this is a great news that someone is starting a replacement for vlite! I am not try it yet,becouse I will wait for removing components option.
  9. because of some request the fix is avalible again.
  10. because if they don't then will be fail again,like in vista.I hate it too!I really don't like when I'am working with my computer to answer some stupid guestions like -are you shure..............
  11. I really don' know why you are so negative with reply to all my post.If you don't like it ,please ignore it. I'am remove the reg file from my first post,perhaps you will feel better now.
  12. Thanx to Chris123NT for this nice one guide! Now you don't need to replace any file,just run the reg file and the gadgets will work even if UAC is off. I'am made this reg file from Chris123NT guide and work like a sharm. Fix_Windows_7_Sidebar_With_UAC_Off.rar
  13. I have only x32 and here is MD5
  14. Well,you are right MPalmz!and thank you for your support.I'am only try to get help from experience users from this forum.I know that removing stuff like IE and WMP possible made a trouble,but this is the point of Vlite to remove components from os.I know my friend Nuhi long time ago when he is just start with nlite and I'am made a lot of test with nlite and now with Vlite too.I can say that Nuhi is a great person and he is help me a lot,but now is to busy with project and personal life,so I'am ask the guestion here where every one can see and read it.If exist some solution why keep this 2 components if I never use it,but this is only my opinion.
  15. Thanx for this info,you are right.I must choose the full install.Also the K-lite standard pack work too.Now the wmv movie files and plugin work.
  16. yes,you are maybae right,but this is not what i like to know.I don't need IE,because so far I'am always delete it with nlite or vlite .Now we have much better browsers available like the bugy IE(Firefox,Opera...) All of you know that microsoft have also the windows N version and this version is without WMP ,but we need the WMP codec files too.
  17. because I never use IE or WMP and to have a smaller and faster system.For my video and audio needs I use Media Player Classic amd WinAmp.
  18. Hi! I'am remove WMP with Vlite from Windows7 and work just fine,also I'am remove IE explorer,because I'am use Opera browser for years.I'am find one complete pack of plugins for Opera made by DUHALAB,but I have a problem because the WMP plugin don't work .So,some web pages where is a movies in WMP format don't play. Can someone help me with solution how I can solve this problem or maybae which one files I must keep (protect files) so the WMP plugin will work? I'am try to install wmlite240 ,but still not go
  19. Rudi1

    First Comments

    At least they could make all those extra's optional again, like was the case up to Windows 2000. Agree 100%!
  20. Rudi1

    First Comments

    Well,I must say that is a small changes compare Windows7 and Vista.It's still Vista.True that is a little faster and windows movie maker and mail is removed,some small visual stuff is added but the DVD is still 2.4 GB big.The media center crap is still in this OS. Why Microsoft can't made a really clean OS without any other Microsoft stuff in it like IE,Bit Defender and so on,so the users have a choice what to install and use,I just like to see a clean OS and a smaller size in my disk.
  21. In my company some of computers have internet access and others no.All computers is in the lan connections.Also all computers have windows xp. I like to ask if is posible to my friend who have internet access via proxi server share his connections to me and how we can set it up?
  22. I'am made a new install with ilko_t suggestion and I keep Operating System Options-->Manual Install and Upgrade for removal in nlite and I can install windows xp pro sp2 without any problems in my EeePC.So far I'am try only pro version,so I don't know about home version,but looks like if we keep Manual Install and Upgrade for removal in nlite we can install nlited xp without problems.
  23. This latest days I'am try several xp install from Usb with wimb program and I must say that work really fine with original windows xp sp 2 pro version and if you read carefully instruction how you must do it I also try different usb keys and it work well,but I have a problem with nlited xp.The nlite xp is important for me,becouse I have the new Asus EeePc laptop which one have only 4 gb disk and full xp install take almost half of it. I like to ask if is posible to made this program with support for installing all xp version(pro,home,nlite..)? I know we can do it with boot usb and winnt.exe command,but this options take a lot of time to install. Wimb and some other guys here is made almost impossible tool .With this tool we can install windows xp like in the CD way,but from usb key,so maybae is the way for this option...
  24. I'am just fix this problem.Looks like that I'am read the instruction to fast and not see that I must in restart choose the gui mode.I'am boot again and choose usb disk and then the gui mode and the setup is continue! Thanx guys for this great tool and your work!Now I have windows xp installed to Asus EeePC from usb. Maybae you can do it just better if we can use nlited xp too.I'am not try nlited xp yet,but for shure we can save a lot of free space in this slim disk.Thanx again,you save me a lot of time and some money too!
  25. I'am made a new usb image with new version USB_MultiBoot2 and still not worked correct. I have the new Asus EeePC and I have only options to install xp from Usb disk.I'am try 2 times with clean XP SP2 disk and I'am not use any other tool like nlite!When I boot to Usb and begin to install work just fine,but when the labtop is restarted I have this error message in both try the same: Windows could not start becouse the following file is missing or corrupt: <Windows root>system32\hal.dll Please re-install a copy of the above file I just like to know why just the same xp disk work really fine when use it from CD boot,but fail in usb? I can use another method explained from Lambo,but this is to slow and it take hours to install xp to this asus toy! link:

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