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nLite - Windows reduction tool


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@RyanVM, that's all good, i'll think about it, because it's really frustrating to wait all that recompression if i didn't select any driver.

I can imagine it would be! But like I was saying, it could be a very simple conditional to only have it do it if those other cabs exist. If not, I can always just use jdeboeck's batch files :).

Regardless, your work is to be commended! You're providing a HUGE service to everybody on this forum, so many well-deserved kudos to you :rolleyes:.

And you should be fine with the assumption of everyone using 800x600. At least I hope nobody's installing XP on a system that can't do better than 640x480 :D.

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And you should be fine with the assumption of everyone using 800x600. At least I hope nobody's installing XP on a system that can't do better than 640x480 .

I dunno. I have a system can handle 800*600, but the monitor's max resolution is 640*480. I built it so I can play Halo at school. You understand.....


Many kudo's. When it get's closer to what you consider completion, let me know, and I'll sticky it for awhile.

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wow great tool!

works well, just finished jdboeck's method for sp1

and was wondering about sp2, taken care of........

I am going to request for more control of what drivers

go or stay (need to keep some display drivers) some

day when you have time perhaps?

thanks and a hand clap for you


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@nuhi that looks a very good program. I haven't tested it yet but i have a request (if it can be done) after removing programs like media player 8, whatever version of windows messenger, windows movie maker. Could it be possible to slip line/combine the newest versions from ms eg wmp9, win messenger 5, wmm 2 plus all of the other updates like MDAC 2.8 into the new win xp install.

As we know MS has already put back SP2 until july (or later) as this will save alot of time so that we don't have to install them after through runonceex or guirunonce. etc.

here is the file that I insall of of my apps and hotfixes when they are needed (all.inf is quit long).

;Made by Gareththegod to save time installing new pcs at work;also comes in handly for new installs. Updated version includes ;updates from 11/5/04
[version]signature="$Windows NT$"
[DefaultInstall]; Anything added here will get installed if choosing RIGHT CLICK -> INSTALL.AddReg = Apps, Critical, Java, Recommended, Restart
[Apps.inf]AddReg = Apps, Restart
[Critical.inf]AddReg = Critical, Restart
[Recommended.inf]AddReg = Recommended, Restart
[Allnojava.inf]AddReg = Apps, Critical, Recommended, Restart
[Apps]HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\",Title,0,"Installing Apps."HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps001",,,".NET Framework v1.1"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps001",1,,"%01%\Apps\dotnetfx.exe"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps002",,,"Microsoft Journal Viewer"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps002",1,,"%01%\Apps\Journal.msi /QBHKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps003",,,"Microsoft Directx 9.0b"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps003",1,,"%01%\Apps\DX9NTopk.exe"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps004",,,"282784 Qfecheck.exe Verifies Hotfixes"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps004",1,,"%01%\Apps\Q282784.exe /Z /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps005",,,"Open command prompt here powertoy"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps005",1,,"%01%\Apps\CmdHerePowertoySetup.exe /S /v/qn"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps006",,,"Windows Messenger 4.7"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps006",1,,"%01%\Apps\MMSSETUP.exe /Q:A /R:N"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps007",,,"Movie Maker v2, Windows Media Player 9"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps007",1,,"%01%\Apps\WMP9_MM2_ENU.exe"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps008",,,"qfecheck after restart settings"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\apps008",1,,"rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 128 %01%\Apps\check.inf"
[Critical]; type 1HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\",Title,0,"Installing Critical Updates."HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical001",,,"823182 Vulnerability in Authentic.."HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical001",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q823182.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical002",,,"824105 Flaw in NetBIOS"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical002",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q824105.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical003",,,"824141 Buffer Overrun in the ListBox"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical003",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q824141.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical004",,,"825119 Buffer Overrun in Windows Help"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical004",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q825119.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical005",,,"826939 Windows XP Update Rollup 1"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical005",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q826939.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical006",,,"828026 WMP URL Script"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical006",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q828026.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical007",,,"828035 Buffer Overrun in Messenger..."HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical007",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q828035.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical008",,,"828741 Cumulative Update RPC/DCOM"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical008",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q828741.EXE /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical009",,,"835732 Security Update for Windows"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical009",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q835732.EXE /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical010",,,"837001 Vulnerability in Jet DB Engine"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical010",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q837001.EXE /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical011",,,"810217 FrontPage 2000 Server Exten"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical011",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q810217.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical012",,,"840374 Help & Support Center fix"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical012",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q840374.exe /Z /O /U /Q"
; type 2HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical013",,,"814078 JScript 5.6 Security Patch "HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical013",1,,"%01%\Critical\js56nen.exe /Q:A /R:N"; for 014 see [Java].HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical015",,,"832894 Feb 2004, Cumulative Patch, IE6"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical015",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q832894.exe /Q:A /R:N"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical016",,,"837009 Apr 2004, Cumulative Patch, OE6"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical016",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q837009.exe /Q:A /R:N"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical017",,,"831167 Wininet retries POST"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical017",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q831167.exe /Q:A /R:N"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical018",,,"819639 A Flaw in Windows Media Player"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical018",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q819639.exe /Q:A /R:N"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical019",,,"832483 Buffer Overrun in MDAC Function"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical019",1,,"%01%\Critical\Q832483.exe"
[Java]HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical014",,,"816093 Microsoft JavaVM - Build 3810"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\critical014",1,,"%01%\Critical\msjavwu.exe /Q:A /R:N"
[Recommended]HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\",Title,0,"Installing Recommended Updates."HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco001",,,"826942 Wireless Update Rollup"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco001",1,,"%01%\Recommended\Q826942.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco002",,,"831240 HighMAT Support in CD Writing..."HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco002",1,,"%01%\Recommended\HMTCDWizard.exe"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco003",,,"820291 New "Set Program Access..."HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco003",1,,"%01%\Recommended\Q820291.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco004",,,"822603 USB 1_1 and 2_0 Update"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco004",1,,"%01%\Recommended\Q822603.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco005",,,"817778 Advanced Networking Pack"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco005",1,,"%01%\Recommended\Q817778.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco006",,,"Q322011 You Cannot Preview a Fax in"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco006",1,,"%01%\Recommended\Q322011.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco007",,,"814995 Program Compatibility Fixes"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco007",1,,"%01%\Recommended\Q814995 /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco008",,,"Q327405 Windows XP Doc Update"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco008",1,,"%01%\Recommended\hu1002_pro.exe /Q:A /R:N"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco009",,,"Q327979 Game Stops Responding"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco009",1,,"%01%\Recommended\Q327979.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco010",,,"Q810243 DirectShow Playback Support"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco010",1,,"%01%\Recommended\Q810243.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco011",,,"821253 Update Windows Error Report"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco011",1,,"%01%\Recommended\Q821253.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco012",,,"833998 Shop For Music Online"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco012",1,,"%01%\Recommended\Q833998.exe /Z /O /U /Q"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco013",,,"837272 WMP 9 update"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\reco013",1,,"%01%\Recommended\Q837272.exe /Z /O /U /Q"
[Restart]HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\ZRestart001",,,"Restarting after install"HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\ZRestart001",1,,"shutdown -r -t 99 -f"
[strings]; Any variables you use need to be defined under [strings].RunOnceEx = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx"
[iNFO]; key below to run any thing in the runonceex without needing to restart; rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess
; The command will run the section called [XXXXX] in the FILENAME.INF file  ; 128 tells setup to NOT restart if the inf needs to restart the pc; rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection XXXXX 128 .\FILENAME.INF
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@gareththegod: i've tried this amazing app, and yes, even if you removed the bundled wmp8, msn msgr installation files, you can still install wmp9 and other updated apps... afaik, it even goes as far as installing diskeeper pro even if you removed the built-in diskeeper. :)

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I tried it on w2k. First i thought it does work but it seems to hang in a loop or something else because it never come to the point of finishing for go on then to build the ISO.

A short test on both XP-Systems at home for building a strip-down ISO wasn't successfully, but then i do all in VMWare and this works here :-).

If i put away to much languages i have this vga850.fon fault too. Creating an ISO without the security-monster IE brings me BSOD and a message about the NTFS-driver ntfs.sys, but who cares *smile*....

For the other rest exept 'Experimental' (i haven't test this in the short time) it seems to work (in vmware :D) and i must say it is an impressing tools. I think it has needed brutal many time to create this tool!

Thanks for sharing nuhi!!! :rolleyes::)

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Like shadowfla, i hope that in the near future, you can make nLite works to reduce size of a Win2K source . Look at my PC specs, W2K runs fine on my notebook.

WinXP is what we call in French "Usine à Gaz", needs too much memory and >3 GHz microprocessor to works fine. I just need to remove some useless things like NetMeeting, OE, Wab, AU, Fax, Imaging, driver.cab, sp4.cab and so on to reduce footprint on HDD.

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@FAKE_URL, ok, so that's an obvious bug, that shouldn't be hard to fix

@RyanVM, yes, silly me, no problem.

But this "I can always just use jdeboeck's batch files" is a blackmail :)

He will release his sp2 version when final comes out, that will be something, competition is good.

@Alanoll, thats great...ok, now I'm getting nervous

About resolution, I'll see now what comes up, for now i'll try to stay on present hight.

@shadowfla, I will, i see some of you want it, now don't expect it so soon, priority is that it works on xp for everyone

@bonedaddy, it's no problem, i only thought that nobody uses Windows drivers, they are quite old now, i guess i was wrong

@gareththegod, you see, thats a good idea, but it will take extensive work so don't expect it soon, if ever :rolleyes: (I think jdeboeck made some slipstream batches, and you have XPCreate for some too)

After all, slipstream SP2 and you'll get most of the things instantly

@ZuluDC, what, ie doesn't work, i tested it and it works, can you tell me your windows version

And how come you don't get the same results on VMWare and real computer, i never experienced a difference, hm


@Bilou_Gateux, ok, true, but have you tried slimmed xp with nLite, it's way faster

@XtremeMaC, yes, i will do it tonight, just got home

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could u make some sort of a documentation for what some of the components are?

what does removing

  • dvd
  • multifunctional
  • service pack messages
  • app patch
  • input method editor
  • mdac
  • oobe

also afaik u can also remove compdata folder, doesn't take much space but its not a neccessary folder....

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