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On decommissioning of update servers for 2000, XP, (and Vista?) as of July 2019

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I once took care of .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 (offline installer) and 4 Full (offline installer) inlusive language packs.

Net Framework.txt

All download links are available at the Wayback machines!

Incidentally, I can contribute the file "WMEncoder.exe" for German (DEU), unfortunately resting at the moment still on my HDD.

At KB951830 it looks very modest too!


Edited by heinoganda

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Excellent work!

Has anyone managed to get the WU website *itself* on the Wayback machine in some form? Perhaps if someone were to reverse engineer it somehow, it can be used to download updates in the future?


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On 6/13/2019 at 11:35 PM, heinoganda said:

If there is interest in the update collectors on a corrected KB4494528 (Update for MSI 4.5 from April 2019, the file msi.dll was not registered correctly). Available for all language variants. The updates can be requested from me by PM. 

One can be dumb and still achieve success by being surrounded by good people.

After all, I decided not to install fixed installed from heinoganda, but re-register DLLs as per older instructions and windows live essentials installed :)
Hints I used: https://msfn.org/board/topic/171814-posready-2009-updates-ported-to-windows-xp-sp3-enu/?do=findComment&comment=1162234

So, I have downloaded all Windows Live essentials offline installers from the links provided by Heinoganda, with a bit of help from Wayback Machine... with an exception of pt-pt, which has not been archived, sadly.

I t also showed another update: Bing bar: http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/software/svpk/2011/12/bingbarsetup-partner_830306fc16a3030de59d1108a59211391e98e0b4.exe
I don't think it's much useful now, but I downloaded it for the sake of completeness... Nothing happens when I double-click it, but rebooting the PC makes it show in Internet Explorer, so, after all, it works :)

Attaching updated file with list of updates (SP2, Bing Bar, and Wayback Machine links to Windows live essentials 2009 offline + ES link to WMEncoder posted few posts ago :)

On 5/31/2019 at 11:45 AM, ED_Sln said:

Links to Service Pack 1 is already inoperative. 

If you have those links, I might go through Wayback Machine Looking for them.


Also, for the sake of completeness, I'. trying to put MSE into it's finest on XP.

As for .net, I used abbodi's installer as suggested earlier. I am not certain about few things, asked my doubts here, but no answer... maybe if any of you can speed up by answering, here's the link: https://repacks.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=26&start=90

For the sake of completeness, I'd also need everything for Microsoft Security Essentials Archived, but I just ended reading this: and I am a bit confused. right now... but briefly looking for everything I can potentially ask @heinoganda already have answer :)


On 6/17/2019 at 4:15 AM, PCDW_386 said:

I'm glad to announce that, of the 5624 links present in the Updates.txt file (w/o counting the KB955704 exFAT and AppLocale ones, see here), 5623 have been saved on the Wayback Machine! :thumbup

That's suuper-good :D but, once all is finished, having a file with all the links to Wayback machine would be also cool, as its search engine is slooooowww...

XP Updates2.zip

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9 minutes ago, Mcinwwl said:

After all, I decided not to install fixed installed from heinoganda

Sorry that I have offered you a reasonable solution for KB4494528, a corrected KB4494528 Update.


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23 minutes ago, heinoganda said:

Sorry that I have offered you a reasonable solution for KB4494528, a corrected KB4494528 Update.

No worries, pal, you'll make it up next time ;)

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XPS Essentials Pack (All available languages! The installer of the same name contains a respective MUI file.)


https://download.microsoft.com/download/e/2/c/e2c739fe-d76b-48ab-9fb7-f0b4652e7306/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/9/e/0/9e04afa8-7448-4cf5-9544-70016c88efac/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/f/1/0/f1094686-3ede-4579-ab82-172ea8d64b20/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/1/0/3/1039a0fd-c785-47f2-9a59-23d11f47b120/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/4/d/a/4da15997-b0de-405b-ad46-614b4d4c35f5/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/3/e/0/3e098147-e745-4d46-b533-89397168488a/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/2/5/2/2526f55d-32bc-410f-be18-164ba67ae07d/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/0/0/e/00e63d6b-bb37-47cb-a879-8497131f7eec/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/2/9/3/2938d061-cbf6-4135-8d12-313f3f9a7a3d/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/f/1/1/f116ec3a-1764-4fdf-81c8-0edfc4763038/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/b/c/5/bc5e0ca7-9da5-4ee4-b9e1-787985fec387/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/d/1/d/d1df400a-1864-4397-8e41-9b19cd951b2f/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/5/2/6/52621179-5263-4ffc-95e0-38c8eaebd200/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/7/b/8/7b8aba60-1413-4e30-bd81-2ee06f470797/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/8/d/6/8d6d7391-09e6-4708-9813-6454bbec4a14/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/5/5/e/55e1ecb6-e226-41fc-97e0-cad7fbdc1a65/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/f/f/8/ff8915b7-28c5-490b-a575-02abe394f9bf/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/2/e/3/2e3f16dd-347c-4d59-9874-3b6806342336/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/f/2/3/f2317c19-e909-49ae-9db6-ee2ee1514a4e/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/e/5/5/e553b900-9d43-44cb-9bf6-cfad4ddf6fb8/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/a/6/6/a66ffbdb-9994-4d71-b7f5-1663c10be71b/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/5/5/3/553d8c32-f3f1-42cb-9b6b-741d8756318b/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/5/c/f/5cf04a4e-3252-4c6c-adb5-bd07eec001b0/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

https://download.microsoft.com/download/b/e/8/be8e22c7-d249-4cac-beb3-cce289bde942/XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.msi

Archived at WayBack!


Edited by heinoganda
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@ED_Sln From the links you provided only the first one worked, and it's XPSP1a, not XPSP1. Second one was not archived in Wayback machine. fort he rest of them, Wayback machine shows that it collected only 404 responses in it's history that dates back to early 2003 for those files.

I found XPSP1 archived in BetaArchive and MyDigitalLife, but access to their archives is not super-straightsforward. If anyone's part of their communities, I'd be glad for a help :)

@heinoganda - thanks, I got them all downloaded :)

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Have generated the required updates for .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 and 4 based on my lists.

.NET Framework 3.5 sp1    Updates





.NET Framework 4    Updates



Archived at WayBack!

After the installation of .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 the Windows XP update KB961118 is needed!
Furthermore, I recommend KB971314. This update to resolve an issue where included PCL printer drivers are no longer signed after installing Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or XPS Essentials Pack on Windows XP.

Update History .NET Framework 3.5 sp1


                                                   date              replaced
NDP20SP2-KB958481-x86.exe        12/17/2008
NDP20SP2-KB976569-x86.exe         02/22/2010
NDP20SP2-KB2604092-x86.exe       05/08/2012    (KB2633880 > KB2539631 > KB2478658) + KB2572073 + KB2518864
NDP20SP2-KB2729450-x86.exe       11/13/2012    (KB2633880 > KB2539631 > KB2478658) + KB2572073
NDP20SP2-KB2742596-x86.exe        01/08/2013    KB2686828 + (KB2656369-v2 > KB2656369) + (KB2633880 > KB2539631 > KB2478658) + KB979909
NDP20SP2-KB2844285-v2-x86.exe   08/13/2013    KB2844285
NDP20SP2-KB2894843-x86.exe       12/10/2013    (KB2656352 > KB2418241) + (KB2836941-v2 > KB2836941)
NDP20SP2-KB2979574-v2-x86.exe   10/14/2014
NDP20SP2-KB3037577-x86.exe        04/13/2015    KB2901111 > KB2656352 > KB2418241
NDP20SP2-KB3023220-x86.exe        05/12/2015    (KB2789643 > KB2686828) + (KB2656369-v2 > KB2656369)
NDP20SP2-KB3074546-x86.exe        09/04/2015    KB2656369
NDP20SP2-KB3127223-x86.exe        07/11/2016
NDP20SP2-KB3217127-x86.exe        03/16/2017    KB3163248
NDP20SP2-KB4020517-x86.exe        05/01/2017    KB4014580
NDP20SP2-KB4014585-x86.exe        05/05/2017    (KB3142027 > KB2972105 > KB2633880 > KB2539631 > KB2478658) + (KB3135986 > KB3035488 > KB2863239 > KB2804577 > KB979909) + (KB2972214 > KB2898856 + KB2833940 > KB2572073)
NDP20SP2-KB4040968-x86.exe        10/05/2017    KB2978124 > KB2932079
NDP20SP2-KB4054178-x86.exe        01/07/2018    KB3123055
NDP20SP2-KB4095516-x86.exe        05/07/2018    
NDP20SP2-KB4344180-x86.exe        08/10/2018    KB4338615
NDP20SP2-KB4483485-x86.exe        02/07/2019    KB4480087

NDP30SP2-KB958483-x86.exe         12/17/2008
NDP30SP2-KB977354-v2-x86.exe     06/21/2010
NDP30SP2-KB982524-x86.exe          06/21/2010
NDP30SP2-KB3072308-x86.exe        08/10/2015    KB3048073-v2 > (((KB2832411 > KB2656407) + KB2604110) + KB2861189)
NDP30SP2-KB4017101-x86.exe        05/05/2017    KB3188734 > KB3142046
NDP30SP2-KB4338597-x86.exe        07/06/2018    (KB4055229 > KB2973115 > KB2756918 > KB976769) + KB976570
NDP30SP2-KB4483495-x86.exe        02/07/2019    KB4457058

NDP35SP1-KB958484-x86.exe         12/17/2008
NDP35SP1-KB963707-x86.exe         05/06/2009
NDP35SP1-KB982306-x86.exe         07.05.2010    KB976126
NDP35SP1-KB2604111-x86.exe       05/08/2012
NDP35SP1-KB2736416-x86.exe       01/08/2013
NDP35SP1-KB2840629-x86.exe       07/09/2013
NDP35SP1-KB2861697-x86.exe       10/04/2013    (KB2836940 > KB2695869) + (KB2657424 > KB2416473)
NDP35SP1-KB4470633-x86.exe       12/07/2018    KB2836940


Update History .NET Framework 4


                                               date                   replaced
NDP40-KB2468871-v2-x86.exe    06/08/2011         KB2183292 + KB2413613 + KB2298853 + KB2461678 + KB2484841
NDP40-KB2487367-x86.exe         08/05/2011
NDP40-KB2533523-x86.exe         08/08/2011 (1)    KB2509818 + KB2545756 + KB2315412 + KB2260913 + KB2467309 + KB2511058 + KB2538717 + KB2346777
NDP40-KB2600217-x86.exe         02/13/2012         KB2628838 + KB2600088
NDP40-KB2600211-x86.exe         03/04/2012 (1/2)  (KB2544514 > KB2478063) + KB2605597 + KB2645081 + KB2645084
NDP40-KB2604121-x86.exe         05/08/2012         (KB2633870 > KB2539636 > KB2478663) + KB2572078 + KB2518870
NDP40-KB2729449-x86.exe        11/13/2012          (KB2633870 > KB2539636 > KB2478663) + KB2572078
NDP40-KB2737019-x86.exe        11/13/2012           KB2656405
NDP40-KB2736428-x86.exe         01/08/2013
NDP40-KB2742595-x86.exe         01/08/2013          KB2686827 + KB2656368 + (KB2633870 > KB2539636 > KB2478663) + KB2160841
NDP40-KB2840628-v2-x86.exe    08/13/2013          KB2840628 > KB2656405
NDP40-KB2858302-v2-x86.exe    10/04/2013          KB2804576 + (KB2656351 > KB2416472)
NDP40-KB2861188-x86.exe         10/04/.2013         KB2832407 > KB2656405
NDP40-KB2972215-x86.exe         09/08/2014          KB2898855-v2 + (KB2835393 > KB2572078)
NDP40-KB2894842-v2-x86.exe    09/09/2014          (KB2894842 > KB2901110) + (KB2656351 > KB2416472)
NDP40-KB3023221-x86.exe         05/12/2015           KB2789642 > KB2686827
NDP40-KB3074547-x86.exe         09/04/2015           KB2656368
NDP40-KB3097994-x86.exe         11/05/2015           KB2979575
NDP40-KB3127225-x86.exe         07/11/2016
NDP40-KB3163249-x86.exe         07/11/2016
NDP40-KB4020510-x86.exe         05/01/2017           KB4014570
NDP40-KB4021915-x86.exe         10.06.2017
NDP40-KB4040962-x86.exe         10/05/2017           KB2978125 > KB2931365
NDP40-KB4054173-x86.exe         01/07/2018           KB3122653
NDP40-KB4095528-x86.exe         05/07/2018    
NDP40-KB4338598-x86.exe         07/06/2018
NDP40-KB4457046-x86.exe         09/07/2018    
NDP40-KB4462774-x86.exe         09/08/2018           KB4344159 > KB4014605 > (KB4012355 > KB3189017) + (KB3142029 > KB2972106 > KB2633870 > KB2539636 > KB2478663) + (KB3135993 > KB3099866 > KB3072309 > KB3048074 > KB2656405) + (KB3032662 > KB2804576)
NDP40-KB4470490-x86.exe         12/07/2018           (KB3098778 > KB2901110-v2) + (KB3037578 > KB2901110-v2) + (KB2836939-v3 > KB2836939 > KB2682543)
NDP40-KB4483475-x86.exe         02/07/2019           KB4480077

(1) KB2533523 + KB2600211    replace    NDP40-KB2446708-x86.exe        04/05/2011
(2) Runtime Update 4.0.3


Furthermore, I have created an update rollup (of the required updates/msp files in a HotIron installer summarized!) for the .NET Framework 3.5 sp1, as well as created an update rollup for the .NET Framework 4, where the installation takes much less time. If you are interested, please send me a PM.


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But the language packs for .net framework are not included, right?

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1 hour ago, Mcinwwl said:

But the language packs for .net framework are not included, right?

The .NET Framework updates are internationally applicable and do not require language-dependent updates. When installing the .NET Framework, it is possible to install a language pack as desired.

In the previous post (https://msfn.org/board/topic/178377-on-decommissioning-of-update-servers-for-2000-xp-and-vista-as-of-july-2019/?do=findComment&comment=1166316) in the file "Net Framework.txt" are the download links for the language packs included (here I had inadvertently written "Sprachpakete" instead of "language packs" in the description.

For example, it installs .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 and then installs the desired .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 language pack (by Sprachpakete). The same with .NET Framework 4.

.NET Framework 3.5 sp1 and .NET Framework 4 do not required an English-language language pack.



Edited by heinoganda
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I found this ZIP from a while ago if anyone's still running Office 2002, I think one exists by the same uploader for Office 2000. Dunno really if it's relevant, though.

What would probably be the most useful contribution to the thread would be a ZIP archive (probably one per collected language) that contains the update files sorted out by what they apply to and then a set of batch scripts that automates the process if that's possible for the user's needs.

Possibly with this as some kind of file structure for the archive:


   /2009-April 2014


      /NET Framework (2.0-3.5)

      /NET Framework (4.0)

      /Internet Explorer 8

      /Media Player 11


   /May 2014-April 2019


      /NET Framework (2.0-3.5)

      /NET Framework (4.0)

      /Internet Explorer 8

      /Media Player 11


   /Microsoft Office






      /Office Compatibility Pack






The binaries folder would contain probably SP3 itself, IE8, .NET in Important, and WMP11, TweakUI and anything else can belong in Optional, I guess?

If anyone has any suggestions for tweaking this or has a better idea I'd like to hear it. Wish I was capable though of knowing all my way around this stuff though :P

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I am trying to make a "final" WinXP installation CD with all updates. Thanks to ED_Sln and pcalvert providing the KB links, I merged links as downloading reference, and got the list to download from a fresh XPsp3 installation with PosReady registry hack. Then I use nlite to integrate them all. However nlite complained about three KB numbers: 2900986,3033890,4489973. I checked that they could use /integrate switch without problem, so I integrate them using cmd line first, then nlite with left. All went well. No updates shown after installation except those optional feature packs. Upload my nlite setting file hoping it could help others. Entries.ini is for adding PosReady registry or 4489973 will fail (it will check for PosReady installed).

And I have some doubts about integration. The ISO size grows about 80M. I see those updates are copied to \I386\SVCPACK:

2006-11-04  15:10           555,072 KB923789.EXE
2009-01-09  01:17         7,717,256 KB952069_WM9.EXE
2009-07-22  09:57        10,020,752 KB973540_WM9.EXE
2009-09-23  15:22         1,101,192 KB954155_WM9.EXE
2010-05-20  08:35         4,409,752 KB978695_WM9.EXE
2010-08-21  02:05           837,528 KB975558_WM8.EXE
2012-06-19  01:08           920,832 KB2698365.EXE
2013-08-22  12:58           779,464 KB2803821-V2_WM9.EXE
2013-11-07  15:28           516,848 KB2900986.EXE
2015-06-16  04:32         2,320,064 KB3033890_WM9L.EXE
2019-02-20  03:27           729,840 KB4489973.EXE

Of which 3 are by my "manual" integration and others are by nlite. And I found them under correspondent [SetupHotfixesToRun] section in svcpack.inf. In addition with the case of 4489973 installation checking, it seems they are not "integrated", but in fact just run in the installation process. Even worse, the contents of them have also been extracted to WM8, WM9, WM9l,WM10,WM10l,WM10MIX,WM11 folders, occupying about 46M.

My question is, is what I observed normal? What is special about the 3 updates that nlite can't use them despite they have normal switch as others? As for those 11 updates, are there something wrong with the updates, nlite,  or my setting?


One more try letting nlite do all the integration, ignoring its warnings about the 3 updates, got almost  same results. So nlite could do it well, the 3 updates' problem may be trivial.

And I find some registry failure in my previous setting. Updated nlite.ini and entries.ini below.

The only mystery remains is that why those 11 updates cannot be integrated.


entries.ini nlite_en.ini

Edited by luweitest
more experiment results cleared some question

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