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nLite - Windows reduction tool


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@Lecter, :) ... it would be great if i had help like that every time...thanx

edit: @Datalore...don't expect it to sing to much, and definitely don't report bugZ :rolleyes:

(except fatal ones, it must at least work)

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Yeah I expect I'll be able to open up explorer, but that's about it. :)

Let's shoot for a 100 mb ISO!

My report

Disclaimer: I have not read the past 30 pages, these bugs may have been reported, or they may be due to the fact that I removed EVERYTHING :rolleyes:

-No errors during nLite usage or during XP installation, boots to the desktop in VirtualPC just fine

-Iso size: 120 megs

-Windows folder size: 287 megs

-8 processes (Disabled a bunch relating to network)

-The "Backup" system tool is not removed, seems like a great candidate for removal

-The "Synchronize" tool is still there, probably could be removed as well

-Folders of removed components remain in the \Windows directory (there's probably not much you can do about this)

What exactly is the ASMS folder on the XPCD? Has anybody tried to remove it and install?

Edit #16

I used Bold_Fortune's batch files to remove more files... down now to 211 199 meg Windows folder.

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Ok, I tried again using the .94 beta (thank goodness for Virtual PC :))

Internet Explorer works this time.

The hardware tab under system properties is there too now.

I am going to play around with more settings and get back to you with bugs (if I find anything) or suggestions.

Great program by the way.


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The birth of the 50mb windows Os M$ could learn somethings from you Dev and programers and to think M$ says they have some of the worlds best Coders

can't forget you beta testers and alpha testers

RC1 is going to rock rc2 is going to be a bad Mofo and the final product is just going to Kick A$$

Good work

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I dont know if you know about this...

Run the file srdiag.exe in \windows\system32\restore

It will generate some files with settings and configuration of System Restore.

In file SR-Reg.TXT , there are the some registry settings to control System Restore.

Sorry if this dont give any help.

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Ok, I did another install, this time removing even more components than the last time (even though most were languages).

Here is my selected.ini

[Components]ApplicationsAccessibility OptionsBriefcaseDefragmenterGamesInternet GamesPinballScreensaversWordpadBluetooth SupportCamerasDisplay AdaptersToshiba DVD decoder cardEthernet (LAN)Firewire (1394)IBM ThinkpadInfraRedIsdnModemsMultiFunctionalMulti-port serial adaptersPortable AudioScannersSmartcardsSound ControllersWireless Ethernet (WLAN)SCSICommunications AppsFrontPage ExtensionsFirewallInternet Connection WizzardInternet Information ServicesInternet PrintingMessengerMSN ExplorerNetmeetingOutlook ExpressQoS Packet SchedulerWeb FoldersArabicBalticCentral EuropeChinese SimplifiedChinese TraditionalCyrillicGeorgianGreekHebrewIndianJapaneseKoreanThaiTurkishVietnameseMultilanguage Support (LANG dir)Service Pack MessagesInput Method EditorImages and BackgroundsMedia CenterMouse CursorsMovie MakerMusic SampleOld Sound Rec and CDPlayerSpeech SupportTablet PCDisk CleanupFile and Settings WizzardFrameworkHelpManual Installation (winnt32.exe support)MS AgentModem SupportSearch AssistantSecurity CenterTourUpgrade from Win9x/NTZip FoldersClipBookError ReportingFax ServicesIndexing ServiceSystem RestoreTerminal ServicesAppPatchOut of Box ExperienceDirectoriesDOCSSUPPORTVALUEADD[KeepFiles]msconfig.exescrnsave.scr[RemoveFiles]

My log file is attached.

I still don't have the luna theme. I am using the classic.

Also, I have two shortcuts in my accessories, calculator and character map. They aren't linking to anything because I guess I removed the file, but the icons are left over.

I haven't tested printer support or driver support yet. Once I get the theme worked out, I will do another test, but I won't emulate using Virtual PC,




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Probably won't help if I keep complaining, but at least I try to do something. :)

I just tried out beta.94, to no avail..

- if your nLite process hangs at Building file list, try without selecting "Manual Installation Support"
did not make anything better... *sigh*

Also, I don't wanna be rude, but the interface is quite sad at the moment. It seems not to care much for those who have problem seeing colors for instance.. and mind you I haven't changed any colors, this is the standard color set.. see the screenshot to see what I mean. Also, the combobox is out of place... :rolleyes:



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i agree with borg, paint would be a good thing 2 have removed, but i dont think it saves much room, maybe 1 mb or so, same with calc.

i have a suggestion tho

removing windows image viewer wont save much room but i like the 1 ms office has in it better :)

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