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Trying to get modern game clients (Steam, Origin, and others) to fully work on Vista (Extended Kernel)

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The best I can come up with is going to application verifier x86 and adding these files from the steam folders in program files and program files (x86):





then going to application verifier x64 and adding these:




For each one, go to Compatibility on the tree to the right of the file lists and check HighVersionLie. Then click on it and type 6 in major version, 1 in minor version, 7601 in build number and 1 in service pack major. Then "OK" and then save on the main window.

A hex edit may also be needed for steam.exe, steam.dll and steamservice.dll if Steam starts complaining about the OS version:


You can use an hex editor like HxD. Search for a sequence of bytes that goes

6A 00 6A 01 6A 06

And change the 6A 01 to 6A 00.

And use this so it doesn't react to the files being modified:

And someday, I'll find a way to make Vista NT 6.1 so none of this will be needed.

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