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Instagram : Some coutries are in favour. Help to get clean ranges of IPs.


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Hello fellow members .

As some of you already know , Instagram went totally nuts and tighten up their security lately . The levels are insane . Just a couple of examples from MSFN topics.

Members reporting not working videos :


From a French member :

"all my browsers don't work (get loggin page) after getting this login page in one of my browsers..."

"New surprise to me: I get the login page after 3 times reloading page ..."


I am also having the exact same problem , even now , when I had to purchase a "good" VPN . A very funny discovery just came to my attention : Instagram favours IP addresses from some coutries , such as Russia and similar !!! Who would have thought !?!? 

From my real IP I get the login page after the 3 times of reloading , just like @msfntor, but if I switch to a russian IP - voilà : no more login crap  !!! The problem is , this VPN service doesn't have some IPs constantly, so it's not a good solution . And as of now, it got worse, I can't even login from my real IP anymore !

Please help to find clean proxie lists . All well-known VPN solutions do not work . Instagram knows about them , obviously !!! 

Thank you all !


A side note , it doesn't have to be super secure , ordinary proxies would do just fine . Instagram already knows about me and my IP.

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  • Tripredacus changed the title to Instagram : Some coutries are in favour. Help to get clean ranges of IPs.

I don't know nothing about proxies..

So watch this explications on Youtube:

Russian Proxy - Quick Guide

- so attention with Russian proxies!

Symantec: Russian criminals sell Web 'proxy' with backdoors Anyone who thought they were downloading Web proxy software was instead installing a Trojan horse tied to a Russian black hat operation.https://www.cnet.com/tech/services-and-software/symantec-russian-criminals-sell-web-proxy-with-backdoors/

etc. etc. links if you search for "russian proxie lists Russian server"; I've searched with 

https://private.sh/ or 

http://www.frogfind.com/ or 



...then found this free proxy MyIPHide, which has Russian server too: https://myiphide.com/free.html - is't some camouflaged advertising only?..not sure, I'm trying to help you

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3 hours ago, msfntor said:

Web proxy software was instead installing a Trojan horse tied to a Russian black hat operation

Dear @msfntor, I was talking about proxy lists (just a text file) , not about software . I wouldn't use any russian software , but thanks for the warning .

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6 hours ago, Tripredacus said:


Be aware of forum rules against politics. Your post and title has been edited.

I understand , but these days everything is so overstuffed with politics so you could easily delete this whole topic and be right ! Please tell , blocking French IPs is not politics ? BTW, the word communist is official , it's in the name of CCP (communist party of China) , the ruling party . "Soviet of the Federation" is the top ruling structure of Russia . Meaning their government is soviet (which is the same as communist , no ?) . They like to translate it to "federations Council" to hide(mask) the real meaning , but the translation is wrong ! The real name is still sovietEven their twitter is SovFedInfo. I'm not trying to argue with your decision , just letting you know why I wrote this . Facebook bought instagram , right ? Multi-billionaire Usmanov (born USSR)  is the main shareholder of the Internet holding Mail.Ru Group , also one of the first investors in the shares of the social network Facebook. See ?


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communism everywhere
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So with using OpenStreetMap Moscow coordinates, found: 55.6053,37.6589 for this example: https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?whereami=1&query=55.6053%2C37.6589

Then note these coordinates in your "change geolocation" extension - could be that easy? ...


Restart page, change your map, then click "where is this?" link...


For London: 51.5011,0.0080 https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?whereami=1&query=51.5011%2C0.0080

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It has be a list (say 100 proxies), I want an automated process . As soon as the proxie blocked , the software will replace it . I have the software already. It allows me to insert a txt list and then scans them using a specified website to remove non-working . 

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I've been using some time ago the Browsec VPN extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/browsec-vpn-free-vpn-for/omghfjlpggmjjaagoclmmobgdodcjboh?hl=en-US



Used too UltraSurf free soft, with USA address only, and portable Web Freer browser (with malware maybe?). I've NEVER used proxies list.

ProxFree proxy: https://www.proxfree.com/

Megaproxyhttps://www.megaproxy.com/ -nice this one

To see browser HTML5 geolocation feature: https://www.w3schools.com/HTML/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml5_geolocation

Detect ISP proxy tool: http://whatismyip.network/detect-isp-proxy-tool/

So visibly nothing you could be interested...:boring:


Two "change geolocation" extensions doesn't work?..

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NEVER used proxies list.
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20 hours ago, D.Draker said:

blocking French IPs is not politics?

It would not be my first guess, no. Having previously worked in large networking environments and seeing the behaviours of people/corporations, these things just happen. Certainly they happen for the wrong reasons... aka we should have all learned by now that blocking IP addresses is a waste of time and should only be used as a last resort*. Yet companies still do it. The reasons why things get blocked is for various reasons. Sometimes there are automated systems involved that get overzealous. One example that I am sure you are aware is instances where emails from x domain either get blocked or filtered into spam for no apparent reason. Like the multitude of times that people with hotmail emails could not send or receive to other emails because hotmail was also being used by spammers, and poorly designed security products would block the domain. Having had worked in an ISP I had seen multiple times the automated anti-spam system blocking entire domains. Now whether an IP is being blocked or a domain is unknown to the user. It is also unknown to the user what is actually doing the blocking, especially with the overly bloated websites of today with 20+ external scripts, some of which are required for rendering a page properly. Any one of those could be blocking an IP range, a domain or any other various thing for a multitude of reasons.

* There does not seem to be any public post besides some anecdotes regarding the time we blocked the entirety of Poland over 10 years ago due to relentless spam.

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Tripredacus , thank you for the explanations . I also met some very weird persons from Poland on here , that wrote border line posts. Spammy , annoying .

We still have no solution , though . Yesterday I went to another place and hooked up with their free wi-fi. Tried to login from another French IP , I got completely blocked ! Now they want me to send a video with me holding a yellow star with my ID written on it to "unlock" my account.

@msfntor, thank you , but unfortunately nothing helped , also Browsec is a russian (read KGB) company , just so you know. Like I said , I only need proxy lists , no software needed . And what about you ?

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