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FFMpeg Windows XP Updated Builds by CoRoNe

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5 hours ago, FranceBB said:

that zeranoe's forum requires TLS1.3 which isn't supported on XP unless you have Roytam browsers.

... This isn't quite accurate... An SSL labs server test,


reveals that the hostname resolves to two IPv6 and two IPv4 addresses (4 in total); selecting, for example, the first IPv4 one ( :


... one can see that the site supports even TLS 1.0 (which is why it is capped with a B mark):


However, you are right in saying that the site can't be accessed on XP with browsers that rely on the OS crypto libraries (like IE8/Chrome 49), and this is reflected on the test site as well:

Handshake Simulation

Chrome 49 / XP SP3 Server sent fatal alert: handshake_failure
IE 8 / XP   No FS   No SNI Server sent fatal alert: handshake_failure

... however this fact is purely because:

=== This site works only in browsers with SNI support ===

SNI requires Vista at minimum; FWIW, I can load the Zeranoe forums site with IE9 on my Vista SP2 laptop... :P

OT: I hope you're all well and staying safe, away from Covid-19 infection... :hello:

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I see! Nice catch.

I received an error on Chromium and when I loaded it with New Moon I noticed that it was using TLS1.3 so I was almost completely sure that it was because of that and I didn't check.

So the culprit on XP is SNI support and not TLS in this case...

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23 hours ago, RainyShadow said:

Are you aware of any ffdshow fork or unofficial build newer than v.4534 ?

No, I'm not. Afaik there isn't any.
You could give https://github.com/3dyd/LAVFiltersXP a try instead.

On my old pc I'm using:
- https://sourceforge.net/projects/mpcbe/files/MPC-BE/Release builds/1.4.6/
- https://nightly.mpc-hc.org/old/1.7.11/
- https://github.com/3dyd/LAVFiltersXP/releases/download/0.70.2/LAVFiltersXP-0.70.2-x86.zip

These MPC-BE and MPC-HC builds are the last ones compatible with WinXP.
There is a newer LAVFiltersXP release (after I asked 3dyd), but it's incompatible with my hardware, because it crashes upon install.

I've also manually installed (or rather "registered") 'MPCVideoDec.ax' from standalone_filters-mpc-be.1.4.6.x86.7z so that MPC-HC (or any other DirectShow mediaplayer) could also use the latest available DXVA1 Video Decoder for WinXP.

Ok, enough off-topic for now. :P

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I already use all of these. Now waiting for 3dyd to release a working build of LAV with that new dav1d AV1 decoder, hopefully :P The newest 0.74.1 version crashes on me too.

I prefer ffdshow though, it's much more configurable.

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Out of curiosity, since you are already building ffmpeg and you are a member of Doom9, would you continue the work of qyot27 by compiling ffms C plugin with the changes you make to ffmpeg? That would make a lot of people happy and I really mean it! It would be awesome to have an updated indexer on Avisynth.


Edited by FranceBB
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@FranceBB I git cloned https://github.com/qyot27/ffms2_cplugin.git, patched a couple of files in order for compilation-errors to go away, made the library and executable and packed the necessary files.
You could try ffm2-2.18-736-g43dc804_avs+vsp-win32-xpmod-sse.7z, with the emphasis on "try".

Although the compilation-process went fine, I'm getting an application error pop-up "The instruction at "0x6ef94386" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "written"." the moment I try to open an avs-file like this...


...with FFmpeg. This probably means there's SSE2 code in FFMS2 (not sure though). I'm not a C-coder, so unless someone could point me to the exact cause, I'm afraid this is all I could do.

'ffmsindex.exe' and "FFAudioSource()" did work fine during my tests though.

Edited by Reino
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The following script works:

AudioDub(video, audio)

which means that FFAudioSource is working:




however if I try to use FFVideoSource directly it reports an access violation, just like the one you got:




The weird thing is that it tries to do something and in fact the indexer does index the file and it creates the relative .ffindex file like: Analog_bad_source.avi.ffindex or test.ffindex which means that it's indeed working fine, but something fails when it tries to load the uncompressed video stream into Avisynth. Besides, it doesn't even have anything missing when I look at it in dependency walker. I mean, we're almost there, it can work! As to the SSE2 code in ffms2, you think it's that one that it's holding us back from having it running? Did you compile it with /Zc:threadSafeInit as well? Perhaps we could reply to the ffms2 C Plugin thread on Doom9. Even if qyot27 doesn't actively support XP anymore, maybe someone else like pinterf (Ferenc Pinter) or others will pop up and point us towards the problem.

Edited by FranceBB
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2 hours ago, Reino said:

Yep, many Avisynth plugins can compile but don't work on XP without /Zc:threadSafeInit as XP doesn't have a way to handle the way they use to handle threads, therefore  /Zc:threadSafeInit is needed to make them thread-safe and compatible with XP. If you could try to compile it again but with /Zc:threadSafeInit I can test it. As to the topic, I've seen the topic, let's move our conversation there as it's more encoding-related (doom9-related). We'll get back here if it works.

Edited by FranceBB
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22 hours ago, Reino said:

@FranceBB Could you update the first post of this thread and change the Zeranoe-forum-url to https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=181802?

Done. + Additional Topic Cleanup.

Thank you for keeping ffms2 updated as well, by the way. You're a life saver for the whole Avisynth community. ;)

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On 4/14/2020 at 7:11 PM, Reino said:

There is unofficial version of MPC-BE. It can be found here: https://yadi.sk/d/Dp0nionU3NcVdN

On 4/14/2020 at 7:11 PM, Reino said:

I've also manually installed (or rather "registered") 'MPCVideoDec.ax' from standalone_filters-mpc-be.1.4.6.x86.7z so that MPC-HC (or any other DirectShow mediaplayer) could also use the latest available DXVA1 Video Decoder for WinXP.

How did you do that? Can you tell that?

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