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  1. The drifting bug is even worse with Vista RTM. I don't understand what you mean by "how do you explain", the drifting bug is a byproduct of cheaper clock circuitry in Haswell and newer CPUs and Windows Vista's lack of correction re: timing drift. If you want a more in-depth explanation, @Ximonite would be able to provide it. But this is the gist of the bug and why it happens.
  2. Intel graphics? In that case the bug affects DX11, not necessarily the drivers. It's still the same bug, a lack of drift correction in the hardware abstraction layer (HAL), which causes the aforementioned problems. It isn't as big of an issue in Ryzen, but it's clearly still an issue.
  3. It's the drifting bug in Haswell and newer generation CPUs causing an issue with the nvidia dx11 drivers. You're obviously using a Westmere CPU, so you don't have that bug.
  4. As far as I know, there are no functional drivers for any Radeon graphics card beyond the HD 7000 Series. However, unofficial nVidia graphics card support upto the GTX 900 Series is available using blackwingcat's drivers.
  5. Windows Vista's x86 HAL doesn't have the drifting bug, which is why the issues that plague Haswell on x64 Vista are absent there. We'll see what happens. Another alternative is of course, KVM with PCI passthrough, which can be done at such a low level, it's basically as if it's running baremetal.
  6. I'd like to give my input on the USB situation. It's required to disable the on-die usb3 controller on your ryzen CPU for stability under Windows Vista. In my case it was dev_149c. With a USB driver loaded for that device, I would get random lock-ups and BSODs. However, said issues no longer occur. That being said, Windows Vista does have the same issue that affects Haswell+ Intel CPUs on Ryzen, just without the logon/lock screen bugs. The bug occurs with nvidia drivers and DX11 support. It has been found out by @Ximonite that this is due to a "drifting" bug in the Vista HAL which is yet to be fixed.
  7. Thanks, I'll test this out later. Windows 98 corrupted itself when I went to install the SE-SP3, and I've had some other work, which is why I've been holding off thus far.
  8. 00:1a.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation C610/X99 series chipset USB Enhanced Host Controller #2 (rev 05) (prog-if 20 [EHCI]) Subsystem: Dell C610/X99 series chipset USB Enhanced Host Controller Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 0, IRQ 18, NUMA node 0 Memory at f7138000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) Capabilities: [50] Power Management version 2 Capabilities: [58] Debug port: BAR=1 offset=00a0 Capabilities: [98] PCI Advanced Features Kernel driver in use: ehci-pci This is what i get on lspci -v with Linux. I'm planning to KVM/Passthrough windows 98 anyway, this was just a small experiment to see if I could run the OS on bare-metal.
  9. I’ve already mentioned that windows 2000 and xp see the usb2.0 controller with their own built in drivers. I’m just intrigued why windows 98 doesn’t once you install the NUSB package.
  10. There are usb2.0 ports too. As a matter of fact, the motherboard can completely fall back to usb2.0. It works just fine under windows xp and 2000 without any drivers (except for the annoying win2k usb bug) this is a dell precision t5810, the chipset is intel c610/x99, and the socket is lga2011-3.
  11. It has a PCI slot too. But why doesn’t the onboard usb work? Is there a limitation?
  12. Hi everyone. I’ve recently been trying to install windows 98 se on a dell precision t5810 I picked up, just out of curiosity. So the install goes how you would expect it - except for the fact that once you install the NUSB drivers all of the USB ports stop getting recognized by windows 98. My question, is there a fix for this that doesn’t involve adding in another pci(e) card? (It does have a pci slot). The system has an intel c610/x99 chipset for reference.
  13. I for one am not a fan of the Edge browser, nor the telemetry that comes with it. It's hard keeping a Windows 7 install telemetry-free as it is, so why would I invite it to my front door?
  14. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Comodo Cleaning Essentials. If the infection is bad enough, I would recommend reinstalling.
  15. I'm on Firefox 68 ESR currently, though as a result of the new regimen, I'll be switching to WaterFox once the newest release comes out.
  16. The Intel 7260/8260 AC support Windows 7, albeit with updates. There may be others. I'm eyeing the 8260 in particular to replace my laptop's 9560 (using a cheap TPLink dongle with Windows 7 as we speak)
  17. Update: the machine in question isn't mine anymore. But I did purchase a new one, a Dell G5 5587. This has the same wifi controller, although this time I'm simply going to use a USB wifi adapter for the time being. I'll replace the internal with one that has Windows 7 support down the road. In the meantime, I'm going to create a guide on how to install Windows 7 onto this laptop.
  18. I've seen many individuals use newer GPUs with older Legacy BIOS systems just fine. According to this forum post, it seems to be an issue with AMD cards mainly. Video of a GTX 1050 running in a legacy bios system. His channel has many more examples, too.
  19. My sincerest condolences. He was one of MSFN's most talented individuals. I'm still in awe about how he was able to do so much for the Windows 9x series of OSes. He will be missed greatly.
  20. PCem v15 is a great option for emulating 9x-era hardware. But 200MHz+ chips and SLI Voodoo cards can be taxing unless you have a very good host CPU (particularly single thread wise). As far as VMs go, as @~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~ said, VMWare WKS and Player are your best bet.
  21. So I got this laptop, it's an HP 14 ce1000 with the whiskey lake i5 CPU. I was able to get everything else to mostly work with some MacGyvering and modified drivers. But these don't seem to budge at all. This is the hw ID if you're interested: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9DF0&SUBSYS_00348086&REV_30 I've tried many workarounds but none work. Any help?
  22. Well I have two GT 710s, so I'll probably install the other one and see if that helps. Although, the issue isn't as bad after I ran system restore.
  23. Well I'll be darned. I used System Restore and it fixed everything. I used it as a last resort, but it seems it actually did what it was supposed to do. Problem solved. The last time I used System Restore was 2009, so I didn't know what to expect.
  24. I've tried disabling startup programs to no avail. I honestly think something must've messed up the system.
  25. I have a fresh install of Windows XP, updated, on the 2nd PC I'm using. Initially there weren't any issues with Explorer, but after I installed a driver from Nvidia, explorer has kept locking up ever since. I am forced to end it via task manager and restart it. Even when I completely removed the driver, the same thing happens. Will I have to reinstall windows? I honestly can't point to anything else that's causing this. I've uninstalled and disabled as many programs as possible, and yet, the issue persists.

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