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  1. Hehe nice, never heard of that, thx for the message . Nothing beats a free meal. That'll bring back a bunch of memories
  2. Hehe, I play halo at good fps with a stupid Geforce 3 TI200. Now that one is even a lot more crapier then what you have and the game still looks decently good (1024*768, of course not everything open). I haven't defragged my system in... well, since I got it... and that's about three years now (AMD 1800+, 512ram). Even farcry is well playable, maybe you're just too demanding on the graphics side for your 9200 and then of course getting a card like a 9600xt or a 9800 pro will make a lot of difference. I'd go for the 9800 pro though if I was you
  3. it WILL play, but it'll look like crap I'd go for a athlon64 3Ghz, they are getting affordable and along with a 9800pro you can't go wrong. If you just wait a bit, the price of those cards will drop well enough... Athlon 64 also runs cooler then it's Athlon/Pentium equivalent. The performance gain between a 64 and a 64 fx is next to nothing compared to the extra bucks you put in it. This will be my next config after I get my money from my vacation job . And then it'll be put into extra ram.
  4. @tk_9630 that's just why I don't remove that option . You'll have to boot from hdd after the text setup has completed. The only "workaround" I see is take out your cd while your pc boots after setup has copied the files (the 2nd boot).
  5. ehr, don't delete - network drivers - QoS Packet scheduler That worked for me...
  6. bOrg, I had the dhcp error too, I just left in the Network drivers, QoS packet scheduler and everything worked fine after that...
  7. Well, I guess I'll just confirm all of the above . VMware all the way, it was just way easier to config and went a lot faster then VirtualPC.
  8. k, I'll stop sending it around till you say when I can send it around again . It's just that it's so great , anyhoo, I'm of to try out 0.94...
  9. I posted the torrent on a few sites and you can't imagine what "dumb" questions I got... Maybe the step by step one is a bit overboard but I just didn't want to waste ZuluDC's efforts . But the rest of the guide is imho not unnessecary...
  10. nLite9.3.rar nLite_installer9.3.exe changelog.txt howto.html
  11. For those who want a howto/step by step guide, and version history included. I made a little package . edit: removed until links actually work hehe
  12. My 9.3 gives this: Controls enabled Calculating size...done D:\XP (617MB) Windows XP SP2 build 2096 detected Press Next to select components for removal and adjust the settings Click Start to begin reduction Just keep clicking next, nothing to it...
  13. WOW! Super Thx for helping me get rid of the headache XtremeMac edit: Eh, one thing, If I don't set any switches to 1, nothing installs? Or are all components installed by default?
  14. My kaspersky 5 didn't need a reboot after install, so I guess the /N won't bee needed anymore...

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