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  1. Glad Windows update still works! But you know, "better safe than sorry". It's good we're already taking care of these updates. Who knows when they won't be available Thank you for your help in this! The ISO image will be really useful! I wish I had a faster internet connection, to help with the ESN updates. I think I have an ISO image somewhere made with WSUS Offline, but it's really heavy (if I recall correctly, it's over 2 GB). My upload speed is so slow . Maybe other users could help in this way, too? That'd be awesome! ---o---o---o---o---o--- And now regarding the checked links! @Mcinwwl, here's a ZIP with two files: one has the original URLs [proc_urls.txt] (as I said, just one per line, without all the info found inside the other text files), and the other have the Wayback Machine prefix [wbm_urls.txt] (https://web.archive.org/web/). I took care of AppLocale and Internet Explorer 7, so these links should be working. (I'm double checking all of them again, just to be sure. Haven't started with the Wayback Machine ones, though... I really hope they're alive. When I find enough time I'll check them.) Thank you! Checked-URLs_20190720.zip
  2. I can do that for the said 5000+ links , although I need to check the ones that were already @ the Wayback Machine, too (I really hope they're still alive). Should I put the list here, as a TXT inside a ZIP file like the other ones? Where is the best place to put such a resource? (Remember it will change as I check the other links. At least, the MS/Windows Update ones are already checked! I really wish I could do that faster, but time is what I need and don't have for the time being )
  3. Hello again I haven't been here for a while, so I decided to check on the topic again. I downloaded the "XP Updates2.zip" file, and as with the first one, prepared the nifty program to have them covered by the Wayback Machine And I'm proud to announce that almost all of those files have been saved! (Where almost all of them, means the Windows Update and Microsoft ones.) Besides, for the said checked links, I decided to see if there were duplicate links on both the first and the second version files, both themselves and together in a big text file. So there are, in total, and joining the first and second text files, 5650 links: 5648 that are finally done, and 2 with slight details: One of them is AppLocale 1.0, which a Wayback Machine URL is in this topic, in previous pages. (I need to replace that link with the Wayback Machine one). The other is for WMEncoder.exe, which another Wayback Machine URL is here (I need to add it up to the list, too). I haven't been able to check the Wayback Machine URLs. I suppose they work (haven't had enough time to find out). And for the Mediafire links, I regret to say all of them are dead (BTW, I needed to thank publicly to the person who helped me check them: you rock! ). They were from an older version of the archiving website, and the conversion to get an equivalent link redirects to a page saying that each one of the intended files wasn't found. Finally, for the sake of simplicity, I had to break the structure of both text files to come up with the unique URLs. I can upload that list here, but it's evident that the comments and grouping are necessary texts to know which files refer to which update. Haven't thought of a mechanism to relate those data. In the meantime, rest assured that those 5650 links are on the Wayback Machine as of now! Thank you all for your cooperation and great help!
  4. Thank you! Here's the link you provided on the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20190617045557/https://www.videohelp.com/download-pKdLStCg/WMEncoder.exe I also looked it up (couldn't help it ) and found these other links: Original (no longer available): http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/1/f/81f9402f-efdd-439d-b2a4-089563199d47/WMEncoder.exe Web Archive (last working, the others after it don't): https://web.archive.org/web/20150620010651/http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/1/f/81f9402f-efdd-439d-b2a4-089563199d47/WMEncoder.exe ---o---o---o--- Another one (possibly ESN, not sure): https://download.microsoft.com/download/c/8/f/c8f7eba3-aa1f-40f6-aa6e-4a135ce9bd19/WMEncoder.exe Its Web Archive counterpart: https://web.archive.org/web/20190617044811/https://download.microsoft.com/download/c/8/f/c8f7eba3-aa1f-40f6-aa6e-4a135ce9bd19/WMEncoder.exe
  5. I'm glad to announce that, of the 5624 links present in the Updates.txt file (w/o counting the KB955704 exFAT and AppLocale ones, see here), 5623 have been saved on the Wayback Machine! The only one that couldn't make it is the following: https://files.downloadnow.com/s/software/18/03/38/WMEncoder.exe?token=1557858881_d36aa14ca9b11374b207834a43b8914f&fileName=WMEncoder.exe When I tried to access with the web browser, the server returned the message "An error occurred while processing your request", with a reference number. @ED_Sln May you help me with this only link, please? It seems it's necessary to have a valid token to access the file, although I'm not sure. (Of course, if someone else happens to have access to this file, your help will be greatly appreciated! ) Thank you in advance!
  6. The Updates.txt file have a section called "KB955704 exFAT", which its entries point to its corresponding files on the Box service. I managed to save them on the Web Archive, too EDIT: Here's also AppLocale 1.0, as found on oldversion.com, with its corresponding Web Archive link: http://www.oldversion.com/windows/applocale-1-0 ::::: [ Web Archive link ] Here are the original links and their Wayback Machine counterparts (remember both are different, except for the SVE variant):
  7. An update about the Wayback Machine saving process. I finally got some courage and, after thinking, searching, reading and even asking for help (a big thank you to them! ), wrote a Python script that automates that said saving process. It's sloooooow but restartable (i.e. will continue with the first link left unprocessed), so it will take a while to go through the links @ED_Sln posted before. But rest assured that, eventually, all those links will appear on the Wayback Machine! Right now (at the time of writing), 284 links had been processed
  8. In fact, regarding the Wayback Machine, it's actually easy to request a webpage to be saved! Checking the "Save Page Now" form, it uses the URL "https://web.archive.org/save/" prefix, followed by the URL of the page to be saved. Tried manually (yep, one by one) with the links on the "KB3124275 IE6 Cumulative Update" section of the .txt file (BTW, thank you @ED_Sln! ) and it works! Here's an example So a little help in archiving the rest would be useful for everyone here. Thanks! (In fact, it's possible to create a script and do this automatically, but I guess the feature has a request limit, like modern APIs.)
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