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  1. Cool, thanks. Are there more tweaks (just curious)? Are those settings (or at least some of them) specific to SIB or are some of them more general and taken from the Windows UI settings somewhere else in the registry? Because I could imagine that "EnableShadow" for example could also be applied to other Windows UI elements somewhere else in the registry.
  2. The settings for SIB are stored in the Windows registry in this path: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack". I know that some registry tweaks exist which are not listed there in the registry after the first/clean installation of SIB, for example "StartPane_JumpListWidth" or "StartPane_LeftWidth" (I got those two some time ago from one of the developers). Where can I find a list of all the possible SIB registry tweaks? Thanks!!!
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