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  1. Great for Windows 11 to have StartIsBack++ so users have a possibility to Fix all the mistakes from Developers Because iam have to Stay @ Windows 10 with also many mistakes by Developers there is one thing that after tryed StartIsBackTBD i found as ++ against StartIsBack++ thats the Explorer Search Function . Dont know but there must a easy way also for Windows 10 to bring back Legacy Search like in Windows Server 2022 or in Windows 11 with StartIsBackTBD . . . but wich . Personal i had to search 2 Years for the Fix to bring back the Legacy Touch Keyboard after the Kiding one after Windows 10 1703 for ( Example: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\TabletTip\1.7] "DisableNewKeyboardExperience"=dword:00000001 ) and now @ near Day i have the same with Damn Windows Search in Explorer . . . and hey one they Bright side of live i have to find that in Windows Server 2022 there is a Enviroment wich is Usable but not for Creativity more for that whats @ Server is Indicated . . . not called the avaibility for a profane end user like me How will it possible to find out of this mud ? Sorry maybe for wrong area !
  2. will it Possible Resize the Startmenu a litle “ Byte” custom ) For settingsmenu i can use a Software called “ ResizeEnable” to be found on www.digitallis.co.uk THX StartIsBack
  3. 0k maybe for DEVOLEPER . . . Folders dosn´t show Pin to Startmenu . . . right ?
  4. My Workaround : Grab Item hold Item push Windows Logig key on keyboard so thats open StartIsBack and track grabed Item in StartisBack - Startmenu .

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