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Compiling ACPI v2.0 driver for Windows XP SP3 and Windows 2003 SP2 (x32/x64)

Mov AX, 0xDEAD

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9 hours ago, K4sum1 said:

For intelppm.sys, wouldn't you need to update checksum for Windows to accept the driver? Or is this a only a post-Vista behavior?

Might only be Vista+, I just hex edited the driver replaced it and it works great !

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On Mon Nov 13 2023 (GMT+0000) at 4:01 PM, K4sum1 said:

Same issue with another Dell Broadwell laptop, this time the E7250.


Anyway to fix pls

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2 hours ago, K4sum1 said:

Anyway to fix pls

I got this error on a Dell Inspiron 15 3542 laptop with Haswell, even with modded ACPI. The ACPI.sys I tried was given to me by K4sum1, and I know it works properly, as I've used this successfully on my Acer Aspire A315-21 (long gone). The BIOS is American MegaTrends APTIO Setup Utility. UEFI is disabled, Fastboot is disabled, USB is plugged into USB2 port... I know XP works perfectly on Haswell as I've gotten it to install with no ACPI mods needed on my long-gone Inspiron 3847 desktop tower (I'm wondering if a few of those were originally made with Ivy Bridge before they stuck Haswell in them. I know they have a few with AMD inside).

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