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Browsing the web on 98/ME in 2019 and beyond


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On 5/29/2022 at 4:00 PM, Dave-H said:

The GUI isn't displaying well either, with a lot of black holes left when things change.

Hardware acceleration on Firefox versions 23 and lower leads to massive GUI problems with those black holes on all of my ME and 98SE machines. This can only be fixed by restarting the OS. I don't mean to say that you did it.  It is therefore also important to ensure that a profile is not used by a lower browser version and a higher version.  I almost only test with portable versions. IMO testing with versions 12 - 23 doesn't make much sense.

15 hours ago, Dave-H said:

I thought Firefox 31.8 ESR was supposed to just work though, as long as KernelEx was installed and configured correctly for it?
Maybe I'm expecting too much here.

I couldn't find any other requirements apart from the mentioned in my tests from scratch so far, the question still remains why Firefox does not work on some systems. Hardware, special system patches, specific VM's.... Best it is KernelEX update 24 or 25. Update 16 or 17 will not work or will work very poorly.

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Just an update on my freezing problem with K-Meleon 74.
Perhaps to nobody's surprise, the problem goes away if I disable javascript.
The Trend Micro download page (and others) then complete loading, and I can download the pattern file.
Other sites then don't work because javascript is disabled of course!
I've tried using the exceptions dialogue to disable javascript just on the Trend site, but this doesn't seem to work, it still hangs.
It only seems to load if javascript is disabled completely everywhere.
This may be because the javascript that's causing the hang is not actually on the Trend site, but I don't know.

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On 8/25/2020 at 11:54 PM, loblo said:

I've updated my Opera 12.02 Certificate Authorities by collating certificates from the current Microsoft Roots Update CA, Mozilla NSS root certificate store and Azul JDK 8 keystore.

Microsoft is the largest source of certificates and only one certificate from Mozilla and a handful from the JDK aren't already in Microsoft's Roots Update.

Microsoft's Roots Update installs 51 expired certificates which I discarded leaving me with a total of 368 unique valid certificates. Of these, another 51 failed to install in Opera, 42 of which because they are elliptic curve certificates and the remainder 9 for unknown reason (they are RSA like the rest).

In total 317 certificates have been installed but of course not all are new. You can grab the updated "keystore" file (cleaned from my personal certificates, Burp, ZAP, etc...) at the following link if you want: https://filebin.net/k3x0x97yygo19ylh

To install, close Opera and overwrite the original opcacrt6.dat which should located at C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Opera\OPERA by default. You'll need to reinstall your Burp certificate and other similar certificates if you use any after that.

Tools I used: OpenSSL executable (format conversion), KeyStore Explorer (viewing certificates and extracting some) and Clone Spy (pruning duplicates).





Download from https://filebin.net/k3x0x97yygo19ylh is down. Any Chance for reup?

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Today the Bing home page background image download has stopped working with IE6. http://www.bing.com/?scope=web&FORM=Z9LH

With IE6 Bing said it was here for life. Last night I had the baby Eurasian beaver displayed on my desktop and today there was a blank screen. Lets hope that it is just a problem with the image and the desktop Bing home page returns.

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Oh well it wouldnt have been necessary to open my best browser for w98se Thread if i saw this one before, damn.

Well i think Firefox 52.0 is the best way to go since most up2date. But this youtube-dl.. hmm dont know i would be very afraid of getting in legal trouble since its not clear if u are allowed to Download vids from YT.

I just imagine how the trial in court would commence "your honor, the defendant needed to download the youtube video with this program because he have windows 98se installed and he cannot watch it otherwise on his netbook" 🤣

Judge "oh we understand. I think then this case is clear. Does the prosecution has any arguments?"

prosecution "nothing to add"

Hand down the verdict, not guilty 🤣

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2 hours ago, Danielx said:

I just imagine how the trial in court would commence

Users are mostly safe. Especially, since there are legitimate/legal uses, for youtube-dl. The legal battle against this software/code is slow. It is also deplorable.

The users don't re-share the content, during the act of capturing it; like with eMule/Bittorrent/Gnutella. It has always been more lucrative to pursue the provider, over the receiver.

Youtube-dl should enable ad support, in cooperation with Youtube. It already supports user accounts. Then it is up to the user, to edit out that support. We all have the potential to do the same thing, with any browser. You might even "still" be able to do this with browser plugins.


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