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Windows 11 First Impressions


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I don't pretend to know how Microsoft implements telemetry (and I'm not sure what @aviv00 meant by saying he "added only dns dhcp and firefox". I just know Microsoft has publicly stated that Windows has a keylogger and other telemetry tools. My suspicion is that this is not a constant network exchange between a user's PC and MS but, rather, takes place, periodically, during OS updates or other network communications such as the Cortana, Edge browser, WMP and other Microsoft software that require network access. I have uninstalled those culprits but still, even before, I log on, I can sometimes see activity over my NIC that I am not initiating and that my LAN is not triggering. Like I said, when I see a connection I don't want, I try to shut it down. I've got my PC much quieter than right after my clean install but there's still work to be done. As I said in my earlier post the files svchost.exe, winint.exe, dashost.exe and ntoskrnl.exe maintain near constant network connections, although for the most part, now, it's mostly with other LAN deivices such as printer's etc.  @NotHereToPlayGames, attached are my 49 deactivated services, your mileage may vary.


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9 hours ago, BYTE-ME said:

added only dns dhcp and firefox

added rules to allow them to go outside to network \ internet

as u can see everything is block if there no explicit rule that allow them


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@aviv00. I don't doubt your screen shot. But I would suggest you check your router's logs as well and/or install Wireshark to track actual bytes going in and out of your network. This 2016 article suggests Windows 10 sends data every 15 minutes to transmit the contents of %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Diagnosis folder but that may have changed since the article was published.

. . .PS, apparently the %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Diagnosis folder can be deleted:cheerleader:! So I've written an Autoit script to do that and crearted a scheduled task that executes every 15 minutes! No harmful effects, so far. Wow, I'm sure MS is going to close that hole. But victory for now...


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On 11/21/2021 at 12:30 PM, aviv00 said:

"that thing allows SYSTEM processes and KERNEL to access net without giving you option to block"

u sure about that ? any link for more info about


yes, i use older ver, and it doesn't allow me to block system files like kernel, svchost and such...

tho i use win7 so i'm not worried, but we talk about 11 now so ... ...
and win firewall control depends on win firewal ...

AFAIK only "tiny wall" is independant/stand alone

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Well, there goes any chance of me trying to upgrade to Windows 11....

I also have still resisted the upgrade to Windows 10, and still use a combination of XP, 7 and 8.1 for anything I can't do with macOS, which isn't much nowadays, to be honest).

XP and 7 may be out of support and "unsecure" by modern standards, but I like how they work (especially XP), and locking them down so that they're relatively safe isn't that hard to do.  The only notable obstacle, I've found, is finding hardware they'll actually boot on (VMs are okay for light stuff, like testing software and such, but there is no substitute for real hardware if I want to do anything more resource intensive).

That being said, any Windows before 10 will someday no longer be viable for any modern purpose, so I'll have to just give up on Windows altogether when that happens.  At this point, I'm already mostly using macOS anyway, so fortunately, it won't hurt much, though I have similar qualms about Apple too (while they're not nearly as bad as MS (indeed, of all the major Tech companies (MS, Google, Facebook, etc) Apple is actually among the least offensive and most privacy sensitive ones), I nevertheless don't trust them 100%, if only because they're so big).

I'll keep watching from the sidelines, but I don't think I'll be doing anything but experimentation on an unimportant backup machine or VM, if I do decide to try Windows 11.


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36 minutes ago, TylerTT said:

because the performance on my Ryzen 5 2600x was crippled 

I had same issue on my lab setup also running ryzen. Microsoft did release patch but when I installed it same issue still. I experienced high cpu usage and slowdowns that did not exist win10. It was known issue according MS and maybe there is patch but for me going to buggy beta software is not worth it. At the end what super impressive to end user MS has brought after win7? For me only recisting more freedom and control over my OS (That actually started on windows 98)

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