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  1. Isn't there by booting from Setup-CD (when the blue screen comes up) by pressing F5 an option for installing Multi-CPU support?
  2. For me the answer is clear: VMWare
  3. @AztecMystic The website you have build is really nice and i have absolut no problem with it, when someone take something that i have written, also when some things in it are completly changed, also i give nothing on credits. That's ok..really no problem, but nlite is not my tool (infact i am absolut not able to build something like that). Your willing to share nlite shows that you love this tool like many others here and i can understand it. If nuhi finds it is the right moment to do so and welcome that all, it is alright, but the first time you ask nuhi if you can share nlite over bittorrent i thought....hmmmm Without doubt: nlite is great! But it is perhabs a little bit too early to go out to hold everyone on the world this tool under the nose because it is easy to see that there are too much bugs over in nlite for now to doing that. Every thing has 2 sides. If someone download this tool and it run like a charm then it reflects on nuhi's glory, also if a builded iso has bugs and the builder get's angry. If the tool has a longer time before to be full spread around nlite will shine in a more golden light and i hope it will come so for nuhi. I had it a little bit like Alanoll: Perhabs it is better when people grab this tool over MSFN...one side is that it is good for MSFN...the other side is that people can read the explanation of the maker himself and communicate with him (ok...the Email-adress of nuhi is visible in nlite). In the end it lay all in the hand of nuhi and i think it is better not to overrun him...he should initialisize the steps like it goes forward. I think he has enough to do btw: If i haven't my english-german translator...i am lost here
  4. I don't think that a guide is really neccessary, but it will be good to have an updated first side (the pictures because of changes, small other things...), so when someone comes in here and ask a newbie question only a small responce says all:"Read the first page here". The first site should speak clear over the basic that nothing more stays over to say about how to build an iso and such trivial things.
  5. @nuhi No problem. Make with it what you want. Drink it, smoke it, put it on the first site completly modified or kick it in the toilet...i can life with all
  6. Hmmm..seems nlite has found the way to the masses So from time to time the same questions are coming back like a boomerang. This is just a small description of nlite like i use it to build an iso (...you all can make what you want *smile*) nlite - a short description of the use Install .NET Framework 1.1 Install nlite Put an XP CD (Home/Pro/Coporate) into your CD-ROM Make somewhere on your harddisk a folder (with enough place on it) called "XPlite" or something else Copy the full content from the XP-CD in the CD-ROM into the folder (the one you have made under listpoint 4) Start nlite Click "Browse" and show nlite the path to the folder with the XP content on the harddisk (the on you have made...look listpoint 4). Nlite needs now some time to initialisize it. Click "Next" You see now Components whitch can be removed by selection. If you don't know what's behind a Selection only check what is declared as "RECOMMENDED" under the 'Item description'. Have also a look under "Language Support". Don't select your language support. On the right side on the top you can see and choose premade choices like "nlite", "Recommended",...etc. Nlite is an experimental and powerfull tool, but be sure to have always clear for the eyes that NOT ALL IS RECOMMENDED to remove. Write in fat letters into your brain what you've selected what isn't recommended before you post in the MSFN Forum. How better you know what you have made, so easyer it is for nuhi to realisize problems or bugs in nlite. Nlite creates a file called "selected.ini" into the nlite-folder under C:\programs (or where you have it). There you can see what you have selected if the brain fails :-). After you have made your choice what to remove click on "Next" I've never made some changes unter "Options" because i think the preselection works fine and nuhi knows good enough what rules. It can be that you get a heartattack if you see the preselection of the SystemFileProtection (SFC), but more advanced users want to remove SFC. For a total newbie it is not the real deal, but does a complet newbie play around with nlite....? Click now "Next" You are now under Custom file list". Öehmmmm....what to say about it without making someone angry *smile*. I have never played around that, but because of this description i have think i should do it once. My feel say to me it is to remove or keep some files like declared (or can it integrate SP2?...hmm..don't now, but don't care me ) It does not bring the result that i want. So use it or not...play around with it if you think "Options" is something for you, but don't ask me about it. I am only master in a very special technic of bore in the nose; about nlite: i don't know much. <edit> It's is recommend to read the startpage of this thread. If i had done it before i had known that a higher SP-Version could be integrated...*take my head and put it in cold water...on and on* </edit> Click "Next" Click "Start" Nlite does now the job it was made for. It builds all the modded infs or whatever to kick the fat blast out of XP. Yes, that needs some time and best is to go to the kitchen to make a coffee or snap a bottle of Coca-Cola. If the process is finished you can click on "Make ISO" and nlite ask you where to store it (if you want another name then call it like you what). Click "Save" Nlite creates now the bootable ISO that can be burned with NERO, CDR-Win or the burntools of your choice. This progres needs also some time and when it is finished you can read "Making ISO....done. All done" Your nlited now The most important point in the list: Pay nuhi a beer (but only one! Nuhi must be able to go with working at nlite) if you see him in the pub No guarantee that all works like written or show you the way to the sky. Best information over nlite can be found here on MSFN: The author's explanationsLatest development informations Be warned! Nlite can change your life, but surely it does change the size of your ISO or the installation.
  7. I have short build an iso with nlite9.3. Can't say how good it work's, but it's the first time that i realise that clicking on top on 'About', 'Start', 'Components'and so on is possible while the build-process of the ISO is running. Could be that i am blind or sleeping with open eyes but this is really a nice feature. I like that. Cool nuhi :-)
  8. @Milgathia: Thanks for posting the path to the IE reinstallation problem About IE: I have written:"...IE is only possible for my with tools like MyIE..." whitch don't mean that i have MyIE installed on my computer, but AvantBrowser is (since longer) Every Browsersolution based on the IE-Engine never will be really top-secure (ActiveX...)...there is no chance to bring me full on the IE-road. I have learned Web-Publisher...first i loved IE, but how longer i gone to scool the more i hate this browser and all the plans of MS with Web-Standarts. Javascript was here and MS created JScript. SVG has come to a W3C Standart and MS take it, bring something in and...it's Avalon. Nothing against IE, but when you try to take clean W3C-Standarts, it is not a better browser then other. Many people says:"Hey, only IE does show me all sides correct!" Surely IE is good-natured when faults are in code of websites, but it is not the job of a browser to show faults in a correct way. And that sites buildet in Word (Oh, my God!) or Frontpage mostly run good on IE isn't a secret, but the look in the code make all hairs stand up (if you haven't lost before ). Ok, perhaps it is now better with Frontpage then it was before but the rules that counts in Webstandarts are coming from W3C and not from only one concern called Microsoft. I had to stop now, because this isn't a Brower-Thread. Greetz ZuluDC
  9. @Milgathia Done this with v.9.0 (or was it 8.2?). If i rightly remember i run then in the problem with some DRM***.dlls (don't remember the right names). Reinstalling WMP works then, but i was not able to reinstall IE. I think someone here posted a workaround for that all and perhaps in v9.2 it is history because i haven't tested more till then. Perhabs i should try once more... IE can be fast like a locomotive, but it can't never be my first choice...lack of functionality. I need Popup-blocking, Multi-Tabs (oh yes! I must have this....), very easy and fast switch to no Javascript-Support, open 20 sites on one click...and so on. IE is only possible for my with tools like MyIE. And i don't want talk about security...it is not the strongest side of IE ...so i only take IE for website-test. But thanks for advice Milgathia All is good that brings more speed!
  10. @Jazz: It is very easy to understand what i am talking about...i haven't select this programs to remove but they were not there where they should be...so it seems that i have made an iso like yours but mine does not the job like it should Who knows...because of other language-version or anything other...i can't say. This fault i only seen till now 2 times...in v8.0 and v9.2. Nlite v9.0 runs since builded on a real (not VMWare) system with RAID0 and it works like a charm @nuhi: Sorry for not beeing testing much in the moment but haven't feel fine last days
  11. @nuhi: The bug with not installing IE, Wordpad and Defragmenter in nlite9.2 looks for me like it was in the hell-buggy nliteV8. Like there i have some Snap-In Problems; so i think it turns perhaps around the same code. 9.1 i haven't tested...9.0 looks nearly perfect for me. It is the same for me Rudi1...i don't like IE . I take mostly Firefox or Opera for browsing, but because of sometimes making websites it is good for me having IE onboard.
  12. <-- short back on topic to make nuhi going crazy :-) Bugs in nlite9.2 Buildet iso's with InternetExplorer, Wordpad and Defragmenter inside loose all this tools by installation, but i have seen that all is still in the folder DLLCache. I have made 2 different iso's to be sure that i don't post some bulls*** here
  13. I was not able to let my fingers away from nlite Like always short test in VMWare. I don't know if it was the Distributed Transaction Coordinator that make my beta8_second install to an fault-alert fiesta by clicking around...but now... ...i say now... ...it looks good... ...very good... ...very very good... would say: Nearly perfect!!! ZuluDC holds all thums up (...i think it is time to make a handstand once again )
  14. No problem if bug or not...till now there are laying some nice nlite-versions on my hd Jepp, i really can't see any stringfault...ä, ö, ü, double-s...all in the green area...would say: Perfect!
  15. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....JUST F O R G O T T E N!! a small click-and-crash test behind me.....it seems to be that the stringendcoding-problems is history
  16. *roooooooooooooofl* Hey, i set out one day That because here is so many thing not running like it should (i have select IE to stay onboard but he is nowhere)...so i only see 2 things: 1.) Beta8 buggy as hell 2.) It is really not my day, bringing not to open my eyes, click some thing that i think i have clicked but haven't and so on..... I think i need a small break.
  17. Is there a fault around the defragmenter? I am sure i have made that it is onboard (in prebeta8/beta8) but it is not installed...someone has the same behaviour? Then the 'show desktop' in the faststartpanel is away in both versions...
  18. I deactivate mostly all thing without the 'Not Recommend' exept Outlook Express and Media Player (IE not always), but must say that i havent seen Distributed Transaction Coordinator service is 'Not Recommend' . I think i have selected it. The '3' should be an 'ü' Building an iso now with the beta8...
  19. First the good message: Under the services the bug with the unicode (stingencoding) is away ...that meens not, that it is away everywhere You can see it unter '1' on the attached picture, but must say that now just a small not-eye-candy is over. Would be good to have an eye on '2'. I run much more in faultmessages like posted before about snap-ins. In VMWare, i have done a test with an iso without netcarddrivers on it and it was pure hate tilll i have then bringing it to the point all looks good under 'system' - 'systemmanager'. The problem was then that it only looks good, funktionality wasn't on my side (give up with that after 2 hours trying and trying). Problems with drag-and-drop and shared folder now in VMWare....hmmmm....don't know. I think it is not important to concentrate on that what i have sayed now around VMWare, because it is nearly 'a real system' but sometime it isn't (per example Ramdrives). Sooooooooo......now is the time to do once more, what other have done some post before me! We have to give you a friendly clap on the shoulder and say:"Cool work, nuhi! Great and nice tool you have created!" We should not forget that w2k was one of the most expensive pieces of software ever (...the building..) and XP ist the son of it. It stands in the same line. I think there are so many things in it in relationship, so it will be a brutal hard and nearly endless timeeating work to bring it to a point that some can say it is nearly bugfree, perhabs this point isn't reachable. We don't want to see that some bugs takes you all the sleep away and breaks your positive energy Thanks once again for sharing this very special tool with us!
  20. Unicode problem still exists (by unselecting 'Central Europe', 'Multilanguage Support (LANG Dir)', 'Service Pack Messages').
  21. I hope the final version will not become the price then it is listed now. http://www.ke-medical.ch/D/nlite.php
  22. Clicking on "OK" brings this message: Microsoft Managment Console Snap-In can't be initialisized Thanks for having tried to strip-down w2k once nuhi! (...it is standing on another paper if this tool ever will reach going public for w2k making smaller...). I love this system same as XP.
  23. Ok...another thing...some hairsplitting more It is not a bug, i think it is only because some components are not around (dereg something?, delete a entry somewhere in an inf?...infact i have absolutly no idea:wacko: ). I never have needed this...only found out throught the click & crash-method. On a important-scale between 0 till 10 it is 0 or less. The alert says: The application could not be initialisized because (DacCom) is not right installed. Install this product once again.
  24. Thanks for compliment nuhi, but it needs all of us here. Without Jazz i never had seen the Fast User Switch-problem. It is good that many people from different countrys and with brutal deep knowledge like gosh, GreenMaschine, Evilvoice and other have sometimes a look into this thread. It is always good if masses of eyes starring on one tool...it is getting better and better throught this...
  25. I don't think that we see all but i have seen some small things more. C:/windows/web holds a website if Active Desktop does crash. I think Setup can delete the files tips.gif and tip.htm (useless?) if it is set in nlite to remove Wallpaper and this things (if possible for you). For the other files (folder 'printers' and related.htm i am not sure if it is a good idea to delete it). Then i have seen that calc.chm, calc.hlp, comexp.chm and comexp.hlp are still in the 'Help' folder under C:/WINDOWS. I have activated nlite to delete the help-files. Is this perhaps by XP-Setup self that they still exists? Anyway...just very small thing...it is nearly splitting hairs when i list it....not important...just say it to make you more confused nuhi No!No! Just a joke! Take it easy nuhi. Excellent tool & great work. If language-selection brings only sleepless nights and endless work kick it. It is your life and your tool. We have to be happy with what we become, and what we see is more then cool!
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