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  1. there i fixed a link (ik its probably not work on UK or other countries) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZxAGfPnqJbZhZWJtRdwltwxPG5i7iMzM/view?usp=sharing
  2. I found a way to fix the iTunes login error NOTE: This tutorial may required to install all Windows updates and TLS 1.2 updates for IE9 first. WARNING: Doing this will causing applications such as Ripcord will cannot connect to Discord at all (Please read it below to fix it too). and don't worry, This is not VPN at all, it's only a proxy to forcing connections to TLS 1.2 Follow this instructions: 1. Download the proxy from this site (i recommended to visit this page with Adblocker): (This link may not work for all user) https://www94.zippyshare.com/v/0gOGv38Q/file.html Mirror (if you are in UK or incase link doesnt work): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZxAGfPnqJbZhZWJtRdwltwxPG5i7iMzM/view?usp=sharing 2. Extract 2 folders ProxHTTPSProxyMII_CertIns_Windows and ProxHTTPSProxyMII_REV3a_UPX. to C:\ProxHTTPS (create it) RAR Password: D$BYzI42P&h6K§vM9VCj5b1%vA7"y9KeU3n3h29Tr 3. Then go to ProxHTTPSProxyMII_CertIns_Windows and Run ProxHTTPS Cert Install.exe and wait for few seconds 4. Then go back and go to ProxHTTPSProxyMII_REV3a_UPX and Create a shortcut to ProxySwitch like this: Then add A at the end of the target. Run the Shortcut to ProxySwitch.bat And wait for it close for few seconds. 4.5: Fixing Ripcord When i trying to login to Discord, it's refusing the connection without any error, to fix this: Open config.ini file and add: discord.gg discordapp.com gateway.discord.gg below [SSL Pass-Thru]. Screenshot: Back to iTunes tutorial: 5. Run ProxHTTPSProxy_PSwitch.exe (if you see Windows Firewall message, Unblock it) then Create a Shortcut for ProxHTTPSProxy_PSwitch.exe and Put it on Startup Folder: DONE.
  3. I just fixed Chrome to get Aero Glass working: By setting Compatibility Mode to Windows 8 or Windows 7. Before (Aero Glass already installed but): After: Older version of chrome (etc... version 49) Does show aero on Windows 10 without Compatibility Mode, but newer have to set Compatibility Mode.
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