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Windows 10 Claimed to Have Overtaken Windows 7

Jody Thornton

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Actually, No.  Recheck the more recent info posted at your link and also look at netmarketshare directly. 

Windows 7   -- 44.81 %
Windows 10 -- 28.19%
Windows XP --  7.27%
Windows 8.1 -- 6.41%

Even the original poster couldn't seem to duplicate his original claim.

So you might want to re-title this thread. :)

Cheers and Regards

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windows 10 won't overtake windows 7 until MS stops supporting windows 7 thus forcing business users to upgrade.   From a perspective of obsolesces there was no good reason for business users to upgrade to windows 10.  As in proper thinking the life span on windows 7 would out live the life span of hardware.  So it makes more since to just stick with windows 7 until it just dies then buy new machines preloaded with 10.

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4 hours ago, Jody Thornton said:

Yeah I think I am starting to hear about more people using Windows 10 now (anecdotally in my own circles).  I find that's the best real-world indicator.

It would have been if the world ended on rich western countries. Here, in the former soviet block, people exchange their hardware less often - a case of cost. And we are still far away from a really poor country.

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