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nLite - Windows reduction tool


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@Markymoo, great, thanx for the report, i know what's the problem.

It's the display.inf file, i'm going to remove it from parse list, it contains basic display drivers which we all update on install.

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you shouldn't have any problems with adding mass storage devices. For best results, I suggest not to remove any drivers, but that will mean that the reduction won't nearly be as much. But more drivers, less chance of XP not having it by default, but then again, you'd just download updated ones anyway. You may want to run this program on a fresh source, with no alterations. then use it, THEN add the storage drivers.

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@Markymoo, fixed.

@XtremeMaC, i hope you don't run into any problems :)

@Alanoll, I agree, it's too big for a runtime, but when i compared code in c++ and c#, i gave up on c++, but if Framework support shows as a problem I can transport it into c++ within week or two, but lets not be hasty.

For starters good night, it's 5:30 in the morning on my side of the planet

edit: @hinet, i donloaded your file, thanx, but i'll look into it later, now i gotta go, check for update in 24 hours.

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@Alanoll thats a tiny price considering what it can do.

Now you are really splitting hairs. Thats not the issue here.

It works enuff said!


good, it works.

.NET is no real problem. I'm sure when I use the program, it will be just before I format anyway :rolleyes:

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I used XPCreate to update all critical updates into xp sp1 which resulted in 610mb

I then run nLite removing all same components as mentioned in the first post and resulted in i386 dir being 270mb. Bigger of course this time because of updates included. An increase of 100mb. Installed iso and installed without a hitch. All selected components removed. :)

Used gosh's method of slimming down further it didnt make it any smaller. This must be due to the updates needed.

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@Alanoll, you don't even have installed Framework by default, now that's personal :)

@XtremeMaC, good, i'll contact you when program proves stable

@Markymoo, better think nLite, expecially Manual Install option, it removes everything what's not needed if you boot from cd (same as gosh's method but all i did was parsing mdmssys.inf, and of course keeping some of listed files)

There is a forbiden files list, i take those by reading all files in corelist.inf and some manual entries to prevent nLite from deleting crucial files.

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@hinet, I looked into your problem, and it's not in deleted file, it's in a way of reading files, it corrupts some Asian characters.

I'm solving it right now, found myself a Chinese text and replicated problem.

So, for the time being, nLite is not working with Asian languages, test only on English copies.

Going to solve this one, don't worry.

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sorry nuhi, i installed your lovely program but...but i receive this message-->

Select folder with Windows XP installation

Calculating size...Done

D:\Documents and Settings\Jedi82\Desktop\XPCD\ (403MB) (i have on my HD)

Windows XP SP1 detected (5.1.2600.1106)

Recommended to slipstream SP2

Choose Slipstream on bottom left

or configure existing version

so if i click on slipstream he ask to find an exe file but..i don't know the file, what's his name???

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