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Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

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How will this affect Windows 7 usage by having a newer browser being supported in its twilight years. And what will become of the EdgeHTML version of Edge and Internet Explorer?


Question 1: I think it will have no effect on Windows 7. 

Second question is interesting because I think theres not much use of another Chromium based browser even if it comes from Microsoft, but not saying they shouldnt try.

However this means Microsoft will have to either integrate autoupdate of the new browser or now even offer security updates for the Edge chromium-based for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 since they might differ from Windows 10 Edge if its not really a browser that supports all 3 operating systems. 

As long as IE 11 gets supports untill official support ending this is ok. I experienced pre-installed IE 11 supporting some pages than pre-installed Edge didnt.

EdgeHTML will disappear I think.

The motivation for this shift if you want to know what I assume is probably that Google Chrome has the biggest user base in regards of browsers and Firefox was number two last time I checked. Probably its the "If you cant beat them join them" -idea behind it.

News I found however:



"Microsoft now wants to collaborate with Apple, Google, and everyone else who also commits changes to Chromium. “If you’re part of the open-source community developing browsers, we invite you to collaborate with us as we build the future of Microsoft Edge and contribute to the Chromium project,” says Belfiore. “We are excited about the opportunity to be an even-more-active part of this community and bring the best of Microsoft forward to continue to make the web better for everyone.”"





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ie and edge will die
and no this has nothing to do with usage share but google blocking internally edge
(search for youtube fiasco)

which is kinda sad (globally), i never cheered for MS crap browsers, but this puts one more browser/layout engine
out of the game, as Opera was squashed long before, now MS, how loong till Mozilla kills its own product
for the sake of Webkit/Blink ?

i give it 3-5 years and google will control freaking web, tho they already did since html 5 kicked in
and W3C bent over

sad future for sure....

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