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  1. I have checked today and it looks like the domain likely went unpaid or was cancelled, as glass8.eu is now not a valid domain name. We have not heard from bigmuscle since July 2020, so its officially at this point safe to assume that Aero Glass is a dead project. There are replacements available, however, like Windowblinds and MicaForEveryone, which MFE is open-source so it will probably receive updates as long as the community is interested. o7 Aero Glass, 2013-2022
  2. They will probably return with a (spoilers of the last episode) "Good news everyone! I have discovered that we are living in a time loop!"
  3. Nothing much now. Some are on hiatus like TOH, R&M and so but I have picked up some new ones, like Helluva Boss. Futurama is coming back somewhere in 2023 so thats exciting.
  4. You probably would much rather just put the Win7 install.wim into an ISO of a Windows 10 installer, replacing the file. Afterward, there is a extended XHCI stack backported from Windows 8 available that you can import into the install.wim index using DISM or another tool. The stack is here: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/usb-3-xhci-driver-stack-for-windows-7.81934/
  5. end of life for the 21H2 version. i believe its 24 months for consumer versions, 36 for business versions
  6. 25xxx builds are out and so far no sign of this feature, however, Micaforeveryone allows you to enable it in 22H2 and later, although it is slightly buggy but it has been getting better. No support for Windows 10 as it still uses more legacy parts of DWM on the title bars. Seems like if you want at least some form of Aero Glass nowadays, 22H2 with micaforeveryone or other aero projects is where its at, as Aero Glass for Win8+ is abandoned.
  7. id like my username to be changed Tonny52 -> sunryze my old username reminds me of bad times i had in the past and i dont want to use it anymore. my new one has an actual meaning as well. Thank you!
  8. I don't care if its permanent DST or not. I just want things to stop changing, as many people here said. Although the change has not been an issue for me but more of an issue of my body clock. My alarm clock next to my bed has an auto DST (which can be turned off) so its not really an issue. It's only really just the times im sleeping get messed up for a few days, the stove and the microwave. Nothing else has problems.
  9. Dang, I really wish I could know as well because thats one thing I really wished I could get working. I've tried things but nothing has worked. I'm not sure how it would be against the rules here...but you could ask an admin here or something. Maybe PM it, but id ask the admins first if youre skeptical.
  10. As long as the apps are kept up to date as you said, those are the main entrypoints that malware will try to break into. Another thing would to protect it from network situations, so setting Windows to the "Public" network type is a good step. Interestingly, Defender on these older versions still gets definition updates so the antivirus still works, but it doesn't have some of the new tamper protection features. You could try and throw LTSB 2015 on it if you really wanted security updates, but as you said you don't want to mess with it. 1511 doesn't support modern .NET so if all she does is use office and chrome then it will work for a loooong time.
  11. Some new information on Windows 11 "Aero" title bars. With an app (MicaForEveryone) you can enable an experimental DWM flag that gives Acrylic title bars to some windows. you also have choices for tabbed or mica. Acrylic looks really nice.... With "ExtendFrameIntoClientArea" turned on:
  12. Yeah, Windows 7 is still considered a major operating system right now. It may not be supported, but there are still a lot of computers out there on 7. Not as much as 10/11 in the personal world, but commonly businesses and Embedded devices especially. Doesn't top how many Linux powered devices there are though. Linux-based things rule every market except the personal desktop space.
  13. Some interesting news is that I posted this over in the Windows 11 part of this forum, but Ill do a TLDR here since it relates to Aero Glass. There is a possibility that the next major insider Dev build this week will include Acrylic title bars out of the box, implimented by Microsoft. It was "shown" in a PowerToys stream. We'll see if this actually goes through this week. Build in specifics was 2505x related
  14. Recently in a Microsoft PowerToys livestream, they were showing off some things with it, but the build they are using in the stream was 22540, a build expected to release to insiders next week as 22H2 has been finished basically. At that specific time, you can see it on the run box. Here is a Windows Central topic for it: https://www.windowscentral.com/microsoft-readies-app-folders-start-and-more-features-insiders-windows-11 IMO, I am pretty hyped for this right now. I loved the aero part of Win7 so I am very hopeful they actually go through and add it back, because it seems to exist in 22540. (or 22543, dunno what build in specifics)
  15. Is there an x86 version of this? I want to run it on my old 32-bit laptop to apply LTSC to a different partition, it has problems booting Windows normally and somehow I got 1903 working on it 3 years ago.
  16. No, its not GPU scheduling. It's just a dwm update which, in my case, my primary monitor is 165hz, and my secondary is 75hz. When a window is being moved between the two, or content is being rendered on the slower one, the primary will get slowed down to the secondary speed. Now, the primary stays full speed and the window rendering still happens at 165hz, but the secondary just can't display it at that speed. It makes Windows just seem to run smoother, nothing else than that.
  17. I gotta say that my views on periods of time can get a bit skewed based on where my thinking is. I constantly thought that "ever since Windows 10 was out that everything was bad" in which yes, that is true in some circumstances, but I can take a look at different things. Lot's of pretty amazing things (or amazing to me) came to exist during 2015-2021. I'd say an actual built-in dark mode was a nice feature, DWM fixing multi-monitor refresh rate difference issues, and interestingly, not having a single corrupt file on my Windows 10 21H2 install after just two weeks, which yes is not much time, but previously I would start having sfc /scannow detect issues. Nowadays, I don't have that. Possibly because of how many updates 1904x.x has gotten. Who knows.
  18. How exactly do you guys get the OS Spoofing working on Vista? I tried that file with a global config and it didn't work.
  19. I would sure enjoy something faster than a 970 like a 3060 Ti or something. Too bad you can't find them. At this point I might just wait until 2022 or 2023, then just grab a new prebuilt from NZXT or use their BLD thing. That would also be the time when I move to Windows 11, unless it gets fine in my book by then.
  20. Interestingly, this problem happens on 7 as well. Seems to be an issue with Aero in general. I think Firefox does that on purpose to try and emulate Acrylic or something on older versions.
  21. I could probably code some batch script for that. I don't have any Win7 systems or Alder Lake systems, but one day I will and I will probably need the batch script for Win10 as I plan to stick with 10 for a while. I'll have to look it up. Do you happen to know what cores are P and E cores? And what programs in particular should be running on what types of cores? I think there should be tier going on here. The Win11 scheduler automatically chooses which area of the CPU to put what apps depending on their resource usage. Microsoft actually has a document about setting affinity via the command line. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/archive/blogs/santhoshonline/how-to-launch-a-process-with-cpu-affinity-set
  22. So 11 has been out for a few months so I wanted to give an update here. People have been seen to have been able to get 11 working on systems as old as Athlon 64 3500 era (Which came out in 2004!) so yeah, the hardware requirements are complete BS. Other than that, the OS has been gaining marketshare pretty fast on AdDuplex, which gets its numbers from UWP apps. So, a fast release. I've tried it on some of my systems over the past few months and I have some information to report. The new UI is, okay, I guess. It's different, definitely different, and loses a lot of features from 10, but hopefully they remain for Win11 22H2 next year. Windows 11 won't be a dire upgrade, but it will be one that is here to stay. Personally, I don't really like it. But I guess that is because I was with 10 so long, but it really is just 10 with a skin, especially how you can just revert back to the old UI with StartAllBack or ExplorerPatcher. This is what my laptop looks like on Windows 11, with only explorer patcher and a few registry values.
  23. Yeah, I have pretty much cut out anything old in my decisions and I guess I'm fine with that. As said, I can tolerate modern vers of 10 and even 11. All I do is turn off all the privacy stuff (sure, there is stuff still enabled, but whatever, I use Google services and have my phone signed in to my Google account) so ill probably stick with the Win10 or 11 that I have been slimming down over the last few years.
  24. Deltarune and Undertale both work on the Extended Kernel. I had to rename KERNEL32.DLL.OLD to KERNELOL.DLL in SysWOW64 though.

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