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  1. @nuhi i did not remove any of the components you said...
  2. ok thx... i will try it i deleted every time the QoS Packet scheduler
  3. sorry... i didn't understand that... what did you do? ^^
  4. bug #2 dhcp server didn't start automatically at startup see pic selected ini, same as top one
  5. windows xp sp2 prof. bug #1 see pic selected.ini: [Components] Applications Accessibility Options Briefcase Defragmenter Games Internet Games Pinball Screensavers Wordpad Bluetooth Support Display Adapters Toshiba DVD decoder card Firewire (1394) IBM Thinkpad InfraRed Isdn Modems MultiFunctional Multi-port serial adapters Portable Audio Printers Scanners Smartcards Wireless Ethernet (WLAN) SCSI Communications Apps FrontPage Extensions Internet Information Services Internet Printing Messenger Message Queuing MSN Explorer Netmeeting Outlook Express QoS Packet Scheduler Web Folders Arabic Baltic Central Europe Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Cyrillic Georgian Greek Hebrew Indian Japanese Korean Thai Turkish Vietnamese Multilanguage Support (LANG dir) Service Pack Messages Input Method Editor Images and Backgrounds Luna Theme Media Center Media Player Mouse Cursors Movie Maker Music Sample Old Sound Rec and CDPlayer Speech Support Tablet PC Windows Sounds Disk Cleanup File and Settings Wizzard Framework Manual Installation (winnt32.exe support) MS Agent Modem Support Search Assistant Tour Upgrade from Win9x/NT Zip Folders Error Reporting Fax Services Indexing Service System Restore Out of Box Experience Directories DOCS SUPPORT VALUEADD [KeepFiles] msconfig.exe scrnsave.scr [RemoveFiles]
  6. @hoTy3k did you have removed the background images and those things?
  7. feature suggestion: -component: paint -component: calc -component: paint now i try it with the german windows xp prof. sp2 and 94beta...
  8. @MCT I didnt't removed any of these components...
  9. I found the error with the rpc... the dhcp client didn't start automatically... ? WHY?
  10. @nuhi Not in Virtual Machine...
  11. nobody an answer 4 my question?
  12. feature suggestion: -removing the built in windows zip support
  13. i reduced my windows xp prof. with sp2 and get the following network error in windows if i type ipconfig in the cmd: rpc server could't startet (that's a translation from german...) could not connect to the internet or the network... the network protocols and the network adapter is correctly installed...

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