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  1. The AMD Ryzen CPUs have a VME bug, which was mostly fixed in the latest revisions and BIOS updates, but hasn't been entirely fixed for hybrid 16/32 bit OSes (such as Windows 9x). A solution to this is to disable the 32 bit protected disk drivers (go into Safe Mode, then System Properties > Performance > File System > Troubleshooting > Disable all 32-bit protected mode disk drivers), and then install the 48-bit LBA fix, as well as all of the previously released Windows 98 updates. Then, you should be able to re-enable the 32 bit drivers. This may not guarantee 100% stability, but it seems to work fine for me.
  2. Hello MSFN. I've found out an easy method of installing Office 2007 on Windows 2000. You'll need the Chrome tool from blackwingcat: here (or FCWIN2K found here) UUR daily (April 2013) And a copy of Office 2007. Pre-installation: Install UURollup v11 daily. You can get it from here. Step 1: Download and unpack the Chrome tool from BWC. Step 2: Open the tool and click on "Set compatible registry" Step 3: Start the Office 2007 installation. Select "Custom" and uncheck "Microsoft Groove". Everything else will work. Step 4: When installation is complete, go into the Chrome tool and hit "Clean up setting registry". Done! You can now use Office 2007 on Windows 2000!
  3. I have a fresh install of Windows XP, updated, on the 2nd PC I'm using. Initially there weren't any issues with Explorer, but after I installed a driver from Nvidia, explorer has kept locking up ever since. I am forced to end it via task manager and restart it. Even when I completely removed the driver, the same thing happens. Will I have to reinstall windows? I honestly can't point to anything else that's causing this. I've uninstalled and disabled as many programs as possible, and yet, the issue persists.
  4. Well I have two GT 710s, so I'll probably install the other one and see if that helps. Although, the issue isn't as bad after I ran system restore.
  5. Well I'll be darned. I used System Restore and it fixed everything. I used it as a last resort, but it seems it actually did what it was supposed to do. Problem solved. The last time I used System Restore was 2009, so I didn't know what to expect.
  6. I've tried disabling startup programs to no avail. I honestly think something must've messed up the system.
  7. I've been trying to install Windows 98 SE on the M5A99FX PRO R2.0, socket AM3+. I have a secondary machine that I wish to use for Windows 9x and other older Operating systems. The specs are in my signature. Unfortunately, I run into a lot of issues when I go to install Windows 98. Windows 98 is being installed on the 60GB SSD, in this case. I've tried the following approaches. -> When I install using the setup /p i switch, the OS seems to be installing normally with very little to no problems. But then, out of nowhere, SCANREG starts and claims that the registry is corrupt, and it can't fix it. The entire install is trashed for no apparent reason. -> When I install using the setup /p j switch, which forces ACPI, the OS starts detecting devices and hangs. I then reboot into Safe Mode, remove the ACPI stuff, reboot again, and this time setup can successfully install the OS (there is still a registry error, but it gets fixed this time). Windows 98 also re-enables ACPI, and it works, partially. Unfortunately, Windows 98 in this config proves to be quite unstable, where even a small change in the USB devices could hang the system. However, by far this is the setup I've had the most success with. -> When installing using setup /p a;b for safe and selective detection, I tried to selectively disable detecting certain devices which may be problematic. Unfortunately, not only did it take much more to seemingly get running, but the SCANREG error creeped up and trashed the install. In all cases, I've disabled the 32 bit file access drivers. I use the MaxPhysPage trick to limit RAM, and can confirm it works. This is at 100% stock, factory CPU settings, no overclock, and SATA is on IDE mode. The platform runs Windows 2000 and XP fine (obviously newer than those, too) What can I do to get Windows 98 to install correctly? In any non-ACPI case, it simply trashes the registry all by itself. In any ACPI case, it either haphazardly works or simply hard locks, and it takes so much effort and trial and error to get it to somewhat work, too.
  8. AnX

    Discord and Windows XP

    Has anyone tried using one of @roytam1's browsers and spoofing the user agent?
  9. Probably. Windows 9x seems to act up on the system in all sorts of weird ways. Even though I can install ME, trying to open up an MS-DOS command prompt hard locks the system, and therefore anything that relies on the DOS prompt doesn't work. I'd also need the SATA/AHCI driver to get proper disk access. For now, I'm only going to be running XP on that box until I can purchase the needed software.
  10. New version of Basilisk running excellent. As always, thank you @roytam1. Testing on Windows XP SP3(4) (AHCI) installed to the SSD of machine #2 in my signature.
  11. Okay, so I tried what you told me to do, and I found out that the system.ini file gets corrupted on its own, being replaced by a bunch of garbled junk. At this point, I'm pretty much at my wit's end with this system. Recently, two windows xp installs have failed for strange reasons, and I think this machine has some bigger issues with it that may be causing these problems. EDIT: was able to get XP on the SSD but only in AHCI mode. I think the IDE emulation on this platform might be broken.
  12. Will do, thanks. I already had the majority of devices disabled, but left a few dormant. Those could be the culprits.
  13. I see. In that case I'll purchase it when I can, since it seems that is the only proper solution to this "madness".
  14. UPDATE: I have been successfully able to get Windows Millennium Edition to install, using the setup /p i switch. I still don't have 32 bit file access, however I think if I can find an ATA driver, I should be able to fix it. Regardless, the OS is working perfectly (ironic, as it's supposed to be the other way around, lol). Anyway, I still want to get Windows 98 installed. Any solutions for the registry error that it keeps coming up with? The install media is 100% clean and legit, I've tested it multiples of times. Edit: there are still some strange issues with Me. DOS prompts don't work at all, they freeze the system. Also, anything in general that is trying to directly access the hardware doesn't seem to run right (like the system information tool, cpuz, etc.). That might also be related to the disk access issue.
  15. Excellent work. Did you have any troubles getting it running?
  16. Follow-up: Windows 95 and Windows ME install without a hitch in VMWare. However, when you run a 16 bit program in 8086 virtual mode, you still risk it locking up the system. The only solution is to run said programs in real mode. Windows 98 first edition is extremely buggy with the VME bug, and I haven't been able to fix it at all. Also, the VME bug doesn't exist on 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs or later. It is solely a Ryzen 1000 series problem.
  17. AnX

    KernelEx for Win2000

    You should install only the latest extended kernel. Indeed, every succeeding version contains the previous version's patches.
  18. I didn't expect fixes for Windows 7 to ever happen, but here we go. The Ryzen APUs, atleast on MSI motherboards, are now Windows 7 compatible. Unfortunately, the integrated graphics driver is not compatible, which kind of negates the whole point of these CPUs. Still, that means that this is merely a bug, and not a lockout, which makes me optimistic for future Ryzen CPUs.
  19. AnX

    Win2k Kernel32 rewrite progress

    Use @blackwingcat's Extended Kernel, WillBill's has been out of development for quite a while.
  20. I'd like to know if there's still a modern browser or a fork of a modern browser that can support Windows 2000 without the kernel extensions. @roytam1's builds for XP run great under 2000 + ExtKern, but there hasn't been an updated build for 2000 w/o ExtKern in particular for a while.
  21. AnX

    Activate all processor cores at startup

    You must enable the ACPI Multiprocessor Hal in Device Manger. It's under the "Computer" section. For you, it'll likely be ACPI Uniprocessor. All you have to do is update the driver and select the ACPI multiprocessor Hal, which should give you full multi core support, without having to do anything else.
  22. Don't mention it. This'll probably be useful for anyone trying to run 9x bare metal, too. I believe Ryzen 2 and TR/EPYC don't have the VME bug, or it's much less pronounced. But Ryzen 1.0 does, and the fixes don't completely mitigate it.
  23. I personally think we should start working on an "extended kernel" for Windows 7, just like how blackwingcat made one for Windows 2000, which can port Windows 10 functions and the like. It won't be long until manufacturers/devs succumb to the will of MS, and prevent older OSes from working on newer hardware and software.

    1. greenhillmaniac


      I think in terms of Win32 functions there isn't much difference between Windows 7 and 10. Where we really should focus is on porting driver functions, since those seem to be really different between the OSes (and Microsoft only ported the Windows 8.0 User Mode and Kernel Mode to 7)

    2. Anixx


      Better, for Win8.1

  24. I'm looking at getting my Ryzen system working with Vista. Getting the USB 3.x drivers in is probably gonna be the biggest hurdle. It runs 7 like a charm, but for a friend of mine who likes Vista, I'm looking to test Vista on it too. AMD uses ASMedia for a lot of their chipset, and ASMedia is known to support Vista to an extent, so we could get lucky.
  25. When will Microsoft actually start listening to the people? Guess never, at this rate. Windows 10 is designed to be a dumbed down, cash cow for folks who just want the latest stuff and trust MS to keep things in check. Good luck with that!

    1. Tommy


      They don't want to listen to people, they want to do what they want to do. Gone are the days of giving the people what they want, now they want to follow the crowd and do their own thing regardless if it works or not.

    2. Anixx


      It was Bill Gates who knew what people wanted. Now, Nadella is completely clueless. He is trying to ape Apple, Android and Ubuntu.